iPad Pro might get triple-lens camera like iPhone 11


iPad Pro with rumored triple-lens camera
The artist’s concept shows an iPad Pro with the rumored triple-lens camera.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Apple

The signature feature of the upcoming iPhone 11 could also be in Apple’s professional-grade tablets. The next iPad Pro will get the triple-lens camera supposedly launching in this fall’s iOS handsets, according to an unconfirmed report from Asia.

And regular iPad models might get a dual-lens camera.

Google has made its last iPad rival


Google Pixel Slate tablet
Pixel Slate is the last Google tablet you’ll ever see,
Photo: Google

Google won’t make any more tablets, and dropped plans to introduce two models it was prepping for release.

No reason was given, but heavy competition from Apple’s iPad line had to have been a factor.

iOS 13 could be Apple’s biggest iPad-focused upgrade ever


Apple Smart Keyboard Folio turns the 2018 iPad Pro into a notebook.
Details leaking out ahead of next month’s iOS 13 announcement indicate it will offer plenty for iPad, but iPhone won‘t be overlooked.
Photo: Apple

The unveiling of iOS 13 is expected in less than a month, and a new report spills details on many of the improvements supposedly coming. For iPhone users, iOS 13 is bringing refinements to already existing features. iPad users, on the other hand, are supposedly getting plenty of new capabilities.

iPhone photo-editing app Darkroom expands to iPad


Darkroom is making the jump from iPhone to iPad.
Darkroom is making the jump from iPhone to iPad.
Photo: Bergen

Darkroom is a photo-editing application that invites comparison to Adobe’s Lightroom. But it’s always had a limitation: the only version was for iPhone.

That’s about to change, as an iPad version is out in beta.

Satechi’s new USB-C hub adds the ports iPad Pro needs most


Satechi's iPad Pro USB-C hub packs four commonly used ports.
Get real work done on your iPad Pro.
Photo: Satechi

Satechi just unveiled a USB-C hub designed specifically for the new iPad Pro.  It sits flush with the side of the tablet and includes ports for video, headphones, and more.

It doesn’t go overboard with ports though, and the casing on this upcoming accessory is aluminum for extra durability. 

Muse used iPad artist for spacey cover of new album


An iPad Pro is the canvas for the artwork for Muse's Simulation Theory album.
An iPad Pro is the canvas for the artwork for Muse's Simulation Theory album.
Photo: Kyle Lambert

Too many people assume that it takes a MacBook Pro or something similar to create serious digital art, while an iPad is more of a toy. The best response to that is a new video showing album artwork for Muse’s new Simulation Theory album being created with an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

Microsoft scarcely tweaked the design of its iPad Pro competitor


One of the major changes in the Surface Pro 6 is it comes in black. Woo.
One of the major changes in the Surface Pro 6 is it comes in black. Woo.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft today unveiled a new generation of its Surface Pro 2-in-1. This has a faster processor than its predecessor but other than that remains practically unchanged. The long hoped for USB-C port is still missing.

The improvements are so marginal that Microsoft is left emphasizing that the Surface Pro 6 is available in a new color.

Smartphones are killing laptops and desktops, but tablet sales grow


ipad ios 11
More Americans own tablet than did two years ago. The same can't be said of laptop and desktop ownership.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The number of Americans who own an iPad or other tablet computer increased marginally in the past two years. However, ownership of a laptop/desktop has dropped significantly in the same period.

Smartphone ownership stayed at the high rate it’s held since 2016. And that’s what’s really cutting into sales of traditional computers.