Jupiter Ascending trailer has more sci-fi than you can handle


Can Jupiter save the Earth? Screengrab: Cult of Mac
Can Jupiter save the Earth? Screengrab: Cult of Mac

This new trailer has flying robots, stunningly massive spaceships, and baroque alien societies galore. It’s a heart-pounding glimpse into the new film, Jupiter Ascending, which comes out in February of 2015.

It’s also got some Channing Tatum with pointy ears (a sci-fi staple!) and Mila Kunis looking badass in pleather. Also, some delightful moments with Sean Bean, and he doesn’t even die in this trailer. The trailer is stunning, and you can see hints of The Matrix and Cloud Atlas all over this thing, which makes sense — it’s a Wachowski film, thorough and through.

Give this two minute eye-candy reveal a look.

Mila Kunis plays Jupiter Jones, a young woman who must deal with the fact that she’s the heir to the Earth, a planet seeded by an uncaring dynasty in the furthest reaches of space. When these degenerate royalty come looking to the Earth for a “harvest,” some vaguely threatening apocalypse sort of thing, Jupiter must find her way back to assert her own genetically royal claim to the Earth, thereby, we assume, saving it.

It sounds breath-taking, with the trope of the mythical orphan princess essentially re-skinned with some drop-dead beautiful science fiction imagery, something the Wachowskis did to great effect in The Matrix. Here’s hoping that Jupiter Ascending has more in common with the first film in that trilogy than the last. The Wachowski siblings write and direct and Grant Hill produces this Warner Bros. release.

Source: Official Movie Site