Archive, Batch Send, And Download Your Instagram Photos With Recygram [iOS Tips]



Yesterday, I tipped you off about #NoCrop for Instagram, an app that lets you submit full-sized photos to the social photo service with very little effort.

Today, I want to look at Recygram, another free app that works with Instagram, letting you send photos from your voluminous Instagram archive to Flicker and Tumblr, as well as download them or compress them for sharing. Sounds like a great way to archive all those Instagram pics, right?

Here’s what to do.

Download Recygram to your iPhone and launch it with a tap. Tap the splash screen logo, then enter your Instagram credentials. Authorize the request and you’ll go to the main page, with a tutorial overlay to welcome you.

To compress your Instagram photo, tap on the Zip Your Photos button in the lower left. Tap on as many Instagram photos as you like, and then hit the Zip button in the upper right. Once you do that, tap the SUCCESS dialog box to decide where to put those photos. You can choose to open them in Evernote, send the zip file via Email, copy it, or even open it in Dropbox or Google Drive. I chose Dropbox, and the app opened on my iPhone, and then let me choose a folder in Dropbox to save the file to. You can even rename the file with a tap.

To send your photos to Tumblr or Flickr in a batch, tap on the appropriate service button, and enter your credentials. In the case of Flickr, you’ll need to authorize the Recygram app to post to Flickr. Again, tap as many photos from your Instagram account as you like, and then hit the Upload button in the upper right. The same goes for Tumblr: tap the service button in Recygram, enter your Tumblr credentials, and tap as many Instagram photos as you want, hit the Upload button, and they’ll go up to the insta-blogging site of your choice.

Finally, to save your Instagram photos to your camera roll as an archive, tap on the Camera Roll button on the main screen of Recygram, then either select the photos you want to archive, or hit the All button in the lower right. Tap on the Save button in the upper right, and Recygram will download all your Instagram photos and save to your iPhone Camera Roll, letting you do whatever you like with them from there.

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Via: Addictive Tips