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Lawsuit could change Apple's relationship with App Store customers.
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How to turn your old Apple devices into quick cash


iPhone 8 iPad Macbook
Your aging Apple tech could be worth a small fortune.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

If you recently picked up one of Apple’s newest devices, it’s time to turn your old ones into cash.

Your aging iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac could be worth a small fortune — and Cult of Mac wants to buy it! We typically pay more than other trade-in services, and we won’t leave you waiting ages for your money.

How to iMessage a photo with just one tap


Just one tap.
Just one tap.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

I got sick of having to tap a zillion buttons just to iMessage a photo to somebody, so I made a shortcut that lets me tap an icon on my Home screen, and sends my latest photo automatically to a preselected friend.

That’s it. You tap it, and the shortcut grabs the last photo you shot, and sends it. If that sounds like something you want, check it out.

The best way to see your Apple Watch is in living color [Watch Store]


A colorful band can really kick things up a notch.
Photo: Strapa

Sometimes you need to stick to basic black. Maybe your job requires you to have a low profile or wear a uniform. But now it’s the weekend, and it’s time to unleash some personality. One easy way to add some color to your life is to switch up the band for your Apple Watch.

The Cult of Mac Watch Store has several colorful Apple Watch bands available. Aside from the models highlighted below, there’s plenty of bold bands available, so check them out.

Powerful MacBook dock lets you escape ‘dongle hell’


LineDock has ports, power and plenty of storage.
Photo: Linedock

CES 2019 bugLinedock is a device designed to deliver power and salvation from what its creators refer to as “dongle hell.”

It’s a massive messiah at two pounds with nine ports, a 20,000mAH battery with 100 W pass-through charging and an onboard SSD with up to 1 TB of storage.

Is this just fantasy? Queen’s Brian May hates Apple’s USB-C cables


Brian May is speaking up for USB-C haters everywhere.
Photo: Raph_PH/Wikipedia CC

It may sound like a crazy Mad Lib, but it’s not: Queen guitarist Brian May really has taken to Instagram to pen a lengthy rant about Apple’s UBC-C connector.

May dramatically declares that “This is one of the reasons my love for Apple is turning to hatred.” And, from the look of the comments, it seems that quite a few people agree with him.

Level up your Apple Watch game with these striking saffiano leather bands


Casetify's saffiano leather printed bands pack a punch in style and durability.
Casetify's saffiano leather printed bands pack a punch in design and durability.
Photo: Casetify

If you love Apple Watch Series 4’s streamlined body but crave some color and vibrancy to up the fashion ante, look no further than these saffiano leather Apple Watch bands from Casetify.

The Cult of Mac Watch Store partnered with Casetify — big believers in self-expression through tech accessories — for a while now. But this season the company smashed the refresh button and completely revamped its brand and its Apple Watch band designs. Now, dreamers, playmakers and game-changers can fulfill their style needs with Casetify’s artful Apple Watch bands.

Shortcuts 2.1 adds new weather and timer actions


Set a timer with the new Shortcuts v2.1.
Set a timer with the new Shortcuts v2.1.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Amidst the flurry of iPad and Mac news yesterday, Apple also released the latest version of Shortcuts, the super-cool iOS automation app. The big news is the addition of seven new actions for checking the weather, setting timers and measurement conversions. Let’s take a look at Shortcuts 2.1.

NightOwl switches on Mojave’s Dark Mode at sundown


NightOwl dark mode
NightOwl dark mode.
Photo: NightOwl

If you’re running macOS Mojave (and you really should be), probably one of the first things you did after installing it was to test Dark Mode. The new theme darkens the Mac interface and makes everything look cooler — apart from text, which is just harder to read.

But there’s no built-in way to have Dark Mode switch on automatically at sundown. That’s where NightOwl comes in. The free app switches your Mac between Dark Mode and the traditional lighter look automatically.