This Portrait Of Russian General Steve Jobs Is Now Ready To Grace Your Living Room


It'll cost you $85 to get a copy of this portrait of Steve Jobs



What’s a better way to strike fear and admiration into your house guests than a portait of Steve Jobs dressed as a Russian Army General? Nothing, that’s what. Except maybe a flamethrower, or pet crocodile. But you don’t have either of those do you?

Replaceface is now selling prints, canvases, cards, cases, skins and even pillows of the portrait of Steve Jobs as a Russian Army General, so you can carry General Steve with you everywhere.

Did Steve Jobs really pose for that portrait? No, but that doesn’t make it any less badass. Back during the Napoleonic Wars, an English portrait artist named George Dawe managed to paint 329 portraits of the Russian generals active during Boney’s attempted invasion and subjugation of the Motherland.

There’s a Tumblr blog called Replaceface which is devoted to taking Dawe’s portraits, cutting out the orginal face and replacing it with the freshly painted visage of a celebrity. So while you can grab a copy of Russian General El Jobso’s portrait, you can also snatch up portraits of Bill Murray, Leonardo DiCapri, and Patrick Swayze doing their best Russian General impersonations too.

iPhone 5 cases for the Steve Jobs portrait cost $35, while a 13″ x 15″ stretched canvas painting will set you back $85. If you’re feeling cheap though you can just buy an iPhone skin for $15.

Source: Society6

  • bondr006

    I’ve seen stupid before, but this has got to top the list. Let’s add disrespect to that also. WTF?

  • duncanfurg13

    I’ve seen stupid before, but this has got to top the list. Let’s add disrespect to that also. WTF?

    Really? Calling this stupid, but using a texting acronym at the same time? And disrespect? Really? Disrespect to who? Can you even NAME the centuries-old general whose face was photoshopped out of that picture?

  • hanhothi

    That is HIDEOUS!

    I wonder how long before Apple’s lawyers squash it with their usual threatening letter whenevers Jobies picture is used. Who would want this anyway?