Best wireless charging pads for iPhone X and iPhone 8



Photo: Belkin

Apple’s new iPhone lineup finally supports wireless charging. It uses the Qi standard that’s been popular for years, which means there’s already an endless list of compatible charging pads, mats, and stands available.

So, which one should you buy? We’ve rounded up some of the best to make your buying decision that little bit easier.

We’ve picked wireless chargers that sit flat on your desk, mount to the dashboard of your car, stand your iPhone upright so it’s easier to see its display, and one that doubles as a lamp.

They’re all Qi-compatible which means they’re not just for iPhone — but almost any smartphone with wireless charging capabilities. And they will all work through lightweight cases.

Spigen Essential F303W

Spigen Essential
The Essential holds your iPhone upright in landscape or portrait.
Photo: Spigen

Spigen makes some of the best affordable accessories for any smartphone. If you want quality on a budget, there’s nowhere else to look.

Its Essential F303W wireless charging pad holds your iPhone in an elevated position so it’s easier to see notifications, and it boasts two charging coils that allow you to sit your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode. They also increase charging range, and charge your device faster than standard Qi charging pads.

Price: $23.99
Buy from: Amazon


Wireless charging that’s super-fast.
Photo: Belkin

For the fastest wireless charging possible, check out the Belkin BOOST UP, which boasts a 7.5W transmitter coil that’s perfect for iPhone X and iPhone 8. It has a non-slip surface that ensures your device won’t get knocked off easily, and thermal protection for your safety.

There’s also a built-in LED light that lets you know when it’s working properly, and like all good charging pads, it works just fine through lightweight cases. It also comes bundled with its own AC adapter that’s designed to provide plenty of power for fast-charging.

The only downside to the BOOST UP? It’s not available for shipping until late October — but don’t let that put you off.

Price: $59.99
Buy from: Amazon


More than just a wireless charger.
Photo: Ikea

The Ikea RIGGAD is a table lamp that has a wireless charging pad built into its base, which means it’s useful even when it’s not topping up your iPhone.

Winner of an iF Design award, it looks right at home in a modern home office setting, or even on your bedside table. It transmits power wirelessly at 5W, and has a USB port that lets you charge a second device simultaneously.

The lamp itself provides a direct light source that’s ideal for reading, and LED bulbs that consume up to 85 percent less energy and last up to 20 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Its arm and head are also adjustable so you can direct light right where you need it.

Price: $69.99
Buy from: Ikea

Samsung Fast Charge Stand

Samsung Fast Charge stand
Not just good for Galaxy devices.
Photo: Samsung

Yes, this is a Samsung product — but it’s also a terrific wireless charger. Like the Spigen Essential, it holds your iPhone in an upright position so you can see its display, and it has an LED indicator that lets you know when it’s working.

It also boasts a non-slip ring that keeps your iPhone secure, and a built-in fan that ensures the wireless charging coils remain cool while they’re at work. It’s also available in black, gold, silver, and white to match your shiny new iPhone.

Price: $25.19
Buy from: Amazon

Youstoo FC50

Youstoo FC50
The wireless charger that’s great on the road.
Photo: Youstoo

The Youstoo FC50 is a wireless charging car mount that keeps your iPhone topped up while you’re on the road.

It supports wireless charging at up to 10W for compatible devices, and plugs into a standard cigarette lighter or USB port. It can be fixed to your car using either the air vent mount, or a suction cup that grips onto your dash — and its head rotates 360 degrees so you can position your iPhone in landscape or portrait mode.

Price: $28.99
Buy from: Amazon

Apple AirPower

AirPower is the ultimate wireless charger for iPhone.
Photo: Apple

The ultimate charging pad for iPhone has to be the Apple AirPower, though you’ll have to wait until next year to get your hands on it.

AirPower is a beautifully designed and ultra-thin mat that can charge multiple devices simultaneously. You can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once — or any other device that’s compatible with the Qi standard. It also uses a Lightning cable, unlike any of the other options listed here, so it’s perfect for Apple fans.

We don’t yet know when exactly AirPower will be available, or how much it will cost. Apple says it’s launching in 2018, so if you don’t want to wait until then for wireless charging, we recommend picking up one of the more affordable devices above in the meantime.

Price: TBC
Buy from: Apple

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    Hi there! I have some issues when I’m charging my iPhone 8+, but with my 12W iPad charger. When it get 80% charged, it gets stucked there for a while. Last time I tried, it got stucked for 30 minutes on 80%. I had to reboot iPhone for get the battery percentage correct: 87%. I don’t know if it is a hardware or software issue.