Cloud Engines Wants to Turn Your Mac Into a Pogoplug [First Look]



The race to the cloud just heated up today: Cloud Engines, most known for their white, instant-server-in-a-brick Pogoplug network-attached storage device, launches two software-only versions that turn your Mac into a home-based server.

The software is a free download that installs on your Mac and basically turns it into Pogoplug, allowing you to access photos and documents, and stream music and videos stored on that Mac to any computer (via the Pogoplug web interface) or iDevice (via Pogoplug’s free iOS app) over your local network. If you want to stream, access or share stuff over the Internet, you’ll need to purchase the $29 upgrade. The license will allow you to install the software on as many computers as you like though, and even on *cough* Windows machines.

Cloud Engines launched the first Pogoplug in early 2009 and has since updated the hardware several times, most recently launching a powerful video-streaming capable Pogoplug in April. But this is a big step for the company, because it conspiciously lacked a sofware-only product like Tonido, Air Video or the now-defunct ZumoCast.

There’s also a new viewing option in the Pogoplug web interface called One View that consolidates multiple copies of the media file — say you’ve got files of the exact same song or movie spread across several different machines — into one.

We had a chance to play around a little with the new software, with its over-the-Internet $29 upgrade; it functioned, but streaming music and video seemed a bit slow and wonky over the ‘net; hopefully they’re still working out the kinks. Pogoplug users should also notice that the Pogoplug web interface received a minor facelift.

  • Alex

    Since About February 2011, I have owned a Seagate GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device that is actually a Pogoplug device   It uses the PogoPlug Drive software.  It simply does not work on OSX tiger, leopard, snow leopard, or lion when logged into any account other than administrator.  You cannot drag and drop files between file folders or the desktop.  It works fine under Windows XP and Windows 7 when logged into Admin and user accounts.

    Here is the feedback I have received from Cloud Engines:

    “I believe we found the source of this issue you are facing, please
    note that Pogoplug software is designated to operate only with Admin
    log-in.I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.
    Best regards,”

    That was it!  No immediate information about the Pogoplug software being usable on any login other than the Admin.  The Pogoplug software simply does not work in OSX.

  • c0rinne

    One thing I hate about pogoplug? Printing sucks. They’ve yet to get it right. And I bought my HP printer (brand new) December 2010.

  • Chris AtPogoplug

    @ Joe Tech User

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having difficulty with your software installations. We want to try to clear something up.

    While using Pogoplug software may work when logged in as a Standard user, we only test and verify our software for users with Administrator privileges.

    AFAWK, Pogoplug software version 3.1 works well under OSX Snow Leopard (3.1 requires OSX 10.6, BTW); we’re primarily a Mac shop around here so we’re the first to know!

    Hope this makes sense.

    Kind Regards
    on behalf of the Pogoplug Team