Pogoplug’s New Cloud Service Has Video Streaming, First 5 Gigs Free



Adding to their now dizzying array of cloud-in-box hardware and desktop app that turns your Mac into a cloud server, Pogoplug has just unveiled a web-based cloud service that can be used as a standalone media storage option, and either accessed through a web browser, or through the desktop or Universal iOS app. And just like Apple did with iCloud, they’re giving the first five gigs away for free.

Just like iCloud, the service will automatically backup your iDevice to the Pogoplug servers — but unlike iCloud, it’ll also allow you to stream movies (in HD, of course) to your iDevice; in your face, Cupertino.

Fees ramp up quickly after the first 5GB though: 50GB is $10/month, and !00GB will cost you $20/month.