Apple Job Listing Hints At Future Siri Integration For Mac



Apple has been improving Siri since the intelligent assistant first made its debut on the iPhone 4S back in October 2011, and has also been working to expand its availability; it’s now available on all the latest iOS devices, and some older ones, too. It seems inevitable that Siri will one day be introduced to the Mac as well, and that day could be getting closer as Apple searches for new engineers who will be tasked with bringing it to the desktop.

The new Apple job listing, which specifically calls for a “Siri UI Engineer,” mentions that the ideal candidate will posses “familiarity with Unix, especially with Mac OS X,” and boast knowledge of Cocoa, the core of Apple’s OS X operating system. They also need experience in one of the following: Android, Microsoft C#, Java, or C++.

Apple also says that the engineer should have a “passion for the Macintosh platform and writing simple, elegant software that is easy and fun to use.” They will focus specifically on Siri’s conversations view, according to the job post.

This is the strongest indication of future Siri integration for the Mac that we’ve seen to date. It doesn’t confirm anything, of course, but it shows that Apple is certainly working on porting its popular voice-controlled assistant to its desktops. And again, it’s a move that always seemed pretty inevitable, so it’s hardly a big surprise.

We know how powerful Siri can be on iOS devices, so can you imagine how great it would be on a Mac? Apple has already introduced its Dictation feature to Mountain Lion, but it would be great if we could send emails and iMessages, create Reminders, control media playback, and more using just our voice.

Apple’s next Mac update is expected to arrive this summer, but it’s likely the Cupertino company will announce it before then. Here’s to hoping that Siri will be one of its new features.

Source: Apple

Via: Macworld