Black Friday liveblog: Big savings on smart scales, secure USB drives, editing software, and more



Photo: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac


The deals just keep on coming, with a bunch of killer deals out there for now, Black Friday, and a few more for Cyber Monday. Check the deals out below, like that massive USB 3.0 drive for more than half off, that great smart scale (you might need it after this weekend), and more price slashing on Pixelmator, one of the best darn graphics programs out there.

We’re still combing through a ton of deals to find you the best ones on the things you want most this holiday season, all piping-hot and ready for your Thanksgiving week and the hotly-anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ll keep on finding the best deals out there on Apple products, hot electronics, and gifts for everyone on your list.

Check out the amazing deals we’ve found for you below.

Australians banks accused of freezing out Apple Pay


Apple defended the koala-ty of its Australian tax practices.
Australian banks aren't ready to hop on the Apple Pay bandwagon yet.
Photo: Cult of Mac / Picturesofmoney

Australia may recently have said “G’day” to Apple Pay, but when it comes it the country’s overall embrace of Apple’s NFC payment platform, well, let’s just say that a few more shrimps could be tossed on the proverbial barbie.

That’s because, despite now being available to Amex customers Down Under, Australia’s Reserve Bank is being pushed to examine anti-competitive behavior due to Australia’s major banks allegedly freezing out Apple Pay — and thereby denying choice to customers in terms of digital payments.

iPhone 7s may be the first iPhone to boast an OLED display


So pretty and such a beast, yeah!
OLED displays could come to the iPhone sooner than we thought.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple has reportedly confirmed to its supply chain that it plans to switch from LCD panels to OLED ones for iPhones released in 2017-2018. This potentially means that we might get an OLED Apple handset as early as the iPhone 7s — and not the iPhone 8 as previously thought.

Cupertino is said to be asking display makers in both Korea and Japan to start expanding their OLED manufacturing capabilities to fit its needs.

Jobs would’ve despised this BlackBerry-inspired iPhone concept


Steve Jobs
Yep, I somehow don't see this concept meeting with Steve's approval.
Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

The Apple-watching world just about blew a gasket when the Apple Pencil was first announced for the iPad, given Steve Jobs’ famous assessment that, “If you see a stylus, [Apple engineers] blew it!”

With that in mind, how would people react if the next iPhone went again Jobs’ wishes by taking a note out of BlackBerry’s playbook and included a physical keyboard as part of the handset? Not too well, we’re guessing, but you can make up your own mind about whether or not it would be a good thing or not by checking out the below concept video.

(Hint: it isn’t a good thing.)