How to stop reading the news on Twitter or Facebook


News readers gather all the latest stories from your favorite sites in one place.
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How do you read the news? If you do it on Twitter, you’ll be used to missing things as they fly past on your ever-updating timeline. If you read the news on Facebook, you’re being fed articles picked according to Facebook’s own agendas. And if you read the news on regular websites, you spend forever visiting sites just to see if there’s been an update.

If only there was a better way. If only you could open an app and see, at a glance, all the new stories from your favorite websites. Wouldn’t that be something?

The good news is, there are many apps, and many services, that exist to bring you the updates to your favorite sites. They work like Google Reader used to — only way better.

Amazing concept video shows why you’d love a folding iPad


Forget a folding iPhone. The iPad U is a proposed folding iPad.
Forget a folding iPhone. The iPad U is a proposed folding iPad.
Photo: Dongjae "Krystofer" Kim

Folding phones are getting lots of attention, but flexible screens can benefit tablets as well. A new concept video proposes a full-size iPad that can expand into a display larger than all but the biggest laptops.

Watch the video now:

Nobody wants a folding phone anyway. But folding iPads? [Opinion]


Folding iPhone 2
Is that a folding iPhone? Or a folding iPad?
Photo: Foldable News

At this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, phone-makers are demonstrating their folding phones. These range from the laughable (Samsung) to the desirable (Huawei), but none of them is really plausible. Why? Because nobody is going to buy a folding phone. Not now, and not in the future. At best they will be a niche product, like ruggedized laptops are now, for example.

No. The folding phone will probably never happen. But what about foldable tablets?

Take control of your Apple Pencil 2


Like everything else, the new Apple Pencil is better.
Like everything else, the new Apple Pencil is better.
Photo: Andrea Nepori

The Apple Pencil 2 is way better than version 1.0. It’s always charged. It’s always there on the side of your iPad, ready to use. And now that it supports tap gestures, it’s also a lot more powerful. But it doesn’t stop there.

Check out these excellent Apple Pencil 2 tips and tricks to take your Apple stylus usage to the next level.

How to send GIFs without sending GIFs


It’s hard to convey a moving photo with a still image, but doesn’t this smoothie look delicious?
It’s hard to convey a moving photo with a still image, but doesn’t this smoothie look delicious?
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Quick question: How do you send a GIF selfie from your iPhone? One answer is just don’t bother. It’s too much hassle. Another way is to use this handy shortcut to make one. But there’s a third way, which is also the best way: Don’t send a GIF at all.

If you and your intended GIF recipient both use iOS devices, there’s a much better option.

How to send selfies with stickers


Who wouldn’t want to receive this totally non-creepy stickered-up selfie?
Who wouldn’t want to receive this totally non-creepy stickered-up selfie?
Photo: Cult of Mac

You already know how to take a selfie. It’s probably the first thing you did when you got your iPhone up and running. But did you know you can take a selfie and add stickers? Right there in the Messages app?

Your friends are already hungry for another one of your awesome selfies. Imagine how fired up they’re going to be when they see those stickers.

How to make the Calendar app’s timer picker more accurate


Wait just a minute calendar picker
Wait just a minute…
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Did you ever look at the five-minute intervals on the Calendar app’s time picker and think, “I really wish I could set that appointment at 09:03 and not 09:05”?

No, neither did I (nor did anyone else that isn’t some kind of control-freak psychopath). But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Today we’ll see how to tweak the Calendar’s time wheel to show one-minute increments instead of the usual five-minute segments.

How to stop Google from tracking your clicks


Stop the madness
Stop! The! Madness!
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Whenever you click a link in a Google search, it replaces the URL of the site with a tracking URL. If you hover over a link with your mouse before you click it, Safari will show you the full URL of that link. It’s a great way to check where you’re about to get sent. Google plays along with this, showing you the proper URL for the link in question.

Only when you actually click on it, it swaps out that link, replacing it with its own tracking link.

Fortunately, there’s a way to block this sneaky, underhanded and totally unsurprising behavior.

3 reasons Apple definitely shouldn’t buy a movie studio


Some analysts think Apple should snap up a movie studio. Bad idea!
Analysts want Apple to snap up a movie studio. We disagree.
Photo: Naoya Fujii/Flickr CC

How can Apple’s streaming video service battle established competitors like Netflix? Simple: Buy a movie studio.

That’s the battle cry from certain Wall Street analysts, who suggest that Apple use its Scrooge McDuck-style cash pile to buy everything from Sony Pictures to Disney.

As sexy as that idea might sound on paper, however, in reality it would be a terrible idea. Here are three reasons why.

Apple’s TV service just scored a huge win at CES 2019


TV makers like Vizio are suddenly BFFs with Apple.
TV makers are suddenly BFFs with Apple.
Photo: Vizio

CES 2019 bugThe biggest TV makers in the business are finally ready to play nice with Apple.

Apple’s long-rumored TV streaming service isn’t expected to launch until later this year, but in the meantime, Vizio and LG revealed that they’re adding AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support to their 2019 TVs. And it could be a crucial win for Apple’s growing ambition to take on Netflix.