Amazon Takes Aim At Apple’s Expensive iPad In New Kindle Ad



Whether Samsung’s blatant Apple bashing adverts are actually convincing customers to buy its products is unclear, but they are at least inspiring other companies to mock Apple’s gadgets in their own ads.

Amazion is the latest, with a new Kindle ad that takes aim at the iPad for its poor reading conditions in direct sunlight, and its heavy price tag.

Amazon has actually poked fun at the struggle iPad users face when trying to use their device in the sun in previous commercials. But its latest also goes after iPad prices, which, as the ad highlights would get you two Kindle Fire tablets and a Kindle e-reader instead.


There’s no denying that the Kindle Fire’s $199 price tag is attractive, but I’m sure most would argue that price isn’t the only factor to consider when purchasing a new tablet; the user experience also has to be taken into account.

That’s one thing the Kindle Fire cannot beat.

[via The Next Web]

  • Eduardo Moreno

    The commercial is ridiculous. Why would I want to buy three items when I can have one better in the iPad? And honestly, I can’t remember the last time I used my iPad outside.

  • TeamApple

    The only selling point for the kindle fire is that its easy to see outside?!?!

    I don’t even use my iPad outside…….

  • kenci59

    Very lame ad. Kindle is cheaper. That’s the only message! Shame on an advertising agency which completely lacks creativity. I have a iPad, but use a Kindle for reading. The superior user experience convinced me to choose the iPad against the Kindle Fire.

  • Graham Ward

    Simple.  If you want an e-reader, buy a Kindle, especially at that price.  If you want a tablet, and you want the best on the market, buy an iPad.  If you want an inferior tablet combined with an inferior e-reader, buy a Kindle Fire (…but don’t bother if you live in Europe; it doesn’t work properly here).

  • ddevito

    The glare on an ipad does suck. Impossible to read in sunlight or direct lighting. 

    And yes folks, not everyone are fanboys. Price is very important. That’s why so many Fires sold. Price matters.

  • crateish

    Amazon’s marketing is all about the ladies. It seems to me that Amazon doesn’t think much of their tech savviness and also thinks they’re cheapskates.

    Oh, and that woman is not a Mom. All their ads feature young hotties to appeal to us neanderthals.

    Bravo. And fail.

  • supertino

    Another Apple gadget owner looking at Non-apple products and feeling envious. Unfortunately for the competition, it’s always the opposite in real life: They try out the competitor’s products and come away thinking “what the hell all that hype was about!”.

  • sarno

    Who the hell is Amazion?

  • prof_peabody

    I don’t think this qualifies as an “Apple bashing ad.”  The Kindle has very few advantages over the iPad, this is one of them and they are showing it.  That’s all totally normal. 

    The Samsung ads are different in that they directly make fun of Apple, their products, and the people that buy them without showing any real advantage their own products have over Apple’s.  

  • joewaylo

    They’re Barnes and Noble’s and‘s competitor for online books and items selling. They sell retailer’s electronics, games, etc like and they have just as many eReader books as Barnes and Noble.

    The Kindle Fire is their latest achievement with Android custom 2.3 rom to play Android Market material on (Games, productivity, etc) with cheap end hardware put together to go less of a cost than any other tablet out there.

  • Sean Smith

    The Kindle Fire has exactly the same problem with direct sunlight. That’s what you get if you want a full color LCD versus a black and white eInk screen. If you notice in the above commercial, they purposely placed the kids, who are using the Kindle Fire, in a well-shaded area under a canopy.

  • minimalist1969

    The point they are making is valid.  Good enough truly is good enough for a lot of people.  Buying 3 devices for the price of one is nothing to be scoffed at, especially when you need to share those devices with your family.

    But the ad is sort of bland.  It might as well be an ad for diet yogurt.   A little more teeth or humor might have made it stand out from the crowd.

  • Jdsonice

    I think Apple has proven beyond any doubt that Cheap is not a selling point.

     Kindle is cheap eReader that servers a single purpose which in holds world is silly.I don’t want to carry multiple products that do just one thing. Kindle Fire is just another Android half assed tablet. 

    So the ad is cute – but – boring.

  • Lyndell

    That could back fire, saying the only good thing is its cheap, thats what PCs did and now the iPad is killing that market

  • Lyndell

    No that was for the regular Kindel… Can see the fire outside

  • Ed_Kel

    Don’t waste your time on this douche.

  • Ed_Kel

    I just love how this ad shows an iPad owner envious of a Kindle. It’s a documented fact that the majority of people who buy a Kindle over an iPad is because they can’t afford an iPad, not because of functionality or style.

    Also, they should have somehow added their return notice in the ad, since most who buy a Kindle Fire return it.

  • Neil Verner

    Amazon just don’t get it do they? A kindle is an e-book reader the same as an iPod is a music player, iPads and Kindles do completely different things. Can a kindle surf the net? Edit a pages document, play video or youtube, play music? No a kindle is an ebook reader thats what its supposed to do. So Amazon stop alining fire at a tablet PC and target ebook readers not iPad owners who don’t just want to read books! 

  • TechUser

    It’s the same old game…  If you need a car you can buy a Mercedes, or four Chevrolets for the same price, (or less).  Both brands will get you there, but one is “more enjoyable” for it’s owner.

  • TechUser

    Yes, the new $199 Kindle Fire can indeed do all those things, and more!  The only things that are missing are the cameras.  I purchased one for my 10 year old daughter for Christmas, and it’s more impressive than I expected. I kinda wanted not to like it. However, for daily use it’s great. And for it’s price, I don’t worry about theft or damage as much as with the iPad.

  • CharliK

    Because there are 3 users in the family. Which is fine and dandy and a great point in an ad. Amazon could have talked about how there’s a Kindle for everyone in their line up and then added “and with these prices, everyone can have their very own” without bring up the iPad. Putting that in the mix is what opens up comments like “Yeah a third the price and a third the experience” (which I saw on another blog)

  • CharliK

    That has been my experience. My dad was given a Fire for his birthday last month. Brought it over to show us kids what his ‘lady friend’ got him. One of the grands was playing with my iPad and my dad liked the iPad more. He actually asked us how he might tell his friend he wants to return the Fire to get an iPad when the next ones comes out without hurting her feelings. 

  • CharliK

    It might not be bashing in the sense of having a “You are idiots” tone but once you mention the competition you still lose. Making it not the best way to advertise

  • aardman

    My thoughts exactly.  If cheapness is your selling point, you’ll attract a lot of cheap buyers to your tablet.  Now, how are you going to sell content to those people?