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This DIY robot dog is a fun way to teach kids to code


Teach your child to love learning with this STEM toy.
This STEM toy can help your child get excited about learning.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Want a fun STEM toy that will teach a child to build robots and write code? This palm-size DIY robotic dog is just the thing. Like a palm-size version of Boston Dynamics’ creepy robotic creations, Petoi’s robot dog Bittle can walk, run, climb and perform any trick a kid can code or download.

It’s a perfect project to get your favorite youngling interested in coding and robotics. And right now, the Bittle robot dog kit is on sale for just $299 (regularly $329).

Robotics startup that graced the stage at WWDC closes


These tiny robot cars once looked like the future of gaming.
Screenshot: Apple

Robotics startup Anki, which graced the stage at WWDC in 2013, has closed up shop. The company previously raised more than $200 million in funding, but it had seemingly burned through the money.

Anki revealed this week that it will lay off its entire staff of almost 200 people. The startup previously enjoyed acquisition interest from the likes of Microsoft, Amazon and Comcast.

Upgrade your car with a fighter jet-style HUD and more [Week’s Best Deals]


Get the tools and the knowledge you need to build anything you can imagine with Arduino.
Get the tools and the knowledge you need to build anything you can imagine with Arduino.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The Cult of Mac store added a raft of awesome new gear, gadgets and apps this week. And below we’ve gathered some of the very best of the bunch for your weekend shopping pleasure.

We’ve got a bundle of Arduino tools and lessons, a powerful app for turning Apple Mail into a productivity platform, a full terabyte of cloud storage, and a fighter-jet-style head-up display for your car. Most of them are discounted by more than 80 percent. Read on for details!

Apple hires Google X Lab co-founder to work on health projects


Apple's latest hire specialized at building robotic hands.
Apple's latest hire specialized at building robotic hands.
Photo: University of Washington/Flickr

Apple has added yet another wicked smart talent to its ranks recently by hiring famed robotics expert Yoky Matsuoka.

Yoky was working as the head of technology at Nest before joining Apple. She was also one of the co-founders of Google’s X Lab and is a MacArthur genius award winner.

Neato’s new vacuum robot will turn you into a neat freak [Review]


Botvac Connected is the world's most thorough cleaning bot.
Botvac Connected is the world's most thorough cleaning bot.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

My dog has a new archenemy, and its name is Botvac. 

Neato’s tiny automated robotic vacuum stirs my dog into a fit of worried anger every afternoon I send it out for a round of sweeping and vacuuming. It’s so magical my dog doesn’t trust it. 

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. Mostly because I’m too lazy to be bothered with tasks like vacuuming.

Pediatric exoskeleton proposal wins top robotics prize


The Phoenix weighs just 27 pounds.
Photo: SuitX

SuitX, a company driven to lower the cost on bionic technology to help people walk, won a prestigious robotics competition that will help it fund a pediatric exoskeleton for children with neurological disorders.

Last week started with SuitX debuting an exoskeleton for $40,000 and ended Saturday with a $1 million prize in the United Arab Emirates AI and Robotics Award for Good.

Robot butler rolls out to begin life of thankless drudgery


Botlr hotel robot Aloft

Photo: Aloft

Guests of the boutique Aloft Silicon Valley hotel might be a little surprised to see its newest employee.

It might be his height or his odd way of moving around, or it might be the basket of towels where its head should be. But mostly, it’s going to be weird because the new guy is a robot, and that’s just inherently strange at this point in history.

The Man Behind Android Is Now Building Robots For Google



Earlier this year, the leader and visionary behind Android, Andy Rubin -—the man Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once called an “arrogant f***” — stepped down as head of Google’s mobile OS. What’s he been doing since?

Well, if there’s any accuracy to claims Rubin ripped off Apple to make Android, then this time, it looks like Rubin intends to steal inspiration from Skynet. Rubin’s latest project for Google? Frickin’ robots.

Siri Will Now Laugh At Her Own Crappy Jokes [Image]




Siri’s got a ton of talents. She’s an amateur movie critic. She knows all about robotics. Plus, she’s pretty decent at her main job as a personal assistant.

Siri’s never been a great comedian, and whoever was put in charge of making Siri more witty and conversational  is just making her look more dorky. Now whenever you ask Siri to tell you a joke, she replies with, “Get Siri-ous. Ha ha!” The joke is bad enough, but the little “Ha ha!” at the end makes Siri sound like some high school nerd at open mic night. Hopefully Tim Cook and the gang will teach Siri some better jokes before WWDC 2013.


Source: Reddit