’50 Shades of Buscemi’ trailer is like a giant fake phallus in your face


How can you not love this? Photo: Sony Pictures
How can you not love this? Photo: Sony Pictures

What could possibly make the treacly, soft-focus trailer for the upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey any better than Steve Buscemi?

Nothing, that’s what. Unfortunately, even the googly-eyed, wacky-toothed character actor can’t save the awful trailer, as we can see here in this fan-made recut of the original Fifty Shades trailer.

Called “50 Shades of Buscemi,” even a shot of Buscemi waggling a big rubber dildo at someone off-camera (below) can’t make me want to see the film.

Dr. Dre and Ice Cube introduce Straight Outta Compton biopic


Ice Cube and Dr. Dre rolling around Compton. Photo: Universal Pictures
Ice Cube and Dr. Dre roll around Compton. Photo: Universal Pictures

Dr. Dre became one of the most iconic figures in tech last year when Apple acquired his company, Beats Electronics. But before the doctor was making billions off overpriced headphones, he started a revolution in the music world with his pals Ice Cube, M.C. Ren and Eazy-E. Now there’s a movie coming out to tell his story.

Biopic Straight Outta Compton follows the meteoric rise and fall of N.W.A. in the mid-1980s. The film was produced by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre and is set to premiere August 14. To celebrate the upcoming film, Dre and Cube got together to ride around Compton and reminisce about the music they created before introducing their movie’s first NSFW trailer.

Watch the full red-band trailer below:

Jurassic Parks and Recreation has Chris Pratt-falling with dinos


Please forgive the awful pun in the headline. Photo: Parks and Recreation
Please forgive the awful pun in the headline. Photo: NBC Universal

When we first saw the new Jurassic World trailers, we were stunned and excited. Then, after it sunk in that the actor that plays doofus Andy Dwyer on NBC’s hilarious Parks and Recreation would be fighting dinosaurs, we sort of imagined a mashup of the two.

Apparently, Thanks Mom Productions had a similar thought, as they’ve taken footage of Chris Pratt from both the movie trailers and the TV show and edited them together for a funny video that’s all kinds of awesome.

Check it out.

The Meme Awakens with hilarious remixed Star Wars trailers


If Wes Anderson was making The Force Awakens, the trailer might look a lot like this. Video Frame: Jonah Feingold/YouTube
If Wes Anderson was making The Force Awakens, the trailer might look a lot like this. Video Frame: Jonah Feingold/YouTube

We’ll admit it: we were all squeeing like fanboys when we saw the official trailer for the upcoming sequel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

We may have watched it quite a bit more than once, but the YouTubers below have taken their fandom to another level, with some really well crafted remixes of the official short film.

Check out trailers below starring the cast of (and scenes directly from) the original trilogy, the trailer as Wes Anderson would do it, and a bizarre rendering of it all with pets in place of human actors. Oh, and there’s also the obligatory Lego version, as well, so be sure to scroll all the way down.

The world goes mad in new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer



Photo: Get ready to go mad. Photo: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. released the first theatrical trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road today, and while Mel Gibson is nowhere to be seen, George Miller’s post- apocalyptic world has only gotten more insane now that Tom Hardy has stepped into the role of Max.

I never saw the first movie and have no clue what’s going on in the trailer, but that’s not stopping me for getting ridiculously amped for this quasi-sequel that takes place in a world that’s run out of water, so the only sensible thing to do is worship steering wheels and smash weaponized-hotrods to bits while speeding through fire tornados.

The special effects and cinematography look absolutely insane and the supporting cast make us believe that watching the world of fire and blood destroy itself might be come with decent acting mixed in.

Watch the world go mad in the trailer below: