Add a folding CarPlay display to your ride for just $96


Equip any car with a voice-activated touchscreen for under $100.
Don't suffer without CarPlay. This affordable touchscreen is easy to install.
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Got a car that needs an Apple CarPlay screen? The easiest (and cheapest) way to add CarPlay (or Android Auto) to an older car is to add an aftermarket touchscreen display.

CarPlay puts Apple Maps, Apple Music, podcasts and much more right on your dashboard. This 6.8-inch folding touchscreen is your cheap ticket to the CarPlay party — it’s on sale for just $95.99 (regularly $159).

Make marvelous diagrams with Microsoft Visio Pro (save $210)


Create more cohesive data diagrams on Windows with Microsoft Visio Pro for only $29.99.
Take advantage of premade templates, starter diagrams and stencils with Microsoft Visio Professional, on sale now for $29.99.
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Whether for flowcharts, floor plans or org charts, diagrams prove incredibly useful for illustrating how data fits together. Microsoft Visio Professional 2021 helps you build polished visualizations faster.

An incredible limited-time deal means you can grab lifetime access to this Windows app for only $29.99 (regularly $249.99).

Snatch up a versatile Nintendo Switch docking station for just $19.99


Save on this versatile Nintendo Switch docking station, available now for only $19.99.
Upgrade your Nintendo Switch setup with a special offer on this 3-in-1 docking station.
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Released in 2017, the Nintendo Switch remains a popular hybrid gaming system that allows for play at home or on the move. While the device itself is familiar, accessories present new possibilities.

For a limited time, you can pick up a 3-in-1 Nintendo Switch Docking Station for only $19.99 (regularly $24). For that low price, you’ll gain a fresh experience with the gaming console you already own. This deal makes it easier than ever to improve your Nintendo Switch experience.

Enhance your video calls with this AI-powered 4K webcam


Look your most professional on video calls with this powerful $200 AI-powered webcam.
Enjoy more dynamic video conferencing with this 4K AI-powered webcam, now under $200.
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In today’s world of hybrid and remote work, hopping on video calls is a daily part of life. Presenting yourself on video as the best version you can put forward is essential if you don’t want to tank your business, credibility or job opportunities. And that’s why you need a 4K webcam.

Don’t risk looking unprofessional with low-quality webcams. Upgrade your remote calls with the Obsbot Meet. This affordable 4k webcam provides professional video quality with the help of artificial intelligence.

These $35 earbuds come with an insane charging case [Price cut!]


These $40 earbuds offer 9D sound, 180-hour battery life and phone charging capabilities.
Get up to 180 hours of 9D listening time with these AirPods alternatives.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

AirPods are awesome, but they aren’t the only game in town. Meet the Ninja Dragons BTMax wireless earbuds. With Bluetooth 5.1, an IPX7 waterproof rating and an insanely powerful case that can charge them up to 40 times, they’re a steal at just $34.97.

Get a pro-grade USB mic for less than $48


Improve your podcasts or livestreams with this $48 JLab US microphone.
Take $100 off this versatile USB mic from Lab with 4 directional modes.
Photo: Take $100 off this versatile USB mic from JLab that offers four directional modes.

Podcasters, game streamers, vloggers and all other types of content creators realize how crucial it is to invest in quality audio gear. But getting a great USB microphone can cost far less than you might think.

At just $47.99 (regularly $149), this USB microphone from JLab proves that you don’t need to break the bank to sound like a true professional.

Master digital marketing and SEO for less than $40


Get access to expert SEO and digital marketing courses for less than $40.
Stay on top of the latest SEO and marketing trends with Education Cloud Plus.
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If you want to succeed at digital marketing, you need to master social media, search engine optimization and stay on top of other technical aspects of modern communication. You can spend tons of money on that type of training, or tons of hours trying to learn online. But Education Cloud Plus, a bundle of marketing courses from Squirrly, can show you the ropes and keep you current for one low price.

For a limited time, you can get more than 40 courses on SEO and digital marketing for less than $40 (regularly $399). It’s a fast, easy and affordable way to learn the skills and tricks that professional marketers utilize to succeed.

This AI content generator can save you time and money


This $100 AI content generator could save you time and money.
Save time generating long-form content with this half-price AI writer.
Image: Cult of Mac Deals

Good writing takes a lot of time, and hiring a freelancer can bust your budget. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. With AI content generator Wordplay, you can produce long-form written content for your website in seconds. And a lifetime subscription is now only $89.97 (regularly $199).

Forget pricey piano lessons. Learn to play at home with this AI-powered app.


Learn to play piano at home with this $150 AI-powered app.
Save $150 on a lifetime subscription to Skoove’s virtual piano lessons.
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It takes a lot more than wanting to be Billy Joel to become a piano player. You need passion, time, motivation and an excellent instructor (and, uh, a piano). But traditional lessons might not fit into your schedule. Plus, they can get expensive if you’re serious about learning.

That’s why you might need Skoove. This app lets you practice with hands-on piano lessons and AI software that listens to your playing. Get all this and more in a lifetime subscription for only $149.99 (regularly $300) — that’s the lowest price found all across the web!

Juice your Apple gear at top speed with this $64.99 travel charger


Get power for 3 devices at blinding speed with this $64.99 charger.
Take this ultra-fast, 3-device charger anywhere for under $65.
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If you’ve ever forgotten to put your phone on the charger at night (and who hasn’t?), you know how much it can throw off the entire next day. The pace of modern life doesn’t leave a lot of room for empty batteries to catch up, but now there’s a portable/travel charger that can make up for lost time: The Omnia X6i 66-watt compact wall charger.

It’s small, it packs three charging ports, and it even comes with international adapters to make your travels easier. Plus, it’s on sale for just $64.99.

With this Mac app, PDFs will never flummox you again


This PDF converter will boost your Mac's capabilities.
Try out this Mac-compatible PDF editor and converter instead of the pricey Adobe Acrobat Pro.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Have you ever been annoyed when someone sends you a PDF instead of a file you can edit? PDFs continue to be one of the most popular file types in the world, so why is it such a pain when you actually need to use one?

The answer is that you probably don’t have the right software to edit and convert PDFs to your liking. An all-in-one PDF editor like PDF Converter Pro can help, and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Lifetime licenses for the Mac app are on sale for $24.97 (regularly $99) for a limited time.

AI Resume Builder will help you land the job interviews you crave


Want a new career in 2024? This AI resume builder can boost your employment outlook for only $33.
Take advantage of end-of-year pricing on this AI-powered resume builder and set your sights on a new career in 2024.
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Got big plans for a job search in 2024? Ensure you become a top candidate with exclusive pricing on an AI-powered resume tool primed to help anyone take their next professional step forward.

Avoid the stress and frustration of fruitless job hunts with a lifetime subscription to the AI Resume Builder, available for just $29.97 (regularly $468) through February 4. Then get ready to impress future employers more easily.

Prep for a lucrative IT job with this Microsoft certification bundle


Study for your Microsoft Tech Certification with this $70 bundle.
Get the knowledge you need to rack up IT certifications with this $70 super-bundle.
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The Complete 2024 Microsoft Tech Certification Training Super Bundle takes you on a deep dive into the skills and subjects you need to land a job in the IT industry. While finishing this educational bundle alone won’t get you certified, it will set you up for success. Finish the courses, then ace the critical exams to earn the certifications you need.

For one low price, you get unlimited access to 11 courses with 246 hours of material, covering everything from desktop management to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Teams. And for a limited time, it costs just $69.97.

Learn to create killer AI art with this $30 course bundle


Learn how to rule AI-powered art bots with this $30 e-learning bundle.
Rule AI-powered art bots with this $30 e-learning bundle.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Artificial intelligence tools are making their rounds in the creative world, and next up is AI-powered image generation. Just in time for you to cash in on the craze, this $29.99 e-learning bundle can help you tame these robots and get them to work for you. With a small investment of time and money, you’ll be creating AI art that turns heads.

While these (mostly free) bots typically only need a text prompt to generate content, many nuances affect how well they work at outputting images that meet your requests. So, this course bundle is the right place to start. Well, only if you want to save time and turn your Mac into a complete productivity powerhouse.

If you can’t swing an Apple Watch, try this $40 starter device


This Apple Watch alternative is on sale for $39.99.
Apple Watch Series 9 too pricey? Try this $39.99 alternative.
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If you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for an Apple Watch, but are curious about its benefits, check out this $40 starter smartwatch. The CMax Lite Bluetooth Smartwatch is not as slick as Apple’s device, but it does some of the same things: heart rate monitoring, calorie counting, alarms, weather, calendar and more.

The CMax Lite Bluetooth packs a lot into a low-cost package. For just $39.99, you can pick up a smartwatch to use fitness tracking, maximize your connectivity and give you a little more info about what your body’s doing.

Just drag and drop to share any file on your Mac with this app


This $80 Mac app helps you share any file with a simple drag and drop.
Save $208 on this user-friendly and speedy file-sharing app for Mac.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Sharing files using services like Dropbox and Google Drive isn’t as easy — or as aesthetically pleasing — as it could be. That’s precisely why Smmall Cloud was started. Once you get the Smmall Cloud Mac app, anytime you need to send a large file to a client, co-worker, student or friend, all you need to do is drag and drop. Yup, it’s that easy!

Right now, you can get a lifetime individual Smmall Cloud plan for just $79.99 (regularly $288). That gets you 50GB of storage, and a fast and easy way to share any files (up to 5GB each) that you stash there.

Simplify tax season with H&R Block tax software for Mac or PC


Breeze through tax season with this H&R Block bundle for only $29.99.
Take on tax season with this H&R Block bundle, which costs just $29.99.
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Tax season is almost here, but don’t let the stress get to you. If you’re worried about your state or federal filing, why not simplify the whole process with a tool from a reliable tax-prep organization? With this H&R Block tax software, you get tools to streamline your state and federal filing from start to finish.

Normally $49, it’s priced at only $29.99 for a limited time. Act now to ease your way into your big tax return (so you can spend it on a Vision Pro headset).

You’ll flip for this magnetic digital timer


Set your time with this magnetic productivity timer that's flippable, now $24.99.
No matter your task, this combo kitchen timer/productivity timer/fitness timer lets you keep tabs on your precious time.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether you’re boiling an egg, holding a plank or taking a break from working on your screen, a reliable timer comes in handy. But don’t settle for a boring old kitchen timer. With this digital timer, you can give your cooking, fitness and other time-intensive activities a boost.

It’s called the Digital Magnetic Flip Productivity Timer, and you set it just by flipping it. And, for a limited time, it’s on sale for only $24.99 (regularly $29). Don’t dilly-dally … time’s a-wastin’!

Cement your ChatGPT and AI knowledge with this $30 course bundle


Understand ChatGPT and its potential with this e-learning bundle, now just $30.
Learn all about artificial intelligence with these affordable courses.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

ChatGPT and AI automation tools are taking over the workplace, allowing businesses and individuals to boost their productivity and streamline their workflows. If you want to market yourself as an expert in these areas, you need training in AI and ChatGPT. And that’s exactly what you get with the ChatGPT & Automation E-Degree.

For less than $30 and a little bit of study, you can get up to speed on the hottest tech of the moment.

10-inch touchscreen car display gives you CarPlay (or Android Auto) for just $126


This 10-inch wireless touchscreen car display can upgrade your ride for under $110.
Save over 40% on a wireless touchscreen Bluetooth display compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Apple CarPlay is a popular perk of many newer cars, but you no longer need a luxury model to enjoy a modern driving experience. For a limited time, it’s cheaper than you’d imagine to add a CarPlay display to any vehicle. This affordable car touchscreen works with Android Auto, too.

How budget-friendly is it? You can currently purchase this 10-inch wireless touchscreen car display that works with both major infotainment platforms for only $125.99 (regularly $199). That’s 37% off a car accessory that supplies access to various helpful and safety-focused features.

Snag a Costco membership for just $60 (and get a $20 bonus)


Grab a one-year membership at Costco and $40 Digital Shop Card* for only $60 during Cyber Week.
You can save on everything from groceries to Apple gear at Costco.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A Costco Gold Star Membership can help you secure high-quality goods — including iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches and iPads — at bargain-basement prices.

Right now, you can gift yourself (or a loved one!) a year-long Costco Gold Star Membership for only $60. You’ll also score a $20 Digital Costco Shop Card*!

Save on Dollar Flight Club, then save on air travel for the rest of your life


Save big on airplane tickets thanks to discounted access to Dollar Flight Club.
Spend only $99.99 for a lifetime of more affordable airline tickets.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There are so many amazing places to explore around the world, but reaching those destinations can come at a tremendous cost. Fortunately, there is a proven service that finds ways to consistently cut down on the cost of air travel — and now you can save on this service.

For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus+ is marked down to only $59.97 (regularly $1,690) with no coupon necessary. If you like to travel, this an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Dollar Flight Club has an array of domestic and international travel options awaiting your review.

Grab a pair of clip-on mics to capture high-quality audio with your iPhone


These $24 clip-on microphones are great for building your social channels.
Build your social channels in 2024 with these $24 clip-on microphones.
Photo: StackCommerce

Ever wonder why some TikTok videos sound so much better than yours? The answer might be as simple as the fact that the video creator used a quality microphone rather than relying on the iPhone’s hardware. If you need mics for iPhone or iPad, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

These wireless clip-on microphones deliver great results. And for a limited time, you can grab a pair for less than $24.

Price cut: Apple TV-compatible remote gives you the buttons you crave


This affordable button remote gives you complete control of Apple TV devices at a discounted cost.
Navigate your Apple TV with ease thanks to this low-priced accessory.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The Apple TV continues to sell like hotcakes, but its remote remains a topic of conversation and leaves some users searching for alternative options. A third-party Apple TV remote like the Function101 Button Remote could give you the classic TV experience you desire.

It’s an affordable solution, and it’s on sale now for just $24.97.