iPhone 7 design may ditch antenna bands and camera bump


Got a new iPhone? Set it up right.
Got a new iPhone? Set it up right.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

The iPhone 7 may not look that much different from the iPhone 6s, according to a new rumor claiming that Apple’s next smartphone will only feature two big design changes.

Both the antenna lines and the protruding camera lens from the iPhone 6 and 6s will be ditched by the new model, reports MacRumors, citing a source who has provided reliable information on devices in the past.

Some Apple fans have anticipated that Apple will ditch the home button soon by putting Touch ID behind the display and using Force Touch actions to navigate to the homescreen. It sounds like that might not be in the cards for this iteration, though.

“Our source has been unable to confirm whether the device as a whole will be thinner than the iPhone 6 and 6s,” writes MacRumors‘ Eric Slivka. “Although any thickness reductions would be expected to be slight, and many users (particularly those who use their devices without cases) will likely find the flush rear camera to be a significant improvement even if other dimensions remain the same.”

The iPhone 7 will likely launch during its usual September timeframe. The case for the device will reportedly appear very similar to the iPhone 6s, except a solid-metal back plate will do away with those unsightly antenna bands across the rear of the device. Unfortunately, the antenna bands will still be visible on the top and sides of the new model.

Apple is also rumored to be testing a new dual-lens system for the rear iPhone camera that will significantly improve picture quality. Wireless charging is also being researched by the company, and could find its way onto the iPhone by next year.

  • Bob Level

    So, which blocker should I use to get rid of Cult of Mac’s pop-up ‘Stop using Ad Blocker software’? Because..f*ck ads. We don’t like them. Figure out other ways to make money COM.

    • Paulo Ruberto

      Use uBlock and enable the Anti-Adblock Killer in the settings

    • itfa

      If you are using adblock plus, right click it, go to the adblock menu and use the slider bar to hide the right element. Easy. Then again, that’s on windows and using chrome. YMMV

  • UZ

    Also please can Apple reposition the camera so that its extended radius forms the rounded corner of the phone, as it was on the iPhone 4/4s.

  • imtough

    I, like most, use a CASE. So if this redesign (or lackthereof) is the CASE, I’m gonna need some serious other selling points to shell out another $800.

    • igorsky

      There have been FIVE number releases of the iPhone, and there have been FIVE major re-designs and selling points with each release. And yet here you are asking if the antenna bands and camera bump are the only changes. Interesting.