Skype For iOS Update Brings The Ability To Send & Receive Photos, Visual Improvements, Bug Fixes


It's about time!
It's about time!

Skype has updated its official iOS app today, finally introducing the ability to send and receive photographs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The update also brings visual improvements across the app, fixes bugs affecting Bluetooth, and more.

Version 4.1 of Skype for iOS has one headline feature: the ability to send images of any size to friends and family members “without reaching email size limits or paying expensive MMS charges.” I’ve always wondered why this feature wasn’t there from day one, but it’s better late than never.

Skype details other improvements in the update’s release notes:

Send and receive photos
Updated privacy setting
Fixed bug related to Bluetooth and calls
Minor visual improvements across the app
Other minor bug fixes

In addition to these things, Skype reports on its blog that the update also improves the overall performance of the app, making it less battery hungry when it’s running in the background, and making your contact list load even faster.

Source: App Store

Via: Skype Blog


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  • matrix3D

    I just updated it on my phone and it keeps asking me to “Accept” or “Decline” something when I first sign in. It says “Skype contacts are stored securely on Skype’s network, so you can access them from all your devices.” If I tap on “Decline” it appears to just log me back out. After the recent stories of apps hijacking your contacts and uploading them to their own servers, I’m wary about accepting this. Does anybody know if it means JUST your Skype contacts will be stored on their servers or does it mean ALL of your contacts will be stored on their servers?

  • dcj001

    The message says “Skype contacts are stored securely on Skype’s network, so you can access them from all your devices.”

    It sounds like it is only “Skype contacts.” So I accepted, and I look forward to using iOS Skype.

  • wptrain

    The very fact that they do not make this clear is misleading. Maybe it is just your Skype contacts. I guess that would be fine.

    Would like to see a follow up here on this topic. Or perhaps an article on security on a Mac?