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Large-screen iPhone 6 may get double the storage of its small-screen sibling

iPhone 6 - 04 cd

Possibly coming with a $100 premium, Apple is going to need some extra reasons to get users to stump up for a 5.5-inch iPhone 6, and according to a new report they may have found them.

While it’s been reported that the 4.7-inch iPhone will be arriving in both 32 GB and 64 GB variants, a rumor from the Chinese website Wei Feng suggests that Apple may introduce a 128 GB version of the phone in the 5.5-inch form factor only.

This would allow users to get the full “phablet” experience from their device, since it would provide plenty of storage space to save various documents and data. It would also blur the line between Apple’s iPad and iPhone models, since iPads currently allow for up to 128 GB of storage, whereas current generation iPhones only allow a maximum of 64 GB of in-built storage.

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Apple plans to ship 20 million ‘phablet’ iPhone 6 handsets this year

iPhone 6 production is ramping up

Apple kept its cards close to its chest about the forthcoming iPhone 6 at yesterday’s WWDC keynote (and why wouldn’t it?), but new information has arrived in the form of a report from China.

This information suggests that Apple has been able to solve the battery issues that reportedly plagued production of its expected 5.5-inch iPhone 6, and that the company is on course to ship 20 millions of these handsets in 2014 alone. The news states that Apple is partnering with the China-based Sunwoda Electronics to manufacture batteries for all of these devices — with each battery costing roughly $6.40. Apple’s regular battery supplier, Dynapack, will also help fill the order.

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iPhone 6 ‘phablet’ will enter the fastest-growing smartphone category


They’re big, they’re unwieldy, and they represent one-third of all handsets presently available worldwide.

According to new research undertaken by Canalys, around 34% of smartphones shipped worldwide have screens measuring upwards of five inches diagnoally. The rise in popularity of the so-called “phablet” (describing a smartphone with a screen between 5.0 and 6.9 inches) bodes very well for Apple, ahead of its eagerly anticipated 5.5-inch iPhone 6, which we fully expect to see arrive this September.

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Look At How Beautiful A 5.7-Inch iPhone Phablet Could Be [Video]


I like smartphones with big displays, which is why I’m a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note, so I’d certainly be in line for an iPhone “phablet” if Apple ever decided to release one. With rival smartphones getting bigger by the day, that seems like only a matter of time.

But how big could the iPhone go? A recent report claimed Apple has been considering iPhones with 4.7- and 5.7-inch displays, and the concept video below shows what the latter might look like.

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Reuters: Apple Considering Bigger iPhones With 4.7-Inch & 5.7-Inch Displays


While competing smartphone manufacturers are producing devices in a whole host of different sizes, Apple’s iPhone has had only two screen sizes in its six-year history. But according to four sources with knowledge of Apple’s plans, who have been speaking to Reuters, the Cupertino company is “considering” iPhones with 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch displays.

It is also said to be working on a cheaper iPhone that will come in a range of different colors.

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Tim Cook: Maybe We Will Make A Bigger iPhone, But Not Yet


Analysts have been trying to convince Apple for some time that it needs a range of iPhones to better compete with rivals like Samsung, but CEO Tim Cook doesn’t agree.

During his interview at D11 last night, Cook explained to Walt Mossberg that Apple doesn’t want to become “defocused” with multiple iPhone lines. He did suggest, however, that the Cupertino company may address different consumer needs in the future.

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Android Powers Almost 60% Of All Mobile Devices Sold, iOS Just 19.3%


Android doesn’t look like it’s about to lose any of its market share to competing platforms any time soon. During the first quarter of 2013, Google’s platform powered a whipping 59.9% of all smart mobile devices sold as total shipments hit 308.7 million units.

Apple’s iOS, on the other hand, was installed on just 19.3% of devices — despite the success of its iPhones and iPads.

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