Pokémon Go hits 100 million downloads, raking in $10m per day


Pokémon Go
Dollars? Gotta catch 'em all!
Photo: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Go just keeps on, well, going — with the latest figures from App Annie claiming that it has been installed upwards of 100 million times, and that the game is currently raking in more than $10 million per day.

It almost goes without saying, but these are some phenomenal numbers. It also shows little sign of slowing down, with 25 million of those 100 million downloads (across both iOS and Android) coming in the last part of July and the first day of August.

Interestingly, App Annie’s report suggest that Pokémon Go isn’t having a negative impact on other apps, either. “By now, it should be clear that Pokémon Go’s launch was a watershed moment for [augmented reality] and its success has not come at the expense of other mobile games or apps,” the report notes. “Instead, it has opened up new engagement and revenue opportunities for the entire app ecosystem by creating a model to close the online-to-offline (O2O) loop.”

While there was no doubting how popular Pokémon is, it’s certainly been astonishing to see just how quickly the Go phenomenon has become part of the pop culture consciousness. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to try the game, check out our handy tips page to get some pointers on how to go about catching ’em all!

Via: Engadget

  • Sky

    For all those developers out there who are spending big bucks to jump on the Augmented Reality train…I have some bad news for you.
    Aside from the first day or so when we took silly pictures of our Pokemon appearing randomly in silly places…literally everyone I know has turned the AR options off. It’s distracting, dizzying, and actually makes the game harder to play (if you turn the AR off, the Pokémon just sit quietly on a grassy field in one place instead of you having to turn your phone around like a madman just to find the damned thing, holding your phone at a weird angle and trying not to drop it). I was at a convention this weekend and at the Pokémon Go-themed fan panel, everyone in the large room put their hand up when asked if they had also turned the AR off, citing the reasons above, and also because waving your phone around in a public place makes people worried that you’re filming them.
    It’s the same thing that happens every time AR tries to get off the ground: it’s a fun novelty for a while, but pretty soon, most end up dropping it because it’s just not working. A hundred million people don’t give a damn about AR. They just wanted a Pokémon game on their phones (check message boards – we’ve been begging Nintendo for a game just like this for YEARS), and they finally have one.

  • CoyoteDen

    I don’t understand why people are spending money on IAPs in this game.

    Sure it’s a lot of fun to play, but if you’re in a place with so few Pokestops you need to spend real money on items, you’re not going to be doing much. Rural areas with few stops, few gyms, and few players just don’t spawn anything good. More populated areas have plenty of stops and gyms , which means plenty of items for free, and free coins if you train up gyms.

    With the in-game tracker broken, the only reliable way to find any Pokemon is to hang around lured stops. Yes, you can buy and use incense, but you have to be constantly moving at just the right speed to get the most from it.