Greg Joswiak Isn’t The Only Apple Employee At CES — There Are 249 More Of Them



Apple’s vice president of worldwide iPod, iPhone, and iOS product marketing, Greg Joswiak, was spotted roaming the show floor at CES in Las Vegas yesterday, despite no official appearance from the Cupertino company. Joswiak admitted he was there “scouting the competition,” but it seems he’s not the only one. According to one report, more than 250 Apple employees altogether are in attendance this year.

Apple famously dropped out of CES and all other trade shows a number of years ago, with its last appearance at MacWorld back in 2009. It chooses instead to launch its latest products at its own events in San Francisco. But it hasn’t turned its back on CES altogether.

While it may not be running its own booth, Apple is still very much at CES this year. “According to a person familiar with Apple’s plans,” who has been speaking to Reuters, more than 250 of its employees are in Las Vegas for the event.

It’s unclear why these employees are there, but according to paidContent who spoke with Joswiak yesterday, they are there to see “how other companies present their products at events such as CES, from things like booth layout and aesthetics to which products are highlighted within a company’s booth.”

Is this simply Apple’s attempt to stay ahead of its competition, or could the Cupertino company be planning a surprise comeback to CES?

[via MacTrast]

  • AJ Elliott

    It’s probably so they can sniff out any patent infringements so the legal team can get ready

  • WVMikeP

    It’s also an opportunity to see what sucks in a fundamental way and requires Apple’s doing correctly (e.g. cell phones, tablets).

  • hawgdropr

    Prepping to have their own “Apple Electronics Show” or AES.  IMHO

  • ddevito

    They’re there to sniff out competition, nothing wrong with that. To see how the other half is doing.

    Perhaps taking notes too.

  • ddevito

    Get off Apple’s c0cks – you iSheep are so ignorant.

  • nb

    Apple television. coming next year at CES

  • ericthehalfbee

    Really? Calling someone ignorant while using a c0ck reference?

    He’s exactly right. All companies look at competition to see how they can improve on what others are doing and make their products/services better or more attractive.

    Apple does this very well compared to most companies, so how is pointing out this obvious fact being an iSheep?

  • Steven Zahl

    Apple gets design ideas from all over.  BRAUN and MARK LEVINSON products, to name a few….even bathtubs.


    Guys, Apple attends every year, and frequently meets with technology companies about their solutions and how/if they might be integrated into their ecosystem. My past companies have held these very such meetings with Apple. So…It’s exciting to hear, but in reality this is nothing new.

  • sir1jaguar

    Super simple explanation…

    They are there to copy or steal other way of presenting products and what they are offering then they (apple) will tweak it a bit and WILL CALL IT FIRST WHEN THEY WILL USE AND SHOW THAT IN THEIR COMING PRESENTATIONS…


  • sir1jaguar

    I call it professional thieves…

    It’s not isheep, I CALL IT ISTUPID…

  • sir1jaguar

    I work with company here in austin, texas and I had an stint in Cupertino…

    They like to copy/steal ideas from all companies then they will tweak it and CALL IT FIRST even it’s NOT…


    Every single parts inside/outside apple products are made by Korean, Chinese and Japanese…
    If those companies will block them, dp you think APPLE will make money, no way as they have no REAL TECHNOLOGY – they are just designer & software engineers – nothing more…

  • sir1jaguar

    SAMSUNG products from parts to manufacturing are own by SAMSUNG (only 5-10% parts is not made by SAMSUNG)…

    APPLE – from parts to manufacturing (100%) are from all other companies from china, Korea and japan…

    So, I’m not proud of APPLE even its american company…

  • agusta675

    then what would you call Google?? a company who innovate?? i don’t think Google has many products which is their creation or innovation infact most of the big companies are the same.. i really dont understand why people hate apple so much or a particular company when everyone is doing the same shit and in simple terms its called business.. open your eyes and brains people and stop acting like retards..

  • ericthehalfbee

    Judging by your post history I’m betting you work in janitorial. There’s no way you could any position of importance.