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Why you’re probably spending too much on cellular data


iPhone 12 Pro parts cost shockingly little
You might be wasting money on your unlimited data plan.
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Most Americans pay for more cellular data than they need or ever use, according to a recent study. Dropping to a plan that offers less data would benefit 72% of subscribers for an obvious reason: These plans are more affordable.

In short, unlimited data plans usually aren’t a good value.

T-Mobile gives customers free MLS Season Pass via Apple TV app


If you're an Apple TV+ subscriber and a T-Mobile customer, this deal saves you $79 ($99 for people not already signed up for Apple TV+).
If you're an Apple TV+ subscriber and a T-Mobile customer, this deal saves you $79 ($99 for people not already signed up for Apple TV+).
Photo: Apple

Cellular carrier T-Mobile said Tuesday it’s offering MLS Season Pass for free to every customer this soccer season. The pass is available by subscription via the Apple TV app on millions of devices, with many matches available on Apple TV+.

So if you’re a T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile customer, MLS Season Pass — the only way to watch all of the league’s live soccer matches this season — comes free when you sign up for it. See details below.

T-Mobile wants you to charge your gadgets with a hot-purple suitcase


T-Mobile turns November 3 into April Fools Day with a hot-purple suitcase-charger.
T-Mobile turns November 3 into April Fools Day with a hot-purple suitcase-charger.
Photo: T-Mobile

We had to check the calendar to see if it was April 1 when T-Mobile’s press release showed up. “Introducing the Un-carrier On from T-Mobile – the Smartest, Flyest Carry-On Ever,” it said, pushing a new carry-on bag the cellular carrier said is the only one on the market with wireless charging.

The suitcase, produced in partnership with Samsara Luggage, is awkwardly named the “Un-carrier On” and comes in one color: magenta. A big part of T-Mobile’s brand, that color is also the name of one of its membership plans.

T-Mobile adds free Apple TV+ to its unlimited 5G plan


T-Mobile Magenta Max is all the 5G you can eat.
Magenta Max offers unlimited 5G, and Apple TV+ too.
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T-Mobile is including Apple TV+ for free in its Magenta Max unlimited wireless data plan. Subscribers will have access to Apple’s streaming service along with the carrier’s 5G network without data caps.

Magenta Max already includes other streaming services, including Netflix.

T-Mobile and SpaceX want to connect your iPhone to satellites to end network dead zones


T-Mobile and SpaceX Coverage Above and Beyond
T-Mobile and SpaceX want to connect your existing phone to satellites.
Photo: T-Mobile

You won’t need an iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 for satellite connectivity. SpaceX and T-Mobile have announced their plan to bring cell connectivity everywhere in the US using satellites.

The service won’t require your phone to have satellite connectivity or any special chip. The Un-carrier says it will work with the “vast majority” of phones already on its network.

T-Mobile beats the competition in 5G speeds


T-Mobile 5G service
Put your iPhone on T-Mobile for the fastest average speeds,
Photo: T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the clear winner in a cross-country study of cellular data by PCMag. For the second year in a row, rivals Verizon and AT&T can not come close to providing the same average download or upload speeds.

PCMag summed its results up with, “T-Mobile isn’t just America’s fastest network, it’s also the best.”

Don’t fall for these clever April Fools’ Day jokes


Don’t fall for these clever April Fools’ Day jokes
You’d surely run out to spend $500 on the tvTV for Apple TV if it weren’t April Fools’ Day.
Photo: Twelve South

Many companies just can’t resist April Fools’ Day jokes. Some people find these exasperating, but others enjoy the lighthearted humor. This year, we got a ridiculous new Apple TV accessory, what’s perhaps the most tasteless way to wear an AirTag, and more.

Read on for our favorite gags to celebrate this unusual holiday.

European carriers team up to block iCloud Private Relay on iPhone and iPad


iCloud Private Relay
The feature undermines "European digital sovereignty," they say.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

European are joining forces in a bid to block iCloud Private Relay — a feature Apple introduced in iOS and iPadOS 15 to bolster its privacy protections. It seems some have already begun disabling it on cellular plans.

A group, which include Vodafone and T-Mobile, has signed an open letter that says Private Relay prevents them from obtaining “vital network data,” and will impact their ability to “efficiently manage telecommunication networks.”

T-Mobile and Verizon scrap frustrating, unreliable iPad rebate program


iPad mini in hand, held up to the sky
You could get up to $200 back.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

T-Mobile and Verizon have discontinued the iPad rebate program which offered customers up to $200 back when they activated a cellular device. The move comes after growing complaints about the program’s reliability.

Many users who tried taking advantage of the promotion were met with frustrating responses and poor customer service from both carriers, which reportedly denied the rebate program ever existed on a number of occasions.

T-Mobile denies $100 Apple Watch rebate promised by Apple


Apple Watch Series 7 T-Mobile rebate
Some customers have redeemed the rebate successfully.
Image: Apple

T-Mobile customers are reportedly being denied a $100 rebate on Apple Watch Series 7 that was promised by Apple at the time of purchase.

As of Thursday morning, Apple’s website still advertises the promotion — which is supposedly available between October 8 and December 31. But some customers who have tried to redeem their cash say they’ve been unsuccessful.