Man Posts Pictures Of The Creep Who Allegedly Stole His MacBook On Tumblr


This weird guy doesn't know that the MacBook he stole from Josh Kaufman is spying on him.
This weird guy doesn't know that the MacBook he stole from Josh Kaufman is spying on him.

Joshua Kaufman claims that he recently had his MacBook stolen, and so he did what anyone who was smart enough to follow our guide to recovering your pilfered Mac would do: he logged into his Mac via Hidden and has been secretly snapping photos, taking screenshots and snapping the alleged perp ever since.

That’s him up there, and I got to say: that’s some pretty amazing furniture for an alleged MacBook thief. Unfortunately, Kaufman is having a hard time getting Oakland police to help him recover his Mac, but we’ve seen this happen before, and if history is anything to go by, crowd sourcing your Mac’s recovery tend to work pretty well.

Until Josh gets his Mac back, though, you should check out his Tumblr: it’s hysterical.

  • Greg Braddock

    That is unbelievably horrible! Doing the cops jobs and they want help the kid out! 

  • nikond100

    Good for Josh… I hope he gets it back….Dont you just hate people like this?… Go Josh!!

  • JimRPh62

    It sucks. No wonder people have lost faith in cops. The owner should post the photos on flyers around town exposing the thief.

  • Brittas

     The gagged person on the couch is slightly disturbing….

  • Kool Kat Jazz

    Have you been to the flea market at Laney’s Collage?
    If it’s been stolen in Oakland, you can bet it’s for sale there.

  • Bill Savage

    this looks like a viral ad for the app Hidden…the pictures show the app working in different situations..First you have a picture of the guy…then it shows screen shot of him using the computer, then it shows that even if he deletes your user account the app still works, then it shows that if the guy isnt connected to wifi it will still take information, like a picture while he is in the car and send it to you when he finally connects to internet.  If it’s not a viral ad…it should’ve been .. lol

  • Bill Savage

    the person is not least i dont thing they are..just looks like they are sleeping with the blanket over their face a little.

  • Jack

    hope he finds it

  • Ken Westin

    Before this guys photo was posted all over the Internet was it confirmed that he is the actual person who stole the laptop? Did he purchase the laptop possibly on Craigslist, or a pawn shop? Police will get involved with these cases once a police report is filed, we have quite a few recoveries where we worked with law enforcement to make sure the device is recovered for our customers, as well as ensure we have the right person:

  • Patrick Worsham

    Cops won’t do anything, but if you found him and stuck a gun in his face to get back YOUR property, you’d go to jail.  What a world…

  • Shaniqua Gump

    But he has nice furniture and a car with leather seats.

  • Beware

    On that bed picture where he was naked, i bet you he is on xhamster…

  • cheesy11

    that dude is uuuuuglly!

  • Mike Rathjen

    Did you read the story about the guy in NJ who attacked the wrong person?

    You don’t know he’s the thief. Even if he has your laptop, you don’t know he’s the thief. Maybe he’s some guy who bought a used laptop.

  • Wirehedd

    Whether the guy who has it bought it or not it doesn’t belong to him and the legitimate and lawful owner is taking the steps necessary to identify the person who now HAS his STOLEN property.

    If the owner gets his stolen property back in working condition then his efforts were worthwhile. If the guy in the pictures doesn’t know it’s stolen then maybe he can avoid prosecution by returning it and naming the source.

  • Wirehedd

    With any luck Josh can get a posse of people together, go to the guys house and nicely ask that he give it back. If he refuses then the friends can simply make the thief uncomfortable enough that the police will NEED to be called then they can ORDER the creep to give it back or just arrest him and give Josh back his computer.

  • Wirehedd

    The Hidden application should tell him WHERE the guy is with his computer so all he would really need to do is post the pictures , flyers or whatever right on the guy’s front door and every door within a block of where he lives. That might be an effective way to convince him.

  • Nutz320

    But publishing naked pictures of him online is not necessary.

  • Nutz320

    Sorry, my bad, he’s possibly not naked.

  • GregsTechBlog

    Police won’t help? Call them up, tell them you’ve gathered friends and weapons, and you’re heading over to his house.
    Won’t be long before the cops show up. 

  • CharliK

    And arrest you. 

    Unless there is a witness that saw the guy grab the laptop the police can’t say for sure that it was stolen, or it belongs to the guy and Kaufman is stalking him or who knows what else

  • GregsTechBlog

    If he’s already proven that the laptop is his, either through this app, serial numbers, or receipts, and the cops have done nothing, He’s within his right to get his property back himself. Now, what I’m saying to do will cause the police to finally do their jobs, so no violence would actually be required. 

  • CharliK

    A receipt etc only proves that at some point he owned it. Doesn’t prove that he didn’t sell it etc. 

    And it is one thing to go over to the guy’s house and ask for something back. it’s another to threaten violence etc. Or to invade the guy’s privacy because he might perhaps be the thief etc. 

  • GregsTechBlog

    The person who bought it would need some form of proof. If he was foolish enough to buy something from someone without proof, then he’s either an idiot, or thought he was buying stolen goods.
    Either way, if the person cannot prove that they bought it from their accuser, then they can’t prove that it is theirs, unlike the other person, who has proof. 

    The same thing could be said for anything that’s stolen. The difference with computers is that it’s easier to prove. The victim could also show that the computer is logged into his accounts, file contents, etc. 

  • Alevky

    I don’t know how the laws are in the US, but if the pictures would show me/my doings and I didn’t stole it/bought it as ‘used’ somewhere, I would definitely bring the rightful owner to court.

    It’s one thing, to want your stuff back, but it’s a whole other thing to break the law (in multiple ways) while trying to do so.

    Doing self-justice is illegal in most countries and even if the authorities don’t do their job for whatever reason, that doesn’t give you the right to do it. Besides, how stupid must one be to get his hardware stolen?

  • Patrick Worsham

    Very good point.  Obviously; you should ask for it back first – then use the gun ;)

  • Mortimer Duke

    Would these include pictures before or AFTER you deleted the original owner’s account data?