Convert any text to audio so you can listen instead of reading


With SpeakMe, you can turn any text into your own personal podcast.
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So much to do, so little time. These days, we’re expected to be more productive than ever thanks to technology. Unfortunately, that can leave you with more emails, news articles and company reports than you know what to do with — and that doesn’t even account for all the hobbies that keep you sane, like gardening or taking long walks.

Luckily, there’s SpeakMe. It’s an ingenious, easy-to-use Mac app that converts text to audio and exports those audio files into a shareable format.

Master techniques to draw attention-grabbing comics


This bundle will help you grow your artistic foundation
With these courses in comic book drawing, even beginners can whip up amazing art.
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Want to take your art and design skills in an unexpected direction? You can learn to create characters of all sorts with The Learn to Draw Comic Book Characters Bundle.

Whether you already love to draw, or always wished you could, these courses will show you traditional and creative ways to render your vision. With lifetime access to the coursework, you can learn at your own pace. But you’d better jump on this deal right now if you want to take advantage of a massive 97% price cut on the four-course bundle.

Access more than 100,000 high-quality stock photos and 3D objects with this app


Stock Photos
Get the eye-catching photos you need for your projects.
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When it comes to stock photography, you can never have too many options — or too big of a budget. If you need a steady supply of high-quality images for your website or promotional materials, but don’t want to break the bank on costly single shots, this Icons8 subscription will give you the eye-popping visuals you need.

This discounted one-year plan lets you choose from more than 100,000 stock photos, 3D-rendered objects and backgrounds that will make your project(s) look totally pro. It also comes with easy-to-use software that lets you tweak and combine images to your heart’s content. And it works on Mac and iOS (as well as Windows and Android).

Master iPhone photography with top-rated instructor Phil Ebiner


Learn how to take beautiful and professional-looking photos using just your iPhone with this photography course.
Find out how to take better photos with your iPhone.
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The iPhone proved you don’t need an expensive DSLR camera to take professional-looking photos. But are you really capturing the best images possible with your phone? Learn how to take stunning iPhone photos with the extensive pro tips in this mobile photography course by Phil Ebiner.

Rip your favorite DVDs to play on your Apple devices


This Mac app will allow you to rip your favorite DVDs on your apple devices
Don't let your DVD collection languish. Rip those vids so they'll play on your iOS devices!
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If you want to convert your DVDs to videos you can watch on your iPad or iPhone, MacX DVD Ripper Pro can handle the task. Rather than letting your DVDs collect dust, use this helpful Mac app to convert all your favorite movies, TV shows and music to a format compatible with your Apple gear.

That means you won’t need to buy an additional digital copy to enjoy your favorite content on your favorite devices.

Get 15% off iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad accessories this Presidents’ Day


These apple charging accessories are an additional 15% off for President's Day
It's time to save on must-have Apple accessories.
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Did Valentine’s Day stress you out? There’s a better way to celebrate than splurging on chocolate sales the day after. Presidents’ Day is here, so you can enjoy the long weekend by finding amazing gifts for your significant other (or yourself).

And for a limited time, you can enjoy 15% off these Apple accessories with code PREZ2021.

Protect your data forever with this bulletproof Mac recovery software


This recovery system for Mac will protect you from data loss
Kick data loss in the teeth with a lifetime sub to Disk Drill Pro.
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If you’ve been faithful to your MacBook for many years, you know how many important files it holds. From old work portfolios and personal documents to  sentimental photos and more, your laptop is likely loaded with files you’d hate to lose.

But accidents do happen, and drives do fail. So it’s good to have what amounts to an insurance policy on all your most important data. This lifetime sub to Disk Drill Pro 4 makes it easy to recover documents, music, photos, videos or even whole partitions from your Mac.

Film perfectly lit videos with this ring light and tripod


This streaming studio is the perfect work-from-home companion
This versatile lighting rig will make your videos look awesome.
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Whether you’re filming instructional videos for your company’s YouTube channel, building your TikTok brand, or going live on Instagram, proper lighting can make all the difference. You don’t need an expensive studio setup to look great and potentially score a viral video hit, though. The Aduro U-Stream Executive Home Streaming Studio with Ring Light & Tripod will help you shoot captivating, beautifully lit videos from the comfort of your home.

Charge all your devices at once with this travel-friendly wireless power station


This dock can power up your smartphone, airPods & apple watch all at the same time
This dock can power up your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch all at once.
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Nothing beats a clutter-free desk or nightstand and an arsenal of fully charged Apple gear. This Omnia Q3 3-in-1 wireless charging station will charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all at the same time. Plus, it’s foldable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

And, unlike some other chargers — we’re looking at you, Apple — this travel-friendly workhouse comes with its own 24-watt power adapter. It even packs international fittings so you can use it in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Get that new Mac feeling with a lifetime sub to this cleaner app


This new mac cleaning app will reclaim free storage
This new Mac cleaning app frees up storage in a snap.
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When you spend so much time on your Mac, it’s inevitable that its performance can suffer. Rather than trying to manually delete files or tweak your system, give BuhoCleaner for Mac a try.

It can optimize your Mac’s performance — and we’ve got a hot deal on a lifetime subscription to BuhoCleaner’s family plan.