Apple is world’s most valuable company again after Google tanks


Apple's back on top again.
Apple's back on top again.
Photo: Apple

Google is no longer the most valuable company in the world.

Earlier this week the search-giant’s parent company Alphabet overthrew Apple as the world’s top company in terms of marketcap, but it appears that the company’s reign is already after its stock price began trading way down this morning.

An exoskeleton named Phoenix removes cost as a barrier to walking


Steve Sanchez says the Phoenix is a breakthrough in exoskeleton comfort. “This is the first suit I’ve tried where I don’t feel like I am riding a robot," he said.
Photo: SuitX

Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni has created bionic machinery that can help a person rise out of a wheelchair and walk. Yet, there’s one barrier preventing some people from walking – cost.

This week, Kazerooni’s work takes an important step forward. His company, SuitX debuted a lightweight exoskeleton, dubbed Phoenix, for people with mobility disorders at an initial price of $40,000, about two to four times cheaper than other devices.

Microsoft is acquiring SwiftKey for rumored $250 million


Microsoft snaps up another hot app.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Microsoft is acquiring SwiftKey, London-based makers of the popular virtual keyboard for Android and iOS, in a deal rumored to be worth $250 million.

SwiftKey insists it will continue to develop its keyboard for both platforms going forward — and it will remain free.

Google wants its Nexus phones to be more like the iPhone



Google’s flagship Nexus 6P delivered significant design improvements last year, putting its hardware on par with the best devices from rival manufacturers. But Google wants the Nexus lineup to be even more like the iPhone.

To make that happen, the company will reduce its reliance on third-party manufacturing partners like Huawei and LG and assume greater control over Nexus hardware, according to one report.