This iPhone keychain charger can give you three hours of extra battery life [Deals]


AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Chargers
Carry a convenient and powerful portable charger right on your keychain.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Power shortages never have good timing, and that’s as true of our personal devices as it is of city blocks. If you’re lucky, or planned ahead, you might find yourself able to plug in when the juice runs dry. But dead batteries have a habit of sneaking up on us, so there’s no such thing as being too prepared. You don’t leave home without your keys, so why should you walk outside without power?

Got AirPower envy? Power up with these charging alternatives


Our watch store guide to the best chargers while you wait for your beloved AirPower to eventually maybe (one day???) arrive.
Our watch store guide to the best chargers while Apple's MIA AirPower eventually, maybe (one day???) arrives.
Photo: ZENS

With new Apple products released almost everyday last week, the anticipation for AirPower’s long-awaited launch has reached an all-time high. However, will Apple actually deliver this time around? Rumors a-plenty have teased us for long enough.

Save your heartache and pining and opt for tons of great chargers with our speedy Watch Store guide. Your perfect match is just a click away.

Make sure you stick around for the very end of our list. We saved the best of last.

Save big on pocket-sized gear and gadgets [Deals]


We've rounded up three pocket-sized gadgets that won't empty your wallet.
We've rounded up three pocket-sized gadgets that won't empty your wallet.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Some of the coolest tech gear is also the smallest, and the same goes for the price tag. So we’ve rounded up some of the biggest deals on the most compact gear and gadgets in the Cult of Mac Store. We’ve got a keychain-sized breathalyzer, a micro iPhone charger, and more. Read on for more details.

Recharge your Apple Watch & iPhone with this compact 2-in-1 battery pack [Review]


Zens' Powerbank charges an iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously.
Photo: Zens

When traveling, if you forget your charger, you’re often hosed. Especially for the Apple Watch. That’s why I keep a Zens Powerbank battery pack in my bag. The Powerbank features a built-in charger for the Apple Watch, plus a USB port for plugging an iPhone or iPad.

It’s light and easy to carry around, yet has enough juice for recharging an Apple Watch almost 12 times. Best yet, the Zens Powerbank battery pack is available now in Cult of Mac’s Watch Store. 

The WiDuo Apple Watch and iPhone charging pad back in stock [Watch Store]


The WiDuo is specifically designed to blend in with Apple's minimally-designed products.
Photo: Wiplabs

For lovers of versatility, and Apple gear, I bring you a two-in-one charging solution for iPhone and Apple Watch. Who doesn’t enjoy a twofer?

The WiDuo by Wiplabs is a beautifully minimalist charging pad that provides up to 20 percent faster charging that many of its wireless competitors. And, it’s cute and sleek to boot. Pop it in a bag or briefcase for on-the-go charging.

Turn your iPhone into a handy household hub [Deals]


Make your phone and your home complimentary with this roundup of awesome accessories.
Make your phone and your home complimentary with this roundup of awesome accessories.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Own an iPhone? Live in a house or apartment? Then you’ve got a match made in heaven. The two can work in harmony, if you have the right accessories. So we’ve rounded up some of the coolest peripherals for bringing your home and phone together, including a wireless charging kit, a robotic vacuum cleaner, a Bluetooth audio hub, and more. Some of these are discounted by more than half off, so read on for more details:

Best List: Udoq charging station keeps everything organized and topped up [Review]


Udoq's docking station
Udoq's docking station is compatible with just about any mobile device.
Photo: Lyle Kahney

Best List: Udoq universal charging stand

There’s a constant war in our house for charging bricks and cables. I like to keep chargers in certain places so I know where they are — beside the bed for example. But they constantly disappear, thanks to my light-fingered kids.

It drives me bananas, which is why I like the Udoq, a universal charging stand that neatly organizes and charges between two and eight devices. It can’t be easily half-inched.

iPhone-size power pack will jump-start your car [Reviews]


Give your phone a jump-start with the JumPack.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

JumPack Power Pack CPP 8000 by Cobra

If you’re anything like me, you carry a ton of gadgets. Keeping them all charged is a juggling act and, inevitably, there’s always one device I’ve neglected to keep juiced.

Coming to my rescue though, Cobra sent over a JumPack Power Pack to charge up all my devices. Plus, it comes with an extra trick up its sleeve.

Check out the full video review below.