Gritty Automata trailer makes the robot uprising seem inevitable



Gabe Ibañez directs and Antonio Banderas stars in this gritty, realistic near-future sci-fi flick, Automata.

The premise is that, in 2004, robots have found a way to circumvent built-in Protocols against harming human beings or self-altering their own physical form.

The award-winning film looks to be a fantastic take on the robots-gone-wild sub-genre, and it’s got Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men) as a rogue killer robot and Melanie Griffith as a scheming politician; what’s not to like?

The Three Laws of Robotics were created by Isaac Asimov as a thought experiment to help humanity come to terms with self-aware humanoid machines capable of superhuman feats of intelligence and strength.

Asimov himself, and tons of writers and movie makers since then, also imagined many ways in which those very same laws could be subverted and robots could then run amok.

We love us some robopocalyptic media, and will be among the first in line to see the District 9-esque Automata when it releases this coming October.

Personally, we’re already rooting for the robots.

Via: The Verge

Image: El Ante Penultimo Mohicano

  • Mike Nardi

    Typo… 2044 is the setting in the movie not 2004

  • Mike Nardi

    Lol is that tip worthy of a follow on twitter @theproxynews ? haha either way cheers

  • tHoj101

    Looks incredible! It’s like iRobot meets The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. There’s maybe twenty Killjoys references in there.

  • Jacob Alford

    iRobot 2. Looks like an awesome trailer, but really guys? Even the robots look the same!