‘Mikey Hooks’ For iOS Headed To App Store August 8th, Prepare Your Thumbs


Mikey Hooks

Two guys named Mike met up on the TouchArcade forums a few years back and bonded over their love of retro platform games with a hook. A literal hook, to be specific.

Mike Meade and Mike Gaughen competed with each other to see who was the best Hook Champ player, moving on to challenge each other over Super QuickHook. When those speed runs came to an end, the two Mikes decided to make their own hooking endless runner, and Mikey Shorts, an App Store Best of 2012, was born.

On Thursday, August 8, the long-awaited sequel is set to release in the App Store. Mikey Hooks aims to be everything Mikey Shorts was and more, with a host of new ideas and features to keep us all jumping and hooking our way to joy.

First of all, just look at this trailer. Don’t you want to play this game, already?

In Mikey Hooks, the title character will need to slide, jump, run, and hook his way across 24 levels of story mode, avoiding evil robots, electricity, bottomless pits, and pits lined with spikes. Spikes are bad, mmmmkay? He’ll lose a heart every time he hits one of these things, and after three losses, it’s level over. He’s gonna have to try again. As an homage to their own competitive history, the Mikes also created a Race Mode, with evil ghost bots to race Mikey through 12 levels to the finish line. There are more race levels planned for the near future, too.

The soundtrack is chiptune-tastic, as you can hear in the trailer above, and each of the six unique environmental levels have a different one. Yes!

There are a bunch of Head, Face, and Eyes disguises to purchase in Mikey Hooks, and custom Hooks as well; you can buy bedsheets, floss, and even fire hooks for the ultimate in hook customization.

Mikey Hooks is Game Center-enabled with 32 unlock-able achievements, and you can share your scores and wacky disguises to Twitter, Facebook, or your own Photo Album. All of your stuff? It’s synced to iCloud, so you’ll never be without that candy cane flavored hook or mutton chop disguise again.

All in all, it’s looking like the two Mikes may have another hit on their hands with Mikey Hooks. Stay tuned for our full review next week, and feel free to take a look through the gallery of screenshots below.

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