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Yahoo! Acquires Tumblr For $1.1B, Promises Not To Screw It Up


Yahoo! has this morning announced that it has reached a deal to acquire popular blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion. The company promises “not to screw it up,” and says that Tumblr will continue to operate as a separate business, with David Karp remaining CEO.

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Get 3 Sleek WordPress Themes With Developer Licenses [Deals]

CoM - 3 WP Themes

If you work with WordPress and have fun building new sites for family, friends, or even yourself, then these 3 developer themes will only better your options. They’re sleek, clean, and have tons of sweet capabilities that will allow you to propel your imagination right onto the web. And right now Cult of Mac Deals has them available for only $49 – a savings of $398!

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Tumblr For iOS Gets New Sharing Features, Instapaper & Pocket Integration, More


Tumblr’s official iOS app has been updated today with a number of new sharing features, in addition to Instapaper and Pocket integration, that let you “do more than just reblog when you find something you love.” The update also makes some improvements to the photo viewer and the way the app displays GIF images.

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Apple Now Displays App Store Age Ratings Right Next To App Icons


Apple has made a small change to the way in which App Store age ratings are displayed to make them a little easier to find. They’re now displayed alongside app icons on iOS devices — just under the name of the developer — so they’re not so easy to miss when you’re downloading new apps.

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Tumblr 3.3 Brings New Camera, Photosets & More To iOS


The official Tumblr app for iOS received a major overhaul back in November, delivering a completely redesigned dashboard, iPad support, and lots more. But the improvements aren’t about to stop there. Today sees the release of Tumblr 3.3, which adds a new camera, the ability to create photosets, and more.

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National Geographic Tumblr Posting Forgotten Images From Its History

The National Geographic might have hit on something with its new “Found” service. Almost, anyway. Found is a Tumblr tmblg tumble-blog featuring photos from the 125-year history of the National Geographic magazine.

So far there are just a handful of pictures on the new Tumblr, but go take a look at it from the Tumblr app on your iPad be reminded that somebody already invented a time machine, and called it a camera.

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Archive, Batch Send, And Download Your Instagram Photos With Recygram [iOS Tips]


Yesterday, I tipped you off about #NoCrop for Instagram, an app that lets you submit full-sized photos to the social photo service with very little effort.

Today, I want to look at Recygram, another free app that works with Instagram, letting you send photos from your voluminous Instagram archive to Flicker and Tumblr, as well as download them or compress them for sharing. Sounds like a great way to archive all those Instagram pics, right?

Here’s what to do.

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This Portrait Of Russian General Steve Jobs Is Now Ready To Grace Your Living Room


It’ll cost you $85 to get a copy of this portrait of Steve Jobs

What’s a better way to strike fear and admiration into your house guests than a portait of Steve Jobs dressed as a Russian Army General? Nothing, that’s what. Except maybe a flamethrower, or pet crocodile. But you don’t have either of those do you?

Replaceface is now selling prints, canvases, cards, cases, skins and even pillows of the portrait of Steve Jobs as a Russian Army General, so you can carry General Steve with you everywhere.

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Tumblr iOS App Follows Vine and 500px Into 17+ Rating Territory

Buttons like this just make kids want to press it.

Buttons like this just make kids want to press it.

The Tumblr iOS app updated about three hours ago, stating “small bug fixes” as what’s new in the app. This move comes shortly after 500px app was pulled from the app store, only to return with a 17+ rating, and Twitter-owned Vine got some flack as well.

What’s not listed in the App description is that version 3.2.4 of the Tumblr app is now rated for people 17+, and users will need to click through a dialog that says they are old enough to use the app. Because that totally works.

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Tumblr Finally Releases An Official iPad App

Tumblr Finally Releases An Official iPad App

I’ve had a blog on Tumblr for years, and I’ve never been able to really get into using it on my iPhone until recently. A platform’s mobile presence is so important, and it’s been nice to see Tumblr work on drastically improving its mobile web and iPhone apps in recent months.

For some unfathomable reason, Tumblr has never had an official iPad app—well, until today. It just went live in the App Store.

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