iPhone 7 components only cost Apple $220


iPhone 7 back
iPhone 7's new iSight camera is better, but not the best.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The iPhone 7 features some of the most incredible tech found in a smartphone but the components only cost Apple about $220.

Including the basic manufacturing costs of $5, Apple’s total bill to manufacture the 32GB iPhone 7 reaches a total of $224.80, according to a teardown by IHS that found the device is $36.89 more expensive to produce than the iPhone 6s.

Animators try their hand at telling the Steve Jobs story


YouTube is a repository for animated features on the life of Steve Jobs.
YouTube is a repository for animated features on the life of Steve Jobs.
Photo: Adam Holownia,

Cult of Mac 2.0 bugWith all there is to marvel about Steve Jobs and the story of Apple, it’s easy to forget what Jobs meant to animation.

So it’s not surprising that several animators have sought to capture the near-mythological character of Jobs in animated shorts that can be found all over YouTube.

This photographer tested the iPhone 7 Plus before anyone else


iPhone 7 photos
The iPhone 7 Plus handled the tricky light of sunset over the U.S. Open stadium court.
Photo: Landon Nordeman/ESPN

Photographer Landon Nordeman generally knows what to expect when ESPN calls him to shoot an event. But for the recent U.S. Open tennis tournament, ESPN needed Nordeman to report to the courts in Flushing Meadows, NY without any of his cameras.

Once there, an ESPN photo editor discreetly placed in his hands a sleek new piece of gear that would not be available to a clamoring public for two weeks – the iPhone 7 Plus.

“I was excited once I learned it was the iPhone, but thought I would only get to use it for an hour and have to give it back,” Nordeman told Cult of Mac. “I had the phone and shot with it for four whole days. I loved it. I really loved it.”

iPhone owners get slapped with higher repair costs in U.K.


Some iPhone users in the UK are upset with Apple over sudden increases in repair costs.
Some iPhone users in the UK are upset with Apple over sudden increases in repair costs.
File Photo: Cult of Mac

Some iPhone users in the United Kingdom say Apple has suddenly hiked repair prices on older iPhones.

Replacing a cracked screen on an iPhone 6s rose significantly the day after Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 last week, according to unhappy customers quoted in the British press.

Why Apple is the new NASA


Apple Watch swimming app
Apple analyzed the performance of 700 swimmers to develop new Workout app routines.
Photo: Apple

Thirty minutes into Apple’s special event last week, one tidbit of information blew my mind.

Onstage, Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams was talking about the Workout app on the new “swim-proof” Apple Watch Series 2 and the effort the company put into advancing the software that makes the fitness device tick. The amount of research deployed, all in the pursuit of updating a segment of an app many Apple Watch wearers will never use, offers a peek into the enormous resources that Apple R&D commands.

It paints Apple, with its enduring emphasis on developing new materials, manufacturing processes and sophisticated software, as a scientific force to be reckoned with — a new NASA for the 21st century.