Hollywood romance: 18 most iconic Apple cameos in cinema

Hollywood loves Apple almost as much as it loves itself.

The passionate affair burned for decades before Samsung came snapping celebrity selfies with Ellen at the Oscars and dishing out enough paid endorsements to finance the next Star Wars trilogy.

Apple plans to fight back with its own buzz marketer in New York to keep its products in the hands of the elite and glamorous. But Cupertino has never had a problem getting its products on the big screen and into the coolest TV shows — even though Apple swears it doesn’t pay a dime for product placements. Here are 18 of the most iconic Apple cameos to hit the screen.

  • Javier Alberto 

    Les falto la de Jurassic Park

  • kennywyland

    ONE of these might be considered an iconic placement (Elle with the orange Macbook). The rest are passing placements which took no part in the scene or are in barely memorable movies. The Mac in the scene in Legally Blonde is a crucial element to the scene and the point of it is she AND her laptop stands apart from everyone and everything else in the room.

    • dorkus_maximus

      The role of the Mac in Independence Day was pretty big, I’d say. It would’ve been hard to upload a virus to an alien ship if the computer one was using was itself prone to virus infection.

  • Stephen Pampell

    You do realize that Francis Underwood uses a Blackberry almost exclusively right? He has a Mac on his desk but you always see him with a Blackberry in his hand. This is also true for his chief of staff Doug Stamper. Claire and the late Zoe Barnes as you say both use iPhones, however.

  • dabr

    they forgot the best one IMO … Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home… one hour into the film, “Professor” Scotty shows the manufacturer the formula for transparent aluminum on a Apple Macintosh Plus. One of my favorite movie quotes “Keyboard, how quaint.”

  • Cleversou

    You forgot “Blank Check” who’s the name of the main character is Mr. Macintosh because the Mac that the kid had…

  • Ray Cheshire

    The Net…Sandra Bullock’s house is full of Apple kit.

    • JeffyTheQuick

      I especially loved the part at the end where she puts in a fake TCP/IP address…

      something like


  • richarddas

    What about Mission: Impossible in 1996? That was one of the earliest films to feature both heavy Apple product placement and a dedicated Apple-backed $5M marketing campaign. They built an online game (in 1996!!) using QuickTimeVR, hosted at mission.apple.com, and ran tv spots (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpxBFt_96oo) for the 540c — although it was the 5300c that was featured most prominently on screen. These were the first Apple computers using PowerPC’s RISC based architecture, a detail even name checked in the script when actor Ving Rhames’ character asks for the latest technology to complete their heist.

  • Amita D. Amladi

    You also forgot the episode of Gilmore Girls in Season 1 (I think) where Lorelai gets Rory a turquoise Mac (can’t remember if it was a MacBook or iMac) for her birthday…………

  • lucascott

    Modern Family ep about the launch of the iPad. The original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Carrie Bradshaw as the first girl with a clam shell. The Net. Independence Day

    Way more ‘iconic’ than most of this slideshow which is just folks using a computer, could have been any computer

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