Pitaka MagEZ Stand for Tablets, MagEZ Case and MagEZ Folio review

Pitaka magnetic iPad stand and cases work together brilliantly [Review]


Pitaka MagEZ Stand for Tablets, MagEZ Case and MagEZ Folio review
The MagEZ Stand for Tablets is the highlight of a collection of accessories designed to work together.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Pitaka MagEZ Stand for Tablets, the MagEZ Case, and the MagEZ Folio give your iPad Pro/Air what it needs to be used in the office or on the road. The stylish desktop stand includes a wireless iPhone charger. The ultraslim case magnetically attaches to the stand, or it can be used with the Apple Magic Keyboard, or combined with a folio case. And the folio case can be used on its own.

I tested these Pitaka accessories in combination and individually. Read on to see why I like them.

Pitaka MagEZ Stand for Tablets review

The design of the MagEZ Stand is a gorgeous combination of high tech and elegance. It doesn’t exude old-world charm, but suits the look of the iPad well. Especially if you get space gray tablet.

I also like that the stand puts the iPad at nearly eye level. This is a comfortable viewing angle for me. Exactly how far off the tabletop your tablet is depends on your device — my 12.9-inch iPad Pro is elevated about 5 inches in landscape mode.

But you can easily rotate the computer to portrait mode. And tilt it up or down to point the screen toward you.

There are two options for connecting an iPad to the MagEZ Stand. It comes with a 3.9 inch by 3.9 inch metal sticker you can place on the back of your tablet. This clings tightly to the stand and you can glue it to any tablet you want. Or to a lightweight case.

The other option is MagEZ Case… which is why I’m reviewing these together. The case has the necessary metal plate built into it. Just note at this point it’s only available for iPad Pro and iPad Air.

In my tests, the stand and case worked well together. I can tap on the screen and the iPad quivers only slightly. I can adjust the screen angle and orientation without the tablet coming loose. I trust the connection. And that’s with the heaviest iPad available, in a case.

Pitaka MagEZ Stand for Tablets looks like a work of art.
The MagEZ Stand for Tablets can hold up your iPad and charge your iPhone simultaneously.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Wireless charger

The base of the MagEZ Stand for Tablets is an inductive charger. Place your iPhone on here to juice it up. I love this design. I absolutely love it. Every stand ought to have a charger built into its base — I’m looking at you, iMac.

The inductive charger provides Apple devices with up to 7.5 watts of wireless power, or some Androids support up to 15W. In my tests with an iPhone 12, the battery level went up 19% in half an hour of charging. That’s typical for cable-free chargers.

The MagEZ Stand for Tablets has a USB-C slot concealed on its bottom edge to power the charging coil. And it comes with the necessary cable, but not a wall power adapter.

Pitaka MagEZ Case review

Pitaka MagEZ Case review
The Pitaka MagEZ Case is so slim it can fit inside Apple’s keyboard cases. And it looks good.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The MagEZ Case is ultra thin and lightweight — it weighs 3 ounces — but nevertheless provides a layer of protection for your iPad Pro or iPad Air. It covers the back, three edges and two corners, defending against scratches and bumps.

It’s made of black plastic, but the back has a diagonal pattern on it that I quite like. It’s slightly raised, making the tablet somewhat easier to hold on to. There are openings for the speakers, cameras, microphones, etc.

The MagEZ Case doesn’t wrap completely around all four sides of the tablet because it’s designed to be used along with the Apple Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard. The case has a pass-through port for the Smart Connector, and in my tests both keyboards worked fine with this case still attached.

Pitaka’s case is so slim you don’t have to remove it when you close either of Apple’s keyboard cases. There’s just enough extra room inside.

But there’s an exception: the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 is slightly thicker than its predecessor, but the new tablet still fits in the versions of Apple’s keyboard cases designed for the 2018/2020 iPad Pro. Barely. However, there’s not also room for the MagEZ Case. Be sure you’re using Apple’s keyboard cases designed for the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 if you want to use the Pitaka accessory too.

While we’re on the topic, there is one version of the Pitaka’s case for the 2018/2020 iPad Pro and another for the 2021 version because the newer one is thicker. It’s called the MagEZ Case 2.

The magnetic plate in the back of the the case holds it solidly to the MagEZ Stand for Tablets without an unsightly bump.

The product is currently available for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the 11-inch iPad Pro and the iPad Air 4.

Pitaka MagEZ Folio review

Pitaka MagEZ Folio review
The MagEZ Folio for iPad can be used alone or with the MagEZ Case.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The MagEZ Folio clings magnetically to the iPad Pro or iPad Air, and wraps around the front and back of the tablet. The front flap can fold up behind the computer to become a stand that holds the screen up at 110 degrees — 20 degrees past vertical.

It’s very thin and lightweight. Which is great for portability but it means the case provides minimal protection. It’ll keep your iPad from getting scratched but don’t expect more than that.

The folio is apparently covered in the same material as the Apple Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard. This means it matches nicely, but the material is a flat, dull black on both the Apple and Pitaka accessories.

The MagEZ Folio can go on right over the MagEZ Case. But, as slim and light as it is, the folio isn’t compatible with the MagEZ Stand for Tablets — you have to take off the wraparound case.

There are versions for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the 11-inch iPad Pro and the iPad Air 4.

Pitaka MagEZ Stand for Tablets, MagEZ Case and MagEZ Folio final thoughts

The MagEZ series works very well together. Put the MagEZ Case on your iPad Pro and it attaches easily to the MagEZ Stand for Tablets. Or wrap the MagEZ Folio around the case.

That said, any of these accessories is fine on its own. The stand looks outstanding (pun intended), and the built-in wireless phone charger is brilliant. Pitaka’s case adds some welcome protection, and the folio is super portable.


MagEZ Stand for Tablets costs $89.99. Pitaka is taking preorders now and these start shipping July 13.

The MagEZ Case is $69.99, no matter which version of it you get. But if you buy it with the stand it’s just an additional $54.

And the MagEZ Folio is $39.99 in whatever version you choose. It can be preordered now and is scheduled to launch in the first half of August.

Pitaka provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out other in-depth reviews of Apple-related items.


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