Google takes on Apple with Pixel 3, Pixel Slate and Home Hub


The new Made by Google products.
The new Made by Google products.
Photo: Google

Google unleashed its latest wave of hardware designed to take on Apple and Amazon by combining its powerful software with custom-designed hardware. And it actually looks pretty good.

Three new products were unveiled at Google’s event in New York City this morning: the Pixel 3, Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub. All three pack some interesting new features that some of Apple’s own products can’t match. But there are also glaring weaknesses in the new Google products. Like the horrifically huge notch on the Pixel 3 to start with.

Take a closer look at all the new products:

Notch? What notch? Apple finds way to hide controversial iPhone ‘feature’


iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
It's not easy to see the iPhone XS notch in most of the official images of the device, but it's there.
Photo: Apple

The default wallpaper for the new iPhone XS models is undoubtedly beautiful. But that’s clearly not why Apple chose it. It can’t be a coincidence that the black region of the image is perfectly placed to hide the screen cutout.

Apple isn’t denying the existence of the notch in the two most expensive of the 2018 iPhones, but it’s certainly trying to de-emphasize it.

LCD display and software issues are behind iPhone XR’s delay


The new iPhones go on sale tomorrow. Are you ready?
iPhone XR fans will have to wait until next month to get their new handsets.
Photo: Apple

The reason why Apple’s lowest cost new iPhone, the iPhone XR, isn’t shipping for another month is due to challenges relating to both software and the device’s LCD display, a new report claims.

According to Ryan Reith, IDC’s vice president of research on mobile device, Apple has been struggling to secure enough of its completed LCD displays. In addition, it has had to make software-related changes to improve the visuals for its so-called “Liquid Retina” display.

You’ll be surprised by what fans really want from the next iPhone


What’s on your wish list for a future iPhone?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

What do you want from Apple’s next iPhone? A faster processor? A better camera? A truly edge-to-edge screen without the controversial notch?

All of these things would make for nice improvements, but they’re not what most fans are asking for from their next iPhone. Better battery life is actually what tops the wish list in a survey of 1,665 Americans.

Sorry, Android. You can’t have more than two notches


Apple Watch
The iPhone X screen cutout could be renamed the Android notch because so many devices running Google's OS are including one. Enough that new rules prevent overuse.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The “notch” in the iPhone X drew heavy criticism when this device was first announced, but makers of Android phones have been quick to embrace it. So quick that Google felt compelled to step in and limit the number of screen cutouts allowed.

Phone designers were apparently going overboard if Google had prevent them from putting in three or more.

Oppo shows Apple how to eliminate iPhone’s notch with style


Oppo Find X
The Oppo Find X doesn’t need a notch.
Photo: The Verge

Love it or hate it, the iPhone X’s notch is a necessity for now. Or is it?

Some smartphone manufacturers are already using new design methods to deliver truly edge-to-edge displays. Chinese manufacturer Oppo today revealed its new Find X, which shows Apple how it could eliminate the notch in style.

iPhone SE 2 will sport a much smaller notch than iPhone X


Watch a iPhone SE 2 TV ad
This iPhone SE 2 leak casts doubt over Face ID.
Screencap: Creative Concepts

Yet another iPhone SE 2 leak has surfaced ahead of its official unveiling.

A screen protector built for the budget handset corroborates rumors that it will sport an edge-to-edge display with a notch — just like iPhone X. However, that notch won’t be anywhere near as large as it is on Apple’s flagship smartphone.