Tim Cook was considered as Hillary Clinton’s vice president


Tim has plenty to cheer about.
There aren't too many more powerful jobs than running Apple, but this would be one.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook was apparently considered as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton, according to a new email released by WikiLeaks.

Written by Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, the email includes a number of high-profile names touted as potential vice presidential candidates, including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Mary J. Blige interviews Hillary Clinton exclusively for Apple Music


Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 8.19.53 AM
Tim Cook has been outspoken in his support of Hillary.
Photo: Apple

Shortly after last night’s presidential debate, Apple Music published a teaser for an Apple Music exclusive conversation between Hillary Clinton and Mary J. Blige.

The interview promises to get up close and personal with Clinton, and to address some hard-hitting subjects like police brutality. And it’s available exclusively to Apple Music subscribers.

How to watch Clinton vs. Trump debate on Apple TV and iOS


No matter who wins, we all lose.
No matter who wins, we all lose.
Photo: DonkeyHotey/Flickr

The first debate between U.S. presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is set to kick off tonight at Hofstra University in New York — and you can catch all the action on any Apple device.

Apple updated its “Watch the Debate Live” section today on both App Stores for iOS and Apple TV, giving users multiple places to catch what is expected to be the most-watched political debate in history.

Here’s how to livestream it:

Tim Cook to host fundraiser for Hillary Clinton


Apple's CEO is helping Democrats and Republicans raise money.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook is planning to help Hillary Clinton in her bid to become the first female president in U.S. history by hosting a fundraiser in Silicon Valley next month for the Democratic nominee.

Cook helped House Speaker Paul Ryan score some sweet Silicon Valley funding at a breakfast fundraiser last month. Now the the Apple CEO is teaming up with the Hillary Victory Fund.

Hillary emoji let you play the woman card for real


Hillary emojis are ready to slide into your DMs.
Hillary emojis are ready to slide into your DMs.
Photo: Hillarymoji

Hillary Clinton weighs in on Apple’s FBI standoff. Kind of.


iPhone 6 Plus_8
Clinton had no-so strong words for followers of the current privacy debate.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Other than a lasting love of Wall Street, Hillary Clinton’s poll-driven opinions on hot-button issues change as often as most people change their underwear.

But saying whatever the popular opinion is poses a problem when, as with Apple’s current privacy vs. “national security” standoff with the government, people voters are undecided on the issue. What do you do when someone asks you about it on the campaign trail, then?

If you’re the possible future POTUS, you take the bull by the horns and, well, offer an opinion that’s about as inoffensively middle-of-the-road as a Coldplay song in a wallpaper commercial.

Who should Apple hire as a ‘thought leader’?



Who would be the perfect 'thought leader' for Apple?

Here's a short list of contenders who could get the company thinking different again. Photo: Fovea Centralis/Flickr CC

Pharrell Williams

The pop star has been Apple-happy ever since he swapped his BlackBerry for a solid gold iPhone. His smash Academy Award-nominated Happy also showed he has global reach - check out the YouTube versions from Iran to Britain. Photo courtesy Back Lot Music, under license to Columbia Records.


Apple should consider stealing AOL’s digital prophet. If nothing else, it would be a sartorial/coiffurial break from the casual monotony Cupertino execs unfailingly sport during keynotes. Photo: David Shing/Instagram

Neymar Jr.

We had a brainwave after seeing the soccer star featured in the latest Beats by Dre ad. The Brazilian forward who plays in Barcelona has already acted as ambassador for his home country's pop music; why not for Apple? Photo courtesy Beats Electronics

John Green

“It's not the consumers' job to know what they want,” Steve Jobs once famously said. An entire generation of teens didn’t know they gave an OMG about American history until John Green came along with his fast-moving, pithy Crash Course videos. Green could further stack the deck on Apple’s education efforts, ensuring the company stays relevant for generations to come. Photo courtesy Crash Course

Amy Schumer

Her standup routines frequently put technology under the microscope. Whether it’s an emergency stylist for selfies or sexting Amy Schumer's got a real feel for how Apple changes our lives. Also, she’s all about sex. Apple should grow up and stop pretending to be Disney. Photo courtesy Comedy Central

Steven Pinker

Because he is a futurist without having to call himself one, the author of The Better Angels of Our Nature and The Stuff of Thought would be an excellent counterweight to Google’s guru Ray Kurzweil. Photo: Rebecca Goldstein/Wikipedia CC


John Oliver

Another smart Brit could be just the ticket for Apple. Think of what Apple could do with John Oliver’s wit, which fuels things like his hilarious campaign for net neutrality. Photo courtesy HBO

Elon Musk


Photo: Zobacz Zasady/Wikipedia CC

Bill Murray

For staff morale, we nominate the wisecracking star of Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters. Plus, Bill Murray's seeming ability to pop up everywhere — from a couple’s engagement photo to The New Yorker — could only be good publicity for Apple. Photo courtesy Columbia Pictures

Hillary Clinton

Hey, at least iOS will keep those Wall Street transcripts safe and sound. Photo: U.S. Department of State

Apple is looking to hire a thought leader. While the actual job listing — blah blah blah “execution of critical sale reporting projects” blah blah blah — sounds about as exciting as a new ink cartridge, the idea of a thought leader role at a company like Apple is worth pondering.

Ever since the death of co-founder Steve Jobs, there’s been much speculation and hand-wringing over who could assume his role as Apple’s foremost visionary. Although no one can ever fill his New Balances, we’ve rounded up a short list of leaders who might kick the Cupertino company in a new direction.

Who do you think should drive Apple’s big ideas? Check out our picks in the gallery above, then nominate yours in the comments below.