Just Like the iPad, Your Windows 8 Tablet Won’t Support Flash



For a number of reasons, mainly its long list of stability issues and its unquenchable thirst for any power your system may have, Apple will ensure we never see Adobe Flash on the iPad. And while the company has been criticized by competition for this decision in the past, it’s not the only one turning its back on the aging technology: Microsoft has also announced that Flash player will not feature in Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 tablets.

In a post on its Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft’s Dean Hachamovithch, Internet Explorer team leader, has confirmed that the “Metro” version of Internet Explorer 10 will not support Flash or other plugins, and will instead turn to HTML5 — just like iOS devices.

The advantage of quashing these plugins in the Metro version of EI, Hachamovithch says, are improved battery life, enhanced security and privacy, and more:

Running Metro style IE plug-in free improves battery life as well as security, reliability, and privacy for consumers. Plug-ins were important early on in the web’s history. But the web has come a long way since then with HTML5. Providing compatibility with legacy plug-in technologies would detract from, rather than improve, the consumer experience of browsing in the Metro style UI.

Steve Jobs cited similar reasons for Apple’s decision to keep iOS devices free from Flash player.

The desktop version of IE 10 will continue to support Flash and other plugins, but the Metro version — the one that will run on your tablet, or your laptop if you prefer the new interface to the old — won’t. But trust us, future Windows 8 tablet users, this makes for a far greater browsing experience.

[via iPodNN]

  • TheMacAdvocate

    There’s 2 versions of Explorer in Windows 8: the Metro version and the Windows version. Unless Microsoft is jettisoning the “Windows” part for some devices – which they’re adamant about not doing now – I really don’t see the purpose of it. 

  • GDal

    So, Microsoft is vindicating Apple’s exclusion of Flash from the iPad’s touch-centric, fast and fluid interface. I loved the arguments by Apple haters about Flash being required. Now what’s the argument going to be? Windows 8 Metro interface isn’t for work? Without the desktop it’s nothing?

    Apple (and now Microsoft) made the right decision. Does Adobe finally get it now?

  • neilmanuell
  • Johnwr29938

    Actually, windows 8 does support flash you silly iHuman

  • Ciclismo

    I wonder if there will be nearly as many cries of “oh noes, how will I ever be able to enjoy the internets???!!!” and “that’s a deal-breaker, fo sho!” like there was when it became known that the iPad wouldn’t play nice with Flash?

  • UNOwenNYC

    As is typical of M’soft, there’ll be oodles of iterations of ‘Win-doze,’ and all of them will be buggy, with plenty of security problems….

    M’soft jet makes sure the thing ‘works’ in demo, then scotch-tape it together, and shove it out the door.

  • Boring
  • wayzom

    Maybe you should read the story before commenting?

  • Oliver Baker

    All I can hear is the Trollolol Song playing in the background.

  • Gregintosh

    But if you are on a tablet, I think it will be a big hassle to switch to the “desktop” version versus using the “touch” version. This should definitely push even more content providers to offering their websites in HTML5 over flash.

    The only market I see left for flash is annoying “punch the monkey” banner ads and maybe casual browser based games (the best of which will have dedicated apps on mobile devices anyway).

    I don’t think anyone competent in this day and age is using flash for their main (and only navigation) or other critical elements.

  • Oliver Baker

    @wayzom, Such a noob. Its already been confirmed that Windows 8 Supports flash. Maybe you should not trust a Apple Biased Website to provide information about what might not be appearing in Apple’s Competitors Operating System.

  • Chris

    In your face, IPad-hater-bitches!

  • Ed_Kel

    Windows 8 desktop will, Metro won’t. Just like Apple’s approach.

    Silly iDiot

  • Ed_Kel

    Read before commenting. From the top brass at Microsoft — desktop will, Metro won’t.

  • Oliver Baker

    Hmm, my iOS 5 Beta iPhone & iPad were just as buggy when they came out as the Windows 7 Beta when that came out (You can’t compare the iOS 5 Beta  to Windows 8 because Win 8 is Dev version, not Beta)

    My Windows 7 Works on any device I install it on and in any VM I have tired to install it in. Apple Mac OS on the other hand Works because Apple only design it to work on a set group of hardware that they hand pick out. Microsoft has much more of a challenge developing Windows that Apple do developing OSX.

    Typical Apple Fanboys thinking that they own all the world when all they own is the Tablet Market and >10% of the PC market.

  • gareth edwards

    Oliver, seriously, READ the article, check facts then stick foot up, either own ass or into mouth. Choice of course, is yours. :)

  • gareth edwards

    Oliver, seriously, READ the article, check facts then stick foot up, either own ass or into mouth. Choice of course, is yours. :)

  • Ed_Kel

    So, are you against Apple or for them? You did a good job citing the reason why Apple is superior…

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    So it’s only given to developers? What a cowinkidink, iOS is only available to devs too!

  • cliqsquad

    I could be wrong, but I think only metro will run on ARM processors, while Intel machines will have both Legacy/Desktop version of Windows as well as Metro. If that is the case, then basically ARM chip tablets will still have a mobile OS basically with Metro. It is pretty weird that Microsoft wants to do things this way when they stated at the Keynote that a majority of Windows users will never leave Metro. Basically they know like Apple that the Majority of the public don’t need a full PC experience, but they are choosing to build it for all platforms anyway.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    It’s nice to hear that the Win8 tablet won’t support Flash, but that vaporware tablet is a long, long way off and there’s no guarantee that consumers will buy it.  However, it does indicate that there is at least one other major company that doesn’t think Flash is as necessary as some seem to think it is.  People claiming that you can’t enjoy the internet without using Flash are honestly going overboard.  My hope is that more and more sites start using HTML5 because at some point there will be a tipping point where site owners will just give in and go with the flow of alternatives to Flash.

  • EmmaMitch5576116165107

    Oliver, seriously, READ the article, check facts then stick foot up,
    either own ass or into mouth. Choice of course, is yours. :)

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  • JonatatR

    Trust me ifags. There will be an plugin for that. Go on , play with your ipads … or should i call em  fake computers.

  • deepleft

    Like all things in the PC world, there’s a choice. You can run a stripped-down tablet version, or you can run a full version. Microsoft won’t just arbitrarily decide you can’t run it at all in an OS.

  • iDaBoss

    “My Windows 7 Works on any device I install it on and in any VM I have
    tired to install it in. Apple Mac OS on the other hand Works because
    Apple only design it to work on a set group of hardware that they hand
    pick out. Microsoft has much more of a challenge developing Windows that
    Apple do developing OSX.”

    No he didn’t

  • Adrian Werner

    Ugh…no plug-ins? Guess  I won’t be using metro version of IE then. I’m sorry, but I like my browser games.

  • Huh, I don’t feel tardy.

    It’s also worth noting that Microsoft has their own Flash alternative in Silverlight, making it easier than most companies to chuck Flash into the toilet (where it belongs IMO).

  • Israr Khan

    What a bunch of BS, but then again look at the name of the website. 


  • clarions

    nothing to say, just look at the link:


  • techgeek01

    sigh, crap again.

    The windows 8 tablets WILL support flash.

    It is the Metro version that WON’T support flash. (or any plug ins)

    BUT the other version WILL support flash.

    (this is with Internet explorer)

    So in other hands, your tablet will be able to play flash, just not in the Metro version of Internet explorer.

  • Chris

    He says that you freaking idiotic moron.

  • Hampus

    Not that it matters, the only reason you still need a flash player on your windows computer (as long as you aren’t playing flash games) is because most websites are so stupidly designed that they deliver HTML5 videos to all iOS devices and flash to the rest…

    There are several sites where my iPad/iPhone can play a video trough the quicktime where my Galaxy Tab 7 with Firefox (which unlike most other Android browsers doesn’t support flash) will just give the missing flash plugin text, it could have played the video if the site would just have provided normal video…

  • Hampus

    Well silverlight hardly has anything to do with it, yea, silverlight is a great alternative to flash, but MS are the only ones who actually use it so that hardly helps :p

  • Hampus

    Indeed, would be rather annoying, specially as it seems Metro and Normal IE10 maintain their own tabs so you would have to go to the page again…

    There’ll probably be alternate flash enabled metro based browsers though

  • Nareshkumar Rao

    actually, you CAN run both. And making the switch is simple as a click of a button. Or the touch of a finger.

  • Trevor

    There is only one version of Windows 8, at least for particular markets (business may get different option) and the Metro interface is just a skin. No matter if it’s running on a desktop or tablet, you get Metro AND normal Windows. So ALL versions, ALL devices will have ability to run Flash, SilverLight, other plugins. Download a FREE preview version of the OS and install it in a virtual PC. I used VirtualBox on my MacBook Pro, but I’ve even seen YouTube videos of it running in Parallels on an iPad.

    Touch friendly version of the file explorer and other OS tools are there. Office and software from other vendors is being made touch friendly too. There’s even some “fuzzy” hit detection so the OS makes a best guess if you click on an option in a list of others and acidentally touch two at the same time, so software that isn’t optimised running in normal Windows can still be used via a touch interface.