Microsoft’s Edge browser is coming to the Mac ‘soon’


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Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft kicked off its annual Build 2019 developer conference this morning and to the surprise of Apple fans, the Windows-maker showed off some new software that runs on Mac.

Windows 10 users have been able to test early builds of Microsoft’s Edge Chromium browsers since last month, but it looks like Mac users won’t have to wait long to test out Edge. Microsoft doesn’t have a launch date yet, however, it briefly teased Edge running on macOS in a new video.


Microsoft Edge for iPhone
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Photo: Microsoft

Classy poster captures how little we’ll miss Internet Explorer


The Web Address by Everyone Ever Internet Explorer
Goodbye, Internet Explorer. We won’t miss all of those security breaches. Photo: Everyone Ever

Internet Explorer is dead, and some nerdy designers are taking their good-riddance to Kickstarter.

The campaign will produce classy, poster-sized screen prints of a fictional speech that perfectly captures how little anyone will actually miss the maligned web browser. It’s seeking a measly $500 to start production, with extra money going toward making the prints available in additional languages.

iWork For iCloud Beta Now Available To All



The iWork for iCloud beta, which allows you to use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote inside your web browser, is now available to all at You do not need to be an existing iWork customer to take advantage of the apps, but if you are, you can now access all of the iWork documents you’ve stored in iCloud from absolutely anywhere.

RIP: Camino Browser For Mac Is Dead



The developers of the free, open-source Camino browser for Mac OS X have announced that it will no longer be developed after a decade-long run. They are now encouraging existing users to adopt a “more modern browser,” such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

If That Internet Explorer 9 Commercial Were Honest It’d Look Like This [Video]



You’ve seen Microsoft’s famous Internet Explorer 9 commercial, right? You know, the one with that catchy dub-step song and all the crazy graphics of IE being like superhero fast? They play it on TV all the time and the at movies so you must have seen it by now. It’s not really that realistic though, so World Wide Interweb made an “honest version” of the commercial.

Bottom line: Switch to Mac and use Chrome.

Just Like the iPad, Your Windows 8 Tablet Won’t Support Flash



For a number of reasons, mainly its long list of stability issues and its unquenchable thirst for any power your system may have, Apple will ensure we never see Adobe Flash on the iPad. And while the company has been criticized by competition for this decision in the past, it’s not the only one turning its back on the aging technology: Microsoft has also announced that Flash player will not feature in Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 tablets.