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It’s official: 2025 iPhone must include USB-C in place of the Lightning port


No more Lightning ports
Time is running out for the Lightning connector.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The European Parliament picked December 28, 2024 as date after which iPhone and all other handsets sold in the EU must have a USB-C port. That means the iPhone 17 in 2025 will definitely not include a Lightning port.

But unconfirmed reports say Apple will make the change earlier than that.

Apple won’t fight EU mandate to put USB-C in iPhone


No more Lightning ports
Apple has officially said it'll pull the Lightning port out of the iPhone.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

An Apple executive confirmed that iPhone will drop the Lightning port in favor of USB-C. It’s a change being forced by the European Parliament, and Apple VP Greg Joswiak says the company won’t try to get around the new regulation.

Until now, it could only be assumed iPhone would give up Lightning.

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This week on The CultCast: Dynamic Island tips, Apple Watch Ultra ecstasy and more.
We've got Dynamic Island tips, ecstatic Apple Watch Ultra first impressions and more.
Image: Cult of Mac

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: Erfon returns from his Florida vacation just in time to rave about the Apple Watch Ultra and share some tips on how to use the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island.

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Lightning must die: It’s time for Apple to kill its darling


USB-C Lightning
Lightning was great but its time has passed. USB-C is now a better option.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Lightning connector. It was once the best option but has since outlived its usefulness. This obsolete port needs to go.

Apple knows what the replacement needs to be. It should stop dragging its feet and make the change.

Apple could go all in on USB-C across its product lineup


This AirPods charging case has a USB-C connection.
USB-C could finally be the standard charging port across all Apple devices
Photo: Ken Pillonel

Beyond iPhones, Apple is looking to switch to USB-C on all its other products with a Lightning connector like the AirPods, Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and more.

A reputable Apple analyst thinks the Cupertino company will make the transition in the “foreseeable future.”

Every MacBook and iPad user should carry these 3 adapters


Every MacBook and iPad user needs these 3 adapters
A small collection of adapters can really make your life easier.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Adapters simplify the sometimes-messy process of connecting things to our computers. I regularly travel, and I’ve found there are three USB adapters that get me through most of my connection problems.

If you, for example, suddenly need to use a new accessory at a client’s office, or get power at an airport, these adapters will get you through. And they are very affordable.

Modded Android phone steals iPhone’s Lightning port


First Android phone with Lightning port
Why? Why not?
Photo: Ken Pillonel

This Samsung Galaxy A51 is almost certainly the only Android phone in the world that uses a Lightning port. That’s thanks to engineer Ken Pillonel, who hacked the handset to use Apple’s connector instead of USB-C.

The port is fully functional, with support for charging and data transfer — despite the fact that Apple designs its cables to work only with its own devices. Why go through all that effort? Well … why not?

Chinese students sue Apple for ditching iPhone chargers


Original iPhone unboxing with charger
Apple no longer includes a charger or headphones with new iPhone models.
Photo: Juan Martín López CC

A group of students in China is suing Apple for no longer including chargers with its newest iPhone models. The lawsuit calls for Cupertino to cough up for charging adapters, breach of contract, and court fees.

Apple has already been fined by Brazil’s consumer protection agency since it stopped shipping power adapters with iPhone 12 last fall.

Awesome iPhone mod brings the upgrade everybody wants


iPhone X with USB-C mod
Good riddance, Lightning connector.
Photo: Ken Pillonel

I think most of us can agree that iPhone is long overdue a USB-C upgrade. But despite bringing the technology to Mac and iPad years ago, Apple seems reluctant to ditch Lightning for its smartphones. So, someone else did.

Robotics engineering student Ken Pillonel managed to replace the Lightning connector in his iPhone with a working USB-C connector. The mod allows for charging and data transfer — but it’s not one you’ll want to perform yourself.