Upload Full-Size Photos To Instagram With #NoCrop [iOS Tips]



Want to preserve your entire photo, without having to crop it, and save it to Instagram for all your many followers to enjoy and Favorite? Well, you could pull it to your Mac, create a square canvas, add sidebars with an image editing app, and then put it back on your iPhone, ready to send to Instagram, but who wants to do all that?

#NoCrop–the app, not the hashtag–has you covered.

Instagram typically forces you to crop your photos to fit their square aspect ratio, a call back to the old Polaroid days. What that means is that you lose parts of your image. Many Instagram users have taken to adding horizontal or vertical bars to their photos, like a letterbox DVD, and then uploading to Instagram. Do a search on the hashtag #nocrop, and you’ll see them.

The free #NoCrop app, then, does that all automagically. ONce you download it from the App store and launch it on your iPhone, simply tap on the giant Import button in the center of the screen, hit the share button in the upper right corner, and send it along to Instagram (or Facebook, Twitter, email, or your camera roll). You can also hit the Flip button just below the share button to flip your photo either horizontally or vertically.

Hit the Share to Instagram button, and you’ll go right to the Instagram app on your iPhone, where you can then apply filters as usual. When you get to the final Share Photo page, you’ll see that the message area is auto-populated with “(Made with #NoCrop), which will then be searchable as a hashtag on Instagram. Slick!

I’m looking forward to seeing all your photos in their un-cropped glory on Instagram; let me know what you think of the app in the comments section below.

Source: App Store
Via: Addictive Tips

  • davidemartindale

    I just view the photo in my camera roll and get a screen shot of it against the black canvas of the pic viewer, rotating or not rotating as needed. This creates a black letterbox without the need for any app at all. I’ve always wondered why people use apps to achieve this unless picking a particular color is important.

    • kickmeimmatthew

      It’s because a screenshot of a photo will be of lesser quality than the photo itself. Many people don’t want to post crappy quality photos.

  • drew5617

    Thank you for this. In a previous version of Instagram, it allowed you to leave black space and not crop it into a square, but ever since they updated the app and took that functionality away, it’s been killing me!

  • catiadamson

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  • da_gagnon

    This is a very nice idea! I need to integrate this in my Apps, OverCam and ScanCamera!