Look At How Beautiful A 5.7-Inch iPhone Phablet Could Be [Video]


This concept design shows what an iPhone phablet might look like.
This concept design shows what an iPhone phablet might look like.

I like smartphones with big displays, which is why I’m a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note, so I’d certainly be in line for an iPhone “phablet” if Apple ever decided to release one. With rival smartphones getting bigger by the day, that seems like only a matter of time.

But how big could the iPhone go? A recent report claimed Apple has been considering iPhones with 4.7- and 5.7-inch displays, and the concept video below shows what the latter might look like.

The concept was created by gadget magazine T3, and essentially, its an iPhone 5 that’s been blown up to look like it has a 5.7-inch display. There are some slight differences — such as thinner bezels all the way around the display — but aside from that it’s almost identical.

T3 envisions the “iPhone 5.7” will offer a 1920×1080 Retina display with 386 pixels-per-inch, and a quad-core A7 processor. Here’s the video:

Isn’t it beautiful? Admittedly, a 5.7-inch display is a little too big — I think the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II is as big as smartphones should be. But it certainly looks good — particularly for gaming, watching movies, and browsing the web. Shame it’s just a concept.

Source: YouTube

  • Whodakat

    Hey, that iPad mini looks like an iPhone….

  • goodvillenews

    why 5.7? Why not 14″? Isn’t bigger better? :D

  • Bazza1

    I might consider a Note II sized iPhone for the next upgrade from my iPhone 4. There’s been no compelling reason for me to ‘upgrade’ to the iPhones Apple has produced since the 4, while more screen real estate might be what tips me over.

    That said, I’m also happily running a Nexus 7 (rather than a Mini) and if Apple isn’t interested in the phablet, the Note II shows there are those who are – and are succeeding.

  • Market_Mayhem

    Tim Cook has stated that the time is not right for large displays. The time will be right when Apple is ready. In the meantime, Apple’s share price will plunge to ever greater depths as the P/E ratio kisses 9.x.

  • Juiceboxsalinas

    Its beyond me why apple hasn’t done this already. When I use my sisters iPhone it feels like a toy, and I don’t feel comfortable typing with it. Make a 5″ + phone and you will sway many android users. It is crazy to want some degree of choice on our phone size rather than let apple tell us what is best for us? Also wacom compatibility would be nice but that might be a stretch.

  • CharilaosMulder

    1080p iPhone is a brick in the ass for developers, a fragmentation almost as bad as android. the resolution has to be 2272×1280 if anything. And if this happens, then samsung is going to make a 27″ phone just for the sake of being the idiots they are, and call it innovation and “the next big thing”.

  • stakwild

    Here’s a better idea: take a retina iPad mini screen and cut it in half.

    What do you get? A 5.7″ screen (coincidence?) with a resolution of 1536×1024.

    This would enable Apple to make economies of scale by using the same screen slabs as the upcoming retina iPad mini.

    But more importantly, by keeping the same DPI, encouraging devs to make use of Auto-layout APIs and discouraging the use of hard to scale textured header and navigation bars in iOS 7, it would make the transition much easier for devs and ensure a lot of compatible apps right at launch.

    And here’s what makes it even better : a 5.7″ Apple phablet would encourage devs to make a lot of apps that work in both 1024×1536 and 2048×1536 resolution, which would considerably facilitate split-screen multi-tasking on regular iPads on iOS 7…