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Get Unlimited Storage For One Year With Pogoplug [Deals]



Running out of space on your phone? Worried about losing those irreplaceable photos and videos? Pogoplug has your back…and your backup.

Through this Cult of Mac Deals offer you’ll get Pogoplug, which gives you unlimited storage on your phone, tablet and computer for one year. That means you’ll have access to your files anytime and anywhere – and all for just $39.

Best Video And Movie Gadgets [Best Of]


Things have gotten a lot more complicated than
Things have gotten a lot more complicated than "VHS or Betamax?"

It used to be that video came to our homes in one of two ways: through the TV, or through a VHS tape. Then came DVD, then came the internet, and then came mediageddon.

Now we can get anything we want, any time we like. That’s the simple part, because now we also have to decide how we want to watch it. Luckily, we have put together a list of neat video hardware that will help you convert and push your media around the home, and even outside.

Pogoplug Series 4 NAS: Streaming And Sharing Easier Than Ever, But Still Not Perfect [Review]



Launched a few weeks ago, the Pogoplug Series 4 ($100) is Cloud Engines’ latest attempt at making their network-attached storage device as ubiquitous as the microwave oven. Like its predecessors, the S4 allows you to attach a hard drive or flash drive to create your own cloud, which you can use to stream media, share files or create slideshows, all of which can be accessed over the Internet and shared with others. Additionally, it can also be used for remote backup.

Pogoplug’s New Series 4: Going for iCloud’s Throat? [Launch, First Look]




Pogoplug has been busy. For a company that focuses really intently on a single concept — namely, putting your stuff in the cloud — it has released a prolific number of products since the original Pogoplug first debuted in early 2009. Today brings their latest offering: The Pogoplug Series 4 ($100).

Cloud Engines, the outfit that makes the Pogoplug, sent us an Series 4 to check out, and we got a little hands-on time with it before the launch today.

Pogoplug’s New Cloud Service Has Video Streaming, First 5 Gigs Free



Adding to their now dizzying array of cloud-in-box hardware and desktop app that turns your Mac into a cloud server, Pogoplug has just unveiled a web-based cloud service that can be used as a standalone media storage option, and either accessed through a web browser, or through the desktop or Universal iOS app. And just like Apple did with iCloud, they’re giving the first five gigs away for free.

Holy Smokes! We’re Giving Away 200 Free PogoPlug Premium Accounts Today




Cloud Engines announced their new, software-only personal streaming service today for PogoPlug. While the free version of PogoPlug is pretty nice, their Premium service adds a few extra features, like being able to stream music and movies to your iOS device. Running out of room for new movies and music on your iPhone or iPad is always a downer, but PogoPlug ensures that will no longer happen. Lucky for our readers, PogoPlug graciously gave us a whopping 200 Promo codes for free Premium PogoPlug accounts.

We already gave out a couple codes to our loyal Twitter followers this morning, but we’re now opening the floodgates to all of our readers so that the first 195 people to come will get a free PogoPlug Premium account. Here’s how to get your promo code: