There’s Just No Getting Around Apple Buying Yahoo


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Apple should buy Yahoo.

This is neither a new idea, nor one acceptable to the Apple fan base. But since people briefly talked about it last year, it’s become an increasingly good idea — maybe a necessary one for Apple’s continued growth and success — and I’m going to tell you why.

Apple’s Missing Social Sites

When Google announced Android Wear, they did so on their own blogging platform, Blogger, and also on their own social network, Google+. The Google+ announcement happened in the place where the company can and will build a community around the product.

When Facebook announced the acquisition of Ocular VR, they announced it on Facebook, of course. And, naturally, future Oculus fans will engage on Facebook as the centerpiece for whatever Facebook does with the virtual reality platform.

When Apple wanted to create community around its iPhone 5c product line, it did so on its own social site where Apple and iPhone fans gather to exchange stories, information and ideas around their iPhone 5c fandom — post pictures, recommend apps and get to know each other over their shared passion.

Just kidding. Apple doesn’t have a social site.

Apple did it on Tumblr, which is owned by Yahoo.

Product announcements and marketing has moved away from press releases and toward social networks. But Apple doesn’t have one.

No Place For Selfies

The human race has become consumed in recent years by the need to use their smartphones to photograph everything in sight — especially their own duck-faced visages — and upload them to social media.

With the worlds top-selling handset, which happens to have one of the world’s best smartphone cameras and camera software, Apple is poised to be the best overall platform for selfies and other smartphone photos.

But no.

What do people do? They install the Instagram app, or upload straight to Facebook. Both these social sites ruin photographs with shitty filters, overly aggressive compression and awkward cropping.

All Apple’s efforts in creating a high-quality photo system are rendered useless.

Of course, the minority who post on Google+, which doesn’t compress photos, but does apply subtle changes to the pictures that improves them, would be nice. But Apple’s at war with Google.

If only there was a social photo sharing site where both professional photographers and knowledgeable and enthusiastic amateur photographers already gather and that already has millions of users existed — that would be a great place for Apple to send iPhone pictures by default.

Oh, wait. There is such a place: Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo.

Of Eyeballs and Data

Of course, Apple is relatively cautious about acquisitions, and tends to do so only when necessary. There are certain kinds of initiatives that just take too long or require expertise not easily hired.

One of the things that takes a long time is building up users on a social network. It took Facebook ten years, Twitter eight years and Google+ nearly three years to gain the users they’ve got.

If Apple is to have a significant social presence, they can’t start from scratch at this point. It’s too late for that.

The strategy of partnering with Twitter and Facebook isn’t ideal. Facebook is already talking about owning the platform of the future, which that companies believes is virtual reality. And Twitter is pretty much peaking out in terms of user growth, and is now desperately trying to become like Facebook in a strategy that is sure to backfire.

Apple has mostly burned its bridge to Google+ and, in any event, that network has become over-run by Android love and Apple hate that it’s a toxic culture for Apple to enter at this point. (As a Cult of Mac columnist who practically lives on Google+, I see this anti-Apple tendency every week.)

Bottom line: Apple needs eyeballs. And user data. And Yahoo has both. In fact, the only company that comes close to Google in the number of desktop eyeballs attracted each month is Yahoo, which until this week was the number-one attractor.

That’s vague, so let’s get specific. Google attracted 187 million unique visitors last month. Yahoo’s got 183 million. Runners up were Microsoft with 162 million and Facebook with 133 million.

Apple brought in nearly 64 million — significantly fewer people than AOL, Glam Media or The Weather Company.

But, wow, what could Apple accomplish with more traffic than Facebook?

It’s also worth pointing out that Apple is a laggard in the harvesting of user data. Which is great, if you’re a privacy enthusiast, which hardly anyone really is. What people really want is a better Siri, as well as a tiny number of ads that hawk exactly the products and services we really want. Both those desires can be satisfied only with user-data harvesting. And I Apple has demonstrated that we can trust the company with our personal data.

Why Buy Yahoo?

Acquiring Yahoo would bring Apple amazing attention and traffic, social sites Apple could control, high-quality destinations for the high-quality pictures and videos that Apple’s high-quality products enable people to generate, better social signals and the ability to make more money from fewer ads.

It’s also worth noting that Yahoo has been working for some time on the (time consuming) process of building a content-creation engine, having hired broadcasters, writers and editors from major mainstream media outlets, and has also been working on the poaching of YouTube stars for a possible upcoming alternative to YouTube. All this would be a nice and exclusive addition to Apple’s offering in the streaming TV space in an increasingly hot space.

I also think Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer would make a great addition to the executive staff at Apple. One reason for Apple’s slowness in embracing big data, social and content may be that nobody at the top of Apple is super experienced in those areas, as Mayer is.

Yahoo’s market cap is under $37 billion, which Apple could manage easily from cash on hand.

I think there’s no getting around the fact that acquiring Yahoo would fill in all of Apple’s gaps and place the company in a position to more easily continue the growth trajectory it’s enjoyed over the past five years.

Because at some point, Apple is going to run out of people willing to buy Apple’s high-margin phones, tablets, laptops and computers. And the best way forward for Apple as a business is to own more of the things people do with those products — and in doing so, dramatically improve the user experience.

But here’s the shocking thing, if you think about it. Buying Yahoo sounds at first like it would make Apple less like Apple. But in fact, it would make Apple more like Apple.

Apple’s core attributes are:

  1. Emphasize great user experience above all
  2. Assure great user experience by controlling as much of the stuff people do on Apple products as possible
  3. Drive growth by monetizing as many aspects of the user experience as possible.

Apple with Yahoo would serve these core attributes far more than Apple without Yahoo.

There is simply no getting around the clear benefits of Apple buying Yahoo.

  • parrotcam

    that doesnt make sense.. apple is a hardware company that shouldn’t jump the shark and enter the web business.

  • codeslubber

    So you have a company making tons of money selling products that in many categories (especially laptops) are unmatched, but they better buy this flailing failed company if they hope to have any future, because some day, everyone will already have a laptop.

    Got it. Thanks.

    • Guest

      No offense but can we stop saying that Yahoo is a failed company when it’s the most trafficked web property and is worth about $36 billion?

      • codeslubber

        Frankly you are right. I thought about that as I was posting it. Failure in the trajectory sense: meteoric rise, domination in category followed by a long bleeding out. It is true that Yahoo still garners more traffic than tons of other properties. Frankly, I kind of agree with the base sentiment in this article, was just laughing at the witless arguments advanced (in this obvious click bait).

      • SupaMac

        Mike Elgan’s headlines are always click bate

  • Bad idea. Apple makes hardware and thus buys hardware startups or the occasional “service” startup. It doesn’t need social sites.

    • PMB01

      Uhh….did you even read the article?

      • I believe so & as my initial post hinted, the arguments presented as to why Apple needs to buy Yahoo are quite slim if not non-existent.

      • PMB01

        That’s a resounding no.

    • cleesmith

      iTunes, iCloud, Siri, iTunes Radio…

      • All services that help sell hardware.

      • cleesmith

        NOW you’re getting it.

  • Eric Swinson

    From a business standpoint it introduces a messy cash sucking entity with drastically fluctuating revenue streams sell stuff Apple has long moved away from.

  • Jonathan Kircher

    “..which happens to have one of the world’s best smartphone cameras..”- I laughed so hard at this. Keep the jokes coming!

    • Jeff Maxwell

      A contention supported by numerous smartphone camera shoot outs. Feel free to do a search and see for yourself.

    • At

      The iPhones camera is fantastic, have you actually personally used it?

      • JohnDoey

        It’s not just the camera hardware that is fantastic. The camera software is also much better than on competing phones. I don’t just mean the app you use to access the camera — I’m talking about the software that sets white balance and so on.

        Also, iPhone is much thinner than many competing phones. The thinness is really challenging to the camera hardware.

  • William Donelson

    Yahoo as a company is Kiss of Death. It is congenitally unsound. It has management plague. Apple should run away from Yahoo like everyone else.

    • I agree. Unless it could get Yahoo for a fire sale price and pick and choose the properties that could do it good, kill the rest. Even then, I’d say skip it.

  • Jeff Maxwell

    It might be a good idea if Yahoo wasn’t already dead. Even Apple can’t save Yahoo now.

  • uniquename72

    “What do people do? They install the Instagram app, or upload straight to Facebook. Both these social sites ruin photographs with shitty filters, overly aggressive compression and awkward cropping.

    All Apple’s efforts in creating a high-quality photo system are rendered useless.”

    a) Apple has never attempted such an effort. The extent of their attempts at enabling photographers has been to target precisely the Instagram crowd.

    b) Flickr has languished, and has moved from THE place for serious photographers to an Instagram also-ran. They’ve abandoned what made them interesting, and replaced it with something much more Picasa-like. Real photographers have moved to Google+ (that’s pretty much ALL that great about G+).

    c) Apple’s problem isn’t just in social; it’s in every online presence they’ve ever attempted. They just don’t have the chops in that department. But neither does Yahoo. Even today the big news on Techmeme is about Yahoo trying to take on YouTube.

    The sad fact is that there is nothing Yahoo can do that Google can’t take from them, even on the rare occasions that Yahoo’s offering is better (Yahoo Finance, for example).

    • Guest

      “Real photographers have moved to Google+”

      Haha, no. Nobody has moved to that trashbin of a “social network”.

  • Guest

    What a completely ridiculous article and premise….

    You go on and on about how good it is that Google has Google+ to “announce” products completely neglecting the fact that NOBODY ACTUALLY USES IT.

    Why in the world would Apple buy Yahoo when they do two completely different things.

    Newsflash: Apple being a company that DOESN’T harvest and steal user data is a GOOD THING. Let that trash stay with Google.. Apple doesn’t need it.

    • Apple Ejaculator

      ^^^ Exactly.

    • fustian24

      No, you don’t understand. Google+ has “more selective appeal”!

    • codeslubber

      Yeah Google+ is stupider by the day…

  • Manny

    This is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Apple can accomplish what ever they want without having to blow billions saving yahoo.

  • aardman

    “What people really want is . . . a tiny number of ads that hawk exactly the products and services we really want.”

    Really? I don’t. I bet a lot of people who use iPhone are indifferent. And if you tell them that the price for finely targeted ads is surrendering your privacy and anonymity online, I bet a lot of people will say it’s not worth the price.

    “Because at some point, Apple is going to run out of people willing to buy Apple’s high-margin phones, tablets, laptops and computers.”

    That is pure conjecture that you are trying to pass off as fact to bolster your dubious recommendation. And a shoddy conjecture at that. Does anybody say this about Mercedes Benz? BMW? Louis Vuitton? And hundreds of other purveyors of high end products. But you decided that for Apple this is an inevitability. You seem to have subconsciously internalized the “Apple is Doomed” credo.

    This article is disappointing.

    • Guest

      You could tell the article would disappoint just by looking at the byline.

    • Edmund Charles

      ‘Yes’ Apple products bespeak ‘high quality’ this is a reason for the failure of he lower quality iPhone 5C plastic phone in comparison to the iPhone 5S. I pick up a samsung phone and they feel ‘cheap’ and ‘junky’ – just another piece of consumer plastic, my iPhone feels like a work of art- solid and pretty, like a high-end luxury automobile. I drive a modest car because I can afford it, however, if I were rick I would have a Ferrari or Bently- that is what money is for, to enjoy the finer things in life, money is useless when you are dead.

  • Windlasher

    I have a better idea. Screw Yahoo, Buy RIM and gain 20m new customers instantly as you develop new secure infrastructure and wean them off the Crackberry.

  • sanfordandsons

    Paleeeeze, no!

  • philnolan3d

    I sure hope this never happens.

  • josephsinger

    Yahoo is a train wreck. Everything they touch turns to chit. Their last major failure was their overhaul of yahoo mail. They decided to mess with groups too and that was a major clusterfk.

    • Guest

      Funny because the same thing could be said of Google, they way they’ve ruined Gmail, Search, and, now, Youtube with their Google+ nonsense.

      • josephsinger

        There’s truth to what you say, but at least in ordinary ways gmail is useable. Yahoo mail and Yahoo groups “neo” is just plain awful and I only use Y! mail for things that I absolutely have to. Yahoo mail is a train wreck (to be kind.)

    • MikeElgan

      And yet on average they get more eyeballs overall than Google does overall. You don’t think that’s worth something?

  • atimoshenko

    Why does Apple need “eyeballs” and “user data”? Certainly, neither would enable them to serve me better, as a customer. Advertising challenge right now is that it is trivially easy to find any information on any product at any time (making advertisements just one more drop of water in an information sea), not insufficiently accurate targeting.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Apple definitely needs a side business that doesn’t involve hardware and isn’t completely ruined by lowered profit margins. Apple could use some business expansion because the company is just too dependent upon iPhone sales. I don’t think Apple needs any more hardware products so search and cloud services would make some nice complementary businesses. Apple’s share price needs a shot in the arm and those tiny little acquisitions aren’t exciting anyone on Wall Street. Investors are extremely bored with Apple and are avoiding it like it was the plague. Buying Yahoo might wake up a dead stock.

    Apple might get a little revenue boost so maybe shareholders wouldn’t have to watch a falling share price every quarter. Yahoo has a healthy P/E of 28 and a 72% institutional ownership. Apple could definitely use some more investors. Over the last 52 weeks even Yahoo stock has outperformed Apple stock like almost every other tech company has outperformed Apple which is constantly a laggard stock.

    • VotersRights

      Apple has a business that isn’t hardware, it’s called iTunes, a magical money printing machine that is larger than most Fortune 500 companies all by itself. iTunes alone did over $20 billion in 2013 revenues taking 1/3rd cut of every movie, tv show, music, book, and app sold, with a very low overhead since they have virtually no production costs associated with anything they sell.

  • Rene Stein

    Mike Elgan is at it again! Another weekly post that is deliberately bad in order to gain page views for Cult of Mac. He is brilliant at this. There is no reason to point out why this is bad advice, everyone knows why it is and I bet dollars to doughnuts Elgan himself doesn’t believe it. His job is making money off of writing internet articles and in order to do that his internet articles have to generate page views. So he posts mildly controversial opinions or almost insane article in order to get a rile out of the Mac fans who read this site.

    • Apple Ejaculator

      I hope you’re right, but I suspect you’re being too generous about his writing skills! :-)

      • Rene Stein

        He writes for both Cult of Mac and Cult of Android. He can write two articles in the same week, one for each website, that completely contradict each other. He is good at what he does, which is hold any viewpoint that will get his articles page views.

  • mahadragon

    Apple’s strength is their great industrial design in both hardware, software, and services like music distribution. Their supply chain is the most efficient in the world and has allowed their retail stores to achieve more sales per square foot than any other in the world. I fail to see how Yahoo adds to any of their current areas of expertise or even remotely overlaps.

    The only thing you can do with eyeballs and user data is clever advertising and marketing and that’s Google’s core business. Just ask Microsoft how that war is going. The only way you can make a lot of money in Google’s market is to have a ton of eyeballs and user data and that’s something Yahoo has never had, doesn’t have now, and won’t have any time in the near future.

    • PMB01

      Did you not read the article? The point is that Yahoo DOESN’T add to current areas of expertise; it fills in gaps that Apple could use a better presence in.

      • Apple Ejaculator

        Oh it’s a terrible article. Completely naive and so badly written too. Arguing that Apple’s raison d’être should basically be more like Google’s and Facebook’s (strengths in social media) is not really saying anything. Apple sets the standard for focused hardware and services. They don’t need to ape anyone else. They don’t need to lose focus by acquiring a flabby Yahoo which hardly knows how to do anything well at all.

      • PMB01

        No idea what you’re talking about. No credibility until you learn to spell.

      • Apple Ejaculator

        Typos happen. Plenty of scholars you can check with. Very common. But bad writing and idiotic thinking is sustained by people like you. Are you the author of the article by any chance? You seem to be taking this all awfully personally. If you’re not, you’re an even tinier nit. Congratulations! I’ll send you a certificate. :-)

      • PMB01

        Ahh, the ramblings of an Internet asshole. Grow up.

      • Apple Ejaculator

        “Ahh, the ramblings of an Internet asshole. Grow up.” That’s the spirit, nit! Just keep talking into that mirror. Good job.

      • PMB01

        You’re just a special kind of asshole. How cute.

      • VotersRights

        Knock off the insults or you will be banned.

      • PMB01

        Said the anonymous person with no power. Piss off.

  • steveb9124

    The problem with this theory is that it ignores many years of failures by Yahoo. Does Apple want to leverage the entire reputation it’s built in the last ten years on a quasi-failing company like Yahoo??

  • Apple Ejaculator

    “It’s also worth pointing out that Apple is a laggard in the harvesting of user data. Which is great, if you’re a privacy enthusiast, which hardly anyone really is.”

    Astonishing. Where did they get this ‘writer’? It’s as if he has no capacity for serious critical thought at all. Go and read Orwell for some balance. Don’t be such a complete nit.

    • PMB01

      Where did you get that “comment”? It’s as if you’ve had no education at all. Go graduate middle school. Don’t be such a completely ignorant asshole.

      • Apple Ejaculator

        PMB01 > Apple Ejaculator • 8 hours ago
        “Where did you get that “comment”? It’s as if you’ve had no education at all. Go graduate middle school. Don’t be such a completely ignorant asshole.”

        The quote is from the article. What’s so complicated? Well, now we know who the article was for. :-)

      • PMB01

        Well that went over your head.

      • Apple Ejaculator

        Gibberish does.

      • PMB01

        I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was dealing with a third grader. Most adults know what satire is.

      • Apple Ejaculator

        So you’re a satirist? :-) If you say so. :-)

        EDIT: Just checked your Discus. I see you frequently leave ridiculous comments all over the internet to wind people up, posing as a Bible bashing lunatic, etc. If you *were* once again just being silly, you’re quite the mischief maker! If not, you’re just a complete d**k.

    • starkiteckt


    • codeslubber

      Orwell and Kafka, as great as they are, jumped out so far short of the target zone. OMG, 2014 with a liberal president in charge of ordering drone assassinations while US troops defend poppy fields, but people selling pot do life, it all makes Oceania seem like Hobbes’ loving Leviathan.

  • starkiteckt

    Utter nonsense. Apple does not need a social network.

  • AnthLC

    This is the worst idea I ever heard and a waste of Apples revenue. It like the idea when Newscorp took over MYSpace it did not work. I can see this idea as more Yahoo’s saviour then something Apple should do.

  • philips9179

    im not sure whether they have to take over yahoo, because it involves using the internet as a content provider, which is outside apples walled garden approach they use to guarantee quality. but i do think they have to address the weaknesses below for the internet of things though:

  • ericbrady

    Gee wiz the author sure makes a lot of assumptions out to be facts. Let’s not forget Microsoft once wanted to buy Yahoo too and didn’t. Every other point to make is too obvious… (Is there even one reader who has agreed with the story?)

  • stefanoleva

    Maybe there’s another way: just making up a deal and build up a true partnership with Apple that might invest some cash into Yahoo and integrate more tightly their services into iOS devices.

  • Rdzrdz

    Sorry you lost me at “I also think Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer would make a great addition to the executive staff at Apple” LOL my email hardly works any more. Used to now Yahoo has broken is many time over, crash central.

  • Jax Maxton

    Why is it that tech pundits always feel that Apple needs to do something more? Isn’t being one of the most successful companies and one of the greatest bran in the world enough? Apparently not for Mike Elgan. He believes they need to by an also-ran company to compete with Google. But why? Google isn’t really Apple’s competitor. “WHAT?!?” you say. Let’s all say it together: Apple is a hardware company, first and foremost. When they make software it is in service to the hardware. This is the one thing many refuse to understand about Apple. Everything they do is about improving their hardware experience. If buying Yahoo would improve the hardware, then it would make sense to buy Yahoo. But it wouldn’t improve the hardware. Instead, it mires Apple in a problematic company that is struggling to remain relevant. Where’s the benefit in that? Apple should continue to do what it has always done: create great hardware and not try and compete on software and services such as Google. The only true competitor Apple has at the moment is Samsung, and only in one product category: smart phones. Apple has no other true competitors in any other their other major categories. Neither Google nor Microsoft have been able to touch Apple in hardware, even with their (mostly) half-hearted tries.

  • Dan kamp

    More Mike Elgan tripe.

  • Sander Cortenraad

    I don’t think so. It seems like a very un-Apple thing to do. Apple’s never been a takeover artist, focussing on producing their own innovations and R&D (albeit with occasional influxes bij way of takeovers, such a Siri). But taking over Yahoo! would be a task of monumental proportions. Apple’s total workforce would swell by 12% overnight, which is a major headache for even a spectacularly well and tightly-managed company like Apple.

    Don’t forget that just because Yahoo’s market cap is $37 billion today, that that means you can get it for $37b. Takeovers usually involve paying a hefty premium to the existing shareholders to price in the value of future rises in in the stock or future dividend payments. To illustrate, Yahoo’s closing price on Friday was $35,90. If you’re just going to be offering shareholders the market price to take them over, why would the sell specifically to you and not some brokerage? Think more in the $50 bilion range if Apple were to launch a takeover bid on Monday and Cook & co. wanted it to have a chance at succeeding.

    And what would Apple get in return? Yahoo has a sprawling media & web empire to be sure, and they’re plenty of value there. But it’s prime money-making property (Yahoo search engine) is really only a major force in three big markets (US, Japan and Hong Kong). In most other major markets (Europe, China, Canada, Brazil, Australia, India, South Korea, etc.) Google tends to dominate the market, with a share well into the 90% range. In most countries Yahoo barely has a presence at all. In short, the search engine engine would be a nice thing to have, but it’s hardly a game changer. It doesn’t establish Apple-Yahoo as a global competitor to Google, and Bing is getting better (and more popular) all the time, posing an even bigger risk to future search-engine revenues.

    So yes, Flickr and Tumblr would be excellent properties to own, even for a company like Apple which doesn’t traditionally do those types of things. The Yahoo YouTube competitor is an interesting development, but let’s see the results first, before we starting singing ‘Hallelujah!’. They’ve got some other good services as well. YahooMail is still very popular. Other Yahoo products would have to be mothballed immediately since they already compete with Apple (like Yahoo Maps). But taken together all these things are hardly worth $50b of Apple cash.

    And the main point is that Yahoo isn’t a innovation hub. Flickr and Tumblr were acquisitions that Yahoo made at one point or another. Why buy a company who needs to spend a billion dollars here-or-there every once in a while to maintain levels of innovation? The YahooTube that they’re going to launch will be the first major test whether Yahoo can still generate their own innovative products, while their current attempts to make original online news-content seem doomed to irrelevance, and hardly play into Apple’s conception of being a global brand (practically no-one in Europe and elsewhere has even heard of Katie Couric).

    Finally, don’t forget that Yahoo’s latest spending spree has been largely financed from one source, namely the continuing divestment of their stake in the Chinese internet-behemoth Alibaba. They’re not massively cash-rich outside of that. Marissa Mayer has indeed looked like a genius over the last 2 years, but she’s also had billions of dollars in asset sales to work with. But that pile of cash doesn’t last forever, and we’ll see how well she’ll managed when she no longer has that huge influx of money.

  • JohnDoey

    Twitter is a better fit, and it is already integrated throughout Mac OS X and iOS. And Twitter just started doing an Instagram-like feature.

  • Edmund Charles

    Just because Google and Amazon get involved in every tangential business field does not mean that Apple needs to copycat them. Aside from GE, few firms have successfully been able to manage and market multiple lines of products. A company like a normal individual can only do a few things well, so why over-extend oneself, Apple has enough in trying to manage its hardware suite of items. Yahoo is still not demonstrated to be a ‘turn-around’ company, Yahoo under Mayer has had a good year in its stock price, however, it’s business revenue and population base still lag far behind Google and I do not see Mayer being able to demonstrate that she can successfully outdo their former employer.

  • jdurocher1973

    I don’t get this at all. Users are running away from Yahoo. Do a Twitter search for ‘yahoomail’ as an example. This article is all about what Apple needs, but doesn’t adequately explain how Yahoo delivers.

  • Dwight E Howell

    He missed the obvious. What percentage of Yahoo users are Apple fan boys and girls? To a degree they offer competing services. Apple is also famously run like a start up. They have a handful of decision makers and these people have trouble focusing on more than one thing at time thus the mac line has suffered from some neglect in recent years while they focused on the the iphone and tablets. Apple stock values are also based at least in part on very high markups on hardware. Yahoo doesn’t make anything like the return on the dollar that Apple does. I think both companies are worth more apart.

  • iRikal

    Apple’s first order of business is… as they repeat with each release, interview, tweet question, etc… is to build the best products they can. That is their first order of business and has been for decades. Only when they detracted from this did they lose market & followers.

    YHOO + AAPL is something that may come… however there is no denying the greater proximity between the 2 companies as of late in the way YHOO redevelops it’s platforms and apps. They certainly embraced the requirement changes AAPL has brought to apps under IOS7x. They are redesigning most of their content websites.

    I for one am using more YHOO services than I ever have, even in the early 2000 when YHOO was unavoidable.

    Is it possible, sure. Likely to happen in the near future… maybe. Unavoidable… no.

    Would it make a good union… only time would tell… but AAPL would need to leave the development of YHOO to people that know YHOO…

  • philips9179

    i completely disagree with this article because apple are a provider of content, and making content just doesn’t fit in with their business model. i think they should should aim for companies that make use of the internet and big data to make ‘the internet of things’ products e.g.: google: android-wear-will-rule-smartwatch

  • Charilaos Mulder

    *iCloud Photo Streams*

    And the whole desire for Flickr is solved.

  • Yahoo needs to be bought by somebody or just go out of business. They pretty much suck. Most of their news stories suck because there’s more opinion in them than actual fact.

  • codeslubber

    Wow you are following me now, you little hipster weasel. You must have just gotten back from having your cuticles pushed back and some manscaping done. Or maybe you were designing a fly new site for one of your clients. Here’s how much anyone cares: zero.

  • codeslubber

    Shouldn’t you be offering your world class design advice? like in that other thread where you said ‘stick to what you know best, Jonny’? I mean, while you are here, those people must be either making grave mistakes or waiting for your next instruction…. lol.

    • Montgomery Gabrys

      Fuck off troll.

  • mike077

    Absolutely right. This is a move that Apple must make. People are dying for an alternative to Google for search, too. Give Yahoo a bit of the Apple design sense and it would dominate quickly. Go for it Tim! (Marissa Mayer would be a good acquisition for Apple, too.)

    • BlueBoomPony

      Agree on the search. Google substituting words for my search terms is out of hand. I have to put every word in quotes now, and then I wind up half a page of hits for pretty common terms, or seven pages of shopping links.

  • phuul

    “Bottom line: Apple needs eyeballs. And user data. And Yahoo has both. In fact, the only company that comes close to Google in the number of desktop eyeballs attracted each month is Yahoo, which until this week was the number-one attractor.”

    This is what I really don’t get. Let’s start with the user data. Why would they need that? I mean they have people buying literally billions of dollars of downloads from them. They have the user data. In fact the point of contention with many companies is that they refuse to share that user data with third parties. It’s called privacy people. Is it a walled garden? Yes. But that wall is in place for more than keeping people in, it’s also for keeping people out.

    Now to the “eyeballs” bit. When everyone with an internet account can write specious rumors about Apple for page hits, how many more eyeballs do they really need? Seriously throw a rock at the tech industry web sites and you will probably hit at least two articles about Apple. This one is a case in point.

    If by “eyeballs” you mean people going to Apple for “the social” well it seems very clear that Apple is very happy to let everyone else be the medium for that. They are more than happy to sell you a device that lets you connect to the social medium of your choice. Is every medium integrated at this point? No. But how about we wait a couple of months and see what comes out of the WWDC shall we?

  • BlueBoomPony


    Mike Elgan, ladies and gentleman!

    Who once said Apple was scared by the Zune.

    Mike Elgan, who once said that Facebook’s OS skin thing was Apple’s doom. You know that thing Facebook came out with, like a skin, sort of. Remember? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Russ D

    Yahoo is a decrepit old company. There is not a lot of fresh talent or ideas coming out of the purple Y lately.

    It’s main claim to fame as of late is what, being the premier portal for fantasy football?
    Apple acquiring the ad sales division alone, or buying the company to break it up would make sense. But I could only see that happening if Yahoo ran aground again.

  • Jason Procter

    Either way, if they want buy it they better hurry or Alibaba or SoftBank will.