MacJournal Updated, Adds More Blogs And Timeline View



Mariner Software just updated veteran writing/blogging app MacJournal to version 6, with a double helping of new features thrown in.

MacJournal’s been around since forever, providing Mac users with super-simple rich text editing and organising by date and into folders of your choosing. It gives you loads of options for adding metadata to your entries, which in turn gives you lots of ways to arrange them and display them.

It’s also great for bloggers. This latest update includes support for Posterous and Tumblr blogs, and lets you upload images to accounts at Imgur and Dropbox. There’s also a new timeline view (shown in the screenshot above).

MacJournal has always been one of those apps that offers loads of extras, and this new version is no exception. You want to export your writings in EPub format and turn them into an e-book? You can do that. Want to set a word count goal to motivate you to get that book chapter finished? Sure, that too. There are dozens of extras to discover lurking inside this app – much more than simply blogging or keeping a journal.

A full license is $40; an upgrade costs $20.