How Facebook Messenger ‘unsend’ feature works


And you thought all those Facebook messages were secret. Sucker!
You can unsend a message, but you can’t make people unsee it.
Photo: kropekk_pl/Pixabay CC

There was a lot of confusion after Facebook revealed last week that users would soon be able to unsend comments made in Messenger. With this feature starting to roll out, the details of how it will work have come to light.

Turns out it’s not a magic wand that will let you take back what you just said to your now ex-girlfriend.

Apple joins opposition to Trump transgender policy


Trump wants transgenders to be redefined out of existence.
Photo: Bloomberg

Some of the biggest company’s in the country have come out in open opposition to transgender policy changes proposed by US president Donald Trump.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are among 50 companies that signed a letter condemning Trump’s alleged plans to limit the definition of gender to birth anatomy. The companies — representing over $2.4 trillion in annual revenue — say that what harms transgender people harms their companies.

How to stop yourself wasting time on Twitter and Facebook


twitter bird screen time metaphor
This little birds is an easy metaphor for wasting time on Twitter.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Today’s tip uses iOS 12’s Screen Time feature to stop yourself from wasting your life on Twitter and/or Facebook (or any other app or website). Maybe you obsess over a golfing forum, or you have a Fortnite habit you just can’t shake.

If so, Screen Time can protect you from yourself. Let’s see how.

Score a social media marketing certification for under 20 bucks [Deals]


Take a deep dive into social media marketing, earning certification that'll boost your resume and marketability.
Take a deep dive into social media marketing, earning certification that'll boost your resume and marketability.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Making money online means knowing how to leverage social media. Whether you’re trying to get an idea out, elevate a brand, or sell a product, social media marketing is essential. So this massively discounted social media certification course is a must-see.

Facebook wants to add a camera to your TV


Facebook Portal
The Portal is Facebook’s first video calling product.
Photo: Facebook

Facebook is allegedly planning to take on Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV with a new set top box of its own.

The social network just debuted its new Portal smart speaker earlier this month and according to a new report its smart TV box could pack some similarly creepy features.

How to check if your Facebook account was hacked


Some of the alerts you might see in the Facebook app.
Photo: Facebook

30 million accounts on Facebook were recently hacked with attackers gaining access to highly sensitive personal information.

The FBI is investigating the hacking an has asked the company not to reveal who was behind it. Facebook originally disclosed the hack to the public two weeks ago saying 50 million accounts were compromised. That number has now been reduced to just 30 million, but the amount of data stolen makes it the worst attack in Facebook’s history.

Instagram wants to tap out on infinite scrolling


Instagram wants to save your from over Gramming.
Photo: Pixabay

The days of scrolling through your entire Instagram feed may soon be coming to an end.

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature that would allow users to move through posts by tapping on the screen. The feature works similar to the way you currently navigate through Stories and could make people spend even more time in the app.

Facebook turns iPhone bokeh images into 3D Photos


Facebook can turn a Bokeh image into a 3D one.
Facebook can turn a Bokeh image into a 3D one.
Photo: Facebook

Bokeh images look sort of three dimensional, with their subjects in focus and their backgrounds blurry. Facebook took this idea and ran with it. The social networking service created tech to turn bokeh pictures into 3D images.

Facebook’s creepy speaker cam could boost HomePod


A cheaper version of the HomePod could drop below the $200 mark.
Apple should establish its smart speakers as the anti-Facebook.
Photo: Apple

Facebook’s new Portal smart speaker, an Echo Show rival that’s designed for video chat, sounds like a privacy nightmare straight out of Black Mirror.

But you know who could benefit from concerns about Mark Zuckerberg’s smart camera? Apple — and specifically the HomePod. Here’s why.