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Emancipation looks the horrors of slavery dead in the eye [Apple TV+ review] ★★★★☆


Emancipation review: This action-packed look at the brutality of slavery should make you forget The Slap.★★★★☆
Emancipation is an action-packed look at the brutality of slavery that should make you forget The Slap.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewBased on a true story about a slave’s quest for freedom during the Civil War, Apple TV+’s oddly positioned Oscar contender Emancipation pairs action with an unflinching look at slavery’s brutality.

It stars Will Smith, whose bizarre post-Slap apology tour makes for strange bedfellows with Emancipation’s stark subject matter and the film’s action-oriented director, Antoine Fuqua. But this cautiously made movie is probably the best possible film this team could have produced. And indeed, it’s quite a bit better than an Oscar-ready slavery drama made in today’s Hollywood has any right to be.

Will Smith hopes Emancipation won’t be snubbed despite his ‘horrific decision’


Will Smith hopes 'Emancipation' won't be snubbed despite his 'horrific decision'
Will Smith told Trevor Noah on The Daily Show "I lost it."
Photo: Matt Wilson/Comedy Central

Emancipation has a problem: the upcoming Apple TV+ docudrama stars Will Smith who was at the center of one of the year’s biggest Hollywood scandals, “The Slap.”

In an interview on The Daily Show, Smith said he regrets that his action at the 2022 Oscar ceremony is distracting from the work that others put into the film, especially director Antoine Fuqua.

Emancipation trailer shows Will Smith’s epic struggle for freedom


'Emancipation' trailer shows Will Smith’s epic struggle for freedom
Will Smith and Ben Foster star in Emancipation, coming to Apple TV+ in December.
Photo: Apple TV+

Emancipation starring Will Smith portrays one man’s fight through unthinkable terrors to reunite with his family. It is based on the real-life story of Peter, whose saga of escaping slavery made headlines around the world in 1863.

A trailer for the upcoming Apple TV+ film premiered Wednesday revealing top-quality acting and cinematography.

Will Smith’s Emancipation comes in December


Will Smith's 'Emancipation' comes in December
Will Smith stars in Emancipation, coming to theaters and Apple TV+ in December.
Screenshot: Apple TV+

Still remember why you’re mad at Will Smith? Apple TV+ hopes you’ve forgotten about the “The Slap” by December because that’s when Emancipation staring Smith will reach theaters and the streaming service.

The historical drama is based on the real-life story of a man named Peter, whose saga of escaping slavery made headlines around the world in 1863. A just-released teaser trailer gives a first look.

Will Smith’s Emancipation won’t premiere on Apple TV+ before 2023


Will Smith
Will Smith's personal problems struck a blow to his upcoming Apple TV+ film Emancipation.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple has reportedly decided to push back the premiere of Emancipation. Insider sources that leaked the change did not say the delay of the historical drama staring Will Smith was the result of “The Slap,” but Smith’s shocking outburst at this year’s Academy Awards show almost certainly had to be a factor.

Emancipation is based on the real-life story of a man named Peter, whose saga of escaping slavery made headlines around the world in 1863.

Apple TV+ pulls out of bidding war for Will Smith biopic after Oscars slap


Apple TV+ drops its bid.
Apple TV+ drops its bid.
Photo: Apple TV+

Both Apple TV+ and Netflix pulled out of a bidding war over a movie about Will Smith’s life amid controversy following the actor slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars.

In addition, Apple TV+ owns a $120 million film starring Smith entitled Emancipation. Already shot and being readied for release in time for next Oscars season, the movie could become a problem for Apple TV+.

‘The Slap’ shows why Apple should shake up its events


Will Smith slaps Chris Rock:
"The Slap" won the Oscars.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony shows why Apple should go back to doing live events.

No, not because we need to see deranged audience members assaulting Apple execs onstage. However, the mere possibility that something can go seriously sideways gives live events an undeniable advantage over the type of canned productions Apple began cranking out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m sure this goes against Cupertino’s deeply ingrained cultural bias toward controlling absolutely everything within its power. But if Apple doesn’t get back to putting on live events, its product launches will drift deeper into the uncanny territory of the overproduced infomercial. That’s boring — and it’s bad for both Apple and Apple fans.

Will Smith will be Oprah’s next guest on Apple TV+


Will Smith sits down with Oprah for Apple TV+
Watch it tomorrow, November 5.
Photo: Apple

Apple on Friday confirmed that award-winning actor, rapper and producer Will Smith will be the next guest on The Oprah Conversation. The episode is scheduled to premiere on Friday, November 5 on Apple TV+.

Apple says the conversation will focus on Smith’s memoirs, deepest insecurities, biggest life lessons, and navigating a complex marriage that has become increasingly public in recent months.

Will Smith action film about escaping slavery heads for Apple TV+


‘Emancipation’ is coming to theaters and Apple TV+.
The man in this picture made headlines in 1863. His life is being made into Emancipation on Apple TV+.
Photo: Library of Congress

The real-life story of Peter, whose saga of escaping slavery made headlines around the world in 1863, is being made into Emancipation, a film starring Will Smith and directed by Antoine Fuqua. Apple TV+ reportedly bought the worldwide rights for more than $120 million.

Deadline, which broke the news, called it the “largest film festival acquisition deal in film history.”

Apple drops new trailer for Dads documentary headed to Apple TV+


Dads documentary for Apple TV+
Streaming from June 19.
Photo: Apple

Apple on Friday dropped its first trailer for Dads, a new documentary headed to Apple TV+ ahead of Father’s Day.

Described as a “joyful exploration of contemporary fatherhood,” the film features the likes of Will Smith, Judd Apatow, and Conan O’Brien. It promises rare home-movie footage, hilarious anecdotes, and more.