Apple to help Pentagon develop military wearables


Apple is helping develop stretchable electronics for the U.S. military.
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Cult of Mac

Apple is one of several companies and organizations teaming up with the Pentagon to develop high-tech wearables for the U.S. military.

The goal of the $171 million project? To develop stretchable electronics that can worn by soldiers, and eventually used for real-time monitoring of the structural integrity of ships and warplanes.

Sorry, 16GB iPhones will be around for at least one more year


16GB iPhones are hanging on for another twelve months at least.
Photo: Columbia Pictures

The iPhone 6s is set to be Apple’s biggest incremental “s” iPhone release of all time, but don’t expect the 16GB entry-level model to go anywhere.

A newly leaked photo appearing to show the next-gen iPhone’s user information sheet demonstrates that the 16GB base model will remain for at least one more year.

Check out the photo below:

Michael Fassbender: I don’t need to look like Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs
Fassbender doesn't think looking like Steve Jobs is particularly important.
Photo: Universal Pictures

One of the biggest criticisms of the upcoming Steve Jobs movie is that actor Michael Fassbender looks nothing like Jobs. In a new interview, Fassbender acknowledges the lack of resemblance, but says that making himself into a Steve lookalike was never part of the goal.

“We decided that I didn’t look anything like [Jobs], and that we weren’t going to try to make me look anything like him,” Fassbender says. “We just wanted to try to encapsulate the spirit and make our own thing of it.”

Apple Music exec leaves unexpectedly


Harsh terms, but probably not illegal.
The beat goes on, but one of Apple Music's key execs won't be part of it.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

In a surprising move, Apple Music senior director Ian Rogers has left Apple — just two months after the new streaming service was launched.

Rogers was key in shaping Apple’s online radio strategy, leading to the launch of Beats 1. Prior to joining Apple in August 2014, he worked as CEO at Beats Music.