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Moshi VersaPouch Stays Useful Even After You Remove Your iPad


I just spent a week traveling with my Retina iPad mini, and there are a few things I learned. One is that you don’t have to worry about charging it like you did with the first full-sized retina iPad, the iPad 3 – the new retina mini can be juiced in a few hours tops. Another thing is that I like to have a good protective case for when I stuff the iPad into an already-full backpack.

But I don’t want a bulky cover that sticks around when I’m actually using the iPad. And this is where the new VersaPouch Mini Stand Case comes in.

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The TabHandler Adds A Handy Handle To Your iPad


The TabHandler is another handle that sticks to the back of your iPad, only it beats the competition in a few ways: First, the permanent circular mount is small enough not to annoy when attached. Second, the handle is almost absurdly useful in its range of positions. And third, the voiceover guy on the video sounds amazing, like he should be selling saddles and lassos to cowboys, not iPad accessories to soft-skinned cubicle-dwelling troglodytes (cublodytes) like us.

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Kanex Foldable iDevice Stand, Now Available Without The Keyboard

knex stand

One of my favorite parts of the Kanex Multi-Sync keyboard I reviewed in October. In fact, I said that “Kanex could sell it as a standalone product and do well.” And guess what? You can now buy it, in a pack of two, for just $18.

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$300 iPad Magnifier Stand For Folks As Dumb As They Are Short Sighted


Finally, the perfect gift for the myopic or sight-impaired person in your life! It’s called the U See Tablet Magnifier, and it’s a stand that turns your iPad into a giant, zoomable, battery-powered magnifying glass for short-sighted folks like me.

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Coburns, Pocket-Friendly Magnetic Hardwood Stands For Any iPad


Coburns might sound like some kind of hippie Portland-based cooperative for growing sideburns aka. “mutton chops” aka. “bugger grips,” but it’s anything but: Coburns are a pair of hardwood kickstands for the iPad, and they mix in two of my favorite ingredients: frikkin’ magnets, and felted wool.

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Slope Stand Offers Maximum Minimality For Your iPad


The Slope is similar to the MiStand I reviewed yesterday, only it goes long on style and short on utility. It’s essentially a bent piece of aluminum with sticky pads on each side, and it holds your iPad, hovering, above your desk.

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BungaJungle, A Magnetic iPad-Supporting Snake


With just hours left before the weekend, the Bungajungle is unlikely to be beaten for the week’s best-named gadget. It’s also a pretty fantastic-looking iPad stand, with enough flexibility (pun most definitely intended) to double up as a stand for your MacBook.

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Gumstick Is (Literally) The Most Flexible iPhone Stand Ever


Imagine that you had a stick of gum that could be bent into any shape. OK, that part was easy – all you had to do was imagine a normal stick of gum. Now imagine that that stick is weight-bearing, and that it would actually stay in the shape you gave it.

If you were doing it properly, then you just imagined the Gumstick, a rubbery, pose-able stick of gadget goodness.

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Plicopá Carboard iPad Case Unfolds Into A Sturdy Stand


The Plicopá is a cardboard iPad sleeve which unfolds and refolds into a sturdy tablet stand, ready to support your iPad for poking, or just to prop it up while you tap out words on an external keyboard. It looks to be pretty much ideal for travelers.

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Magnefix Shows Apple How Smart Cover Should Work


The Magnefix book case for the iPad mini solves two problems: first, it protects the edges and corners of the little iPad like the Smart Cover never can, and second, it converts into a stand that doesn’t suck – the opposite of the iPad Mini’s own Smart Cover.

And, as all future-looking gadgets do, it works with the help of frikkin’ magnets.


The case, which costs £36 (or $58) is made with an polypropylene core and a TPU outer, with a microfiber lining to keep the screen nice and clean. To turn it into a stand, you open it up, flip the cover round back and the magnets take over, snapping the cover into place to make a sturdy stand. Compare this to the Apple case which collapses like a house of cards the first time you tap the screen.

That said, I will remain a loyal user of the official cover as it does what I need (screen protection, sleep/wake) and weighs almost nothing. Plus, it’s a pretty great tool for killing mosquitos (when removed from the iPad of course).

The new Magnefix is available now.