Apple Music is hooking up with Facebook Messenger


Apple Music's 3-month trial is no longer free for all.
Photo: Apple

Facebook is aiming to make its Messenger app the go-to spot to talk about music with a new update that makes it easier to share songs with friends.

During the company’s F8 developers conference this morning, Facebook unveiled a new way for third-party apps to integrate with communications platform. And Apple Music is one of its first partners.

Woz: In 2075, we’ll use iMacs on Mars


The Woz has the magic touch with computers.
Woz demonstrating how to drive a spaceship.
Photo: Reddit

The future of Apple will be bright throughout the rest of this century, according to co-founder Steve Wozniak, who says he sees the company lasting well past 2075.

If the Apple legend is right, we’ll all be using iMacs on Mars before the end of the century.

Some Facebook users are seeing an alternate News Feed on iOS


Some Facebook users now have a second News Feed.
Photo: Facebook

Some Facebook users have been surprised by the addition of an alternate News Feed within the social network’s iOS app.

Those who see the rocket ship icon along the bottom of the screen get access to a second feed of photos, articles, and videos that Facebook believes you might be interested in.

Sway, Meganoid 2017, and other awesome apps of the week


Awesome Apps
'Appy weekend!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Looking to get up to speed on the week’s hottest apps? We’ve got your back!

Whether you’re looking for a great “roguelike” platformer, a meditation app from the makers of Monument Valley, or a much-loved calendar app which has finally landed on iPad, we think you’ll find something to entertain you.

Check out our picks below.

Facebook ‘borrows’ from Snapchat for latest iOS app update


Facebook wants to muscle in on that Snapchat action!
Photo: Apple

Facebook is the latest company to jump on the Snapchat-inspired fun photo and videos sharing bandwagon, with an update to iOS app rolling out a new camera with special effects, among other features.

To access the feature, users simply have to tap the camera icon on the top left corner of the standard Facebook app, or else swipe right from News Feed.

4 biggest surprises from Apple’s totally unsurprising update


Will we get more than the iPhone 7 next week?
None of today's announcements were keynote-worthy.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s “surprise” announcement of new products and software wasn’t all that surprising if you’ve been keeping up with the latest rumors.

Today’s updates were practically announced yesterday when the company said its store would be down in the morning for “maintenance.” Despite all the rumors of new iPads and RED iPhones that have been out for weeks, Apple still managed to sneak in a few surprises that were both good and bad.

We’re eagerly awaiting Apple’s rumored April keynote, but here’s the biggest, most surprising news from today’s teaser.

Creepy app wants to make Facebook stalking way too easy


This app takes Facebook stalking to an all-new level.
This app takes Facebook stalking to an all-new level.
Photo: Facezam

Stalking complete strangers on Facebook is about to become as easy as snapping a pic thanks to a new facial recognition app.

Launching later this month, Facezam promises to be able to identify people by matching a photo to a person’s Facebook profile. If it works as well as advertised, it might be time to kiss your anonymity goodbye.