Wild iPhone 12 concept packs holograms, 6 cameras and more


Would you buy this iPhone?
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

What if Apple stole more from Samsung? That’s basically the premise behind the latest iPhone 12 concept video from ConceptsiPhone and it actually doesn’t look that bad.

Armed with a wrap-around display and six camera lenses on the back, this gorgeous iPhone 12 concept borrows a lot of design elements from the iPhone 4 series with a dash of Samsung Galaxy S20 mixed in with some sci-fi features that are definitely not ready for smartphones.

Check out the full video:

How to change your Safari downloads folder on iPhone and iPad


Don't let your iCloud Drive end up looking like this.
Photo: lle dnuor/Unsplash

By default, Safari on iOS downloads all files to a folder in your iCloud. This means you can access those files from all your devices. But it also means those files fill up your iCloud Drive. Worse, every megabyte you download also gets uploaded back to iCloud, doubling your bandwidth usage.

Today we’ll see how to change the location of your Safari downloads folder in iOS 13.

App Store Confidential author ‘surprised’ by Apple’s attempt to halt book


Apple's not happy about former Apple employee Tom Sadowski's new book, App Store Confidential.
It's the book Apple tried to ban. Or, at least, slow down.
Photo: Murmann Verlag

The author of App Store Confidential says he is “surprised” by Apple’s attempt to halt sales of the book, and by the company’s allegations that the German-language memoir reveals trade secrets.

Tom Sadowski, a former App Store manager who worked at Apple from 2009 through 2019, told Cult of Mac he’s not sure which parts of his new book Cupertino objects to. “I’d love to [know], but unfortunately I don’t,” he said. “I am accused of betrayal of secrets without specifying it more precisely.”

How to use Mac-like hot corners on the iPad


iPad hot corners
A corner.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

On the Mac, hot corners are essential — and amazingly useful. You can put your display to sleep, trigger Mission Control and more, just by flicking the mouse to a screen corner. If you’re one of those people who likes to use a mouse with your iPad, you can utilize these same flick-to-activate gestures on the tablet. And there’s a bonus: Hot corners on the iPad are way, way more powerful than on the Mac.

Apple’s best-ever quarter, strictly by the numbers


Apple financial results on an iPad Pro
A dive into Apple’s most recent financial results shows what’s really happening with the company.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple pulled in more revenue and profits last quarter than it ever has before. These numbers were buoyed by strong iPhone and wearable sales. But the news isn’t all good.

Check out these charts that show with a glance how the company made its money last quarter.

iPhone 11 owners report audio issues with wireless CarPlay


Are you suffering CarPlay problems?
Photo: Ford

A growing number of iPhone 11 owners are reporting audio issues and other strange glitches with wireless CarPlay.

All say the feature worked fine with previous devices, but after upgrading to the latest Apple handsets, they’ve been unable to avoid CarPlay problems. And Apple’s latest iOS updates don’t help.