Brilliant concept imagines iPad with Magic Mouse support


An iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard Folio and Magic Mouse, or a MacBook by another name?
Exciting news for full-time iPad users.
Photo: Apple

A designer took the recent unconfirmed report that iOS 13 will include mouse support and ran with it.

He redesigned iOS so it functions much more like macOS, with floating windows, exposé, and more.

This iOS 13 concept was created by Guilherme Martins Schasiepen, who described it on Bēhance.

In his design, just putting a Magic Mouse next to an iPad is enough to pair them. And moving a finger across the top of the mouse is enough to move between on-screen applications.

Going beyond just enabling a mouse to take the place of a fingertip, Schasiepen imagines iOS 13 being completely rebuilt to take full advantage of this input device.

Consider an iOS 13 iPad with floating windows.
Consider an iOS 13 iPad with floating windows.
Photo: Guilherme Martins Schasiepen

That includes floating application windows and doing drag and drop with smart corners: dragging a file or snippet of content to one corner of the display allows it to easily be moved between applications.

Don’t count on it

This concept design reflects one person’s hopes for what Apple might do with iPad and Magic Mouse. And as with many such daydreams, there’s good reason to think it won’t happen.

In this case, Schasiepen‘s suggestions won’t be implemented because iOS 13 is reportedly going to get mouse support only as an accessibility feature. Apple supposedly doesn’t plan to redesign the iPad around it.