Save 23% on this 4-way flash drive with Lightning, USB-C and more


Transfer files between your iPhone and other devices easier than ever with this top-rated flash drive.
Back up your iPhone files more easily than ever with this 4-in-1 flash drive. It costs less than $23 today!
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The best Apple accessories are the ones you didn’t know you needed but that can make life 10 times easier. The perfect example is this 4-in-1 Smart Flash Drive, which provides valuable external memory for your iPad, iPhone or even Android and Windows devices.

Right now, you can pick up one of these four-headed flash drives — which packs Lightning, USB-C, USB-A and micro USB connections — for $22.99 or 23% off.

Bundle up to 4 Apple Watch charger keychains for less than $20 apiece


This portable keychain charger keeps your Apple Watch powered up and currently costs less than $20.
Apply 60% savings to these Apple Watch charger keychains in bundles up to four.
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Don’t spend more money than you need to on a charging essential for an Apple Watch. For a limited time, you can pick up a wireless charger keychain compatible with all Apple Watches for less than $20.

These make great stocking stuffers for any Apple Watch owner — and you can pick up two-packs and four-packs to save even more!

Save the next time you dine out: Get a $100 gift card for just $14


Save big on meals via dine-in, takeout or delivery with this deal.
Give the gift of a date night with major savings on this eGift Card that applies to many restaurants.
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If you’re looking for outside-the-box, last-minute gift ideas this holiday season, a surefire way to reach people’s hearts is through their stomachs.

If you’d like to send your favorite couple out for an overdue date night, help a friend with a few meals, or even plan to do all the eating yourself, we’re offering a limited-time deal through that’s worth checking out. You can pick up a $100 electronic gift card that works at thousands of establishments across America for only $14.

Get a private second iPhone number for just $19


The best app for adding an anonymous number to your phone is on sale for less than $25 today.
Use a second number on your phone with this top-rated app, less than $25 today.
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If you’re still using one phone number for everything, it’s time to upgrade your cell. Forget giving out your personal number to companies, private sellers and strangers. With a private phone line, you can keep different callers totally separate from your personal life.

For one week only, you can get a second phone number with Hushed for just $19 (regularly $150) with coupon code HUSHED.

Boost your mobile productivity with more than $400 off this portable touchscreen monitor


Take production to another level by saving more than 50% on this portable touchscreen monitor.
Enhance your personal computer setup by taking advantage of a major discount on this advanced monitor.
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Considering the shift toward work-from-home models and online academic options, there’s never been a greater need to maximize your home office. An external monitor from Desklab can help you accomplish more, and it’s on sale for less than half of its standard cost.

For a limited time, you can pick one up for only $289.99 (regularly $700) — the best price you’ll find online.

Build any toy you can imagine with this Shark Tank-featured 3D printer


The Toybox 3D Printer is our December Deal of the Day.
Put infinite toys on your desktop with our December Deal of the Day.
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Our toys may become more complex as we grow up, but nobody ever quite lets their preadolescent fantasies go. And now, you can relive that childlike fascination with your own young ones with the Toybox, a kid-friendly 3D printer.

And thanks to our December Deal of the Day event, you can purchase the Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle for $299.99 (regularly $349.99) until December 13, with guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

Let AI do your voiceovers in 600 lifelike voices and 129 languages


Do voiceover in 600+ voices with an AI tool that's 50% off.
This AI voiceover program can speak 129 languages, and we've got the best price online.
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Writing a script is a ton of work, and that doesn’t even account for reading it live. If you want to avoid spending hours recording voiceovers for your podcasts, YouTube videos or training materials, you may want to give Micmonster a try.

This AI-based voiceover tool provides hundreds of lifelike voices, in 129 languages, to create custom voiceovers. And lifetime subscriptions are on sale now for $59 — the best price on the web.

Gift this top-rated AI résumé writer for $40, no shipping necessary


Let AI write the perfect resumé with this top-rated app, less than $40 today.
This top-rated AI résumé writer is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to boost their career in 2023.
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Is there a better gift you can give this holiday season than a career level-up? An app for constructing the perfect  résumé is a great gift idea for doing that. And you can also get lifetime access to Resoume, an AI-based résumé writing assistant, for just $39.99 (regularly $600). ´

Give the last-minute gift of music with these $30 piano and guitar lessons


Get this $1600 piano bootcamp on sale for less than $4 a course today
These no-shipping music lessons make the perfect last-minute Christmas gift.
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Not sure what to get the person who has everything this Christmas? Forget useless gifts they’ll never unbox and give them something they’ll appreciate. This mega-bundle of piano and guitar lessons from top instructors has earned rave user reviews and doesn’t require any shipping time, making it a fantastic last-minute gift.

During our Last Chance Sale, you can purchase the collection for just $29.99 (regularly $1,600).

These $99 earbuds translate 37 languages in real time


Communicate With Over 2 Billion People in 37+ Languages!
There's still time to get a pair of translation earbuds by the holidays. (Plus, they're 55% off.)
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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, being able to understand the local language can make your trips more enjoyable. And you don’t necessarily have to learn it, either.

You can carry a bit of fluency in your pocket with an award-winning pair of Mymanu Clik S smart translation earbuds. They can help you communicate in up to 37 languages. Order for $99 (regularly $220) by December 8 to ensure your earbuds arrive in time for the holidays.

Get this top-rated PDF editing software for the best price on the web


Edit PDFs for life with this top-rated app, now at its best price on the web.
Never have trouble editing a PDF again with this top-rated software, less than $50 today for life.
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Whether you use a Mac or any other operating system, there is a universal truth we all know: Editing PDFs can be one of the most frustrating tasks on earth. The top-rated UPDF Pro app can make working with the file format easier, and lifetime subscriptions are on sale today for just $49.99.

That’s the best price on the web — and nearly two-thirds off the regular price of this excellent PDF editor.

Refurbished iPad Pros cost less than $200 for the next 48 hours


Get everything you'd expect from an iPad Pro for less than half of the standard cost.
This refurbished iPad Pro with 32GB of storage is available at a great price during a limited-time price drop.
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Apple’s iPad Pro has been a game-changer since it arrived on the scene in 2015. Powerful and portable, these devices make a great personal upgrade or gift, and you can purchase one at a surprisingly low price. During a 48-hour window in our December Deal of the Day series, you can get a refurbished iPad Pro from 2017 for just $189.99.

No coupon is necessary, but you only have until December 8 to claim this deal.

Take 60% off this Amazon Echo Dot for one day only


The clock is ticking for 62% off this refurbished Amazon Echo Dot.
Get a refurbished Amazon Echo Dot under the tree for less than $20.
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Who doesn’t want to make their life easier this month? After all the holiday shopping, we could all use a virtual butler to turn on the lights and play music on command. If that sounds like Alexa — many techies’ favorite voice assistant — you’re right. And you’re right on time.

Thanks to our December Deal of the Day, you can get a refurbished Amazon Echo Dot for just $18.99. Act fast, though. When we say Deal of the Day, we mean today only — the discount ends after 24 hours.

Wrap up your holiday shopping, or give a great last-minute gift, with a Costco membership


This Costco offer will give you ultimate savings this holiday season.
See how much of your holiday shopping you can get done at Costco with a one-year membership and a $30 Digital Costco Shop Card.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Shopping on a budget is tough, and it doesn’t get easier when you’re planning to feed a fleet of holiday guests traveling to see you. Friends and family are on their way, and it’s time to find out how you will fill your table with tasty treats without breaking the bank.

With a Costco Gold Star Membership, you can find shelves of enticing ingredients and premade delectables to serve your guests. And for a limited time, you can get a one-year Costco Gold Star Membership for $60 — and it comes with a $30 Digital Costco Shop Card*.

Need a last-minute gift? How does 1TB of top-rated cloud storage for $112 sound?


Get 1TB of storage for life for less than $112 right now.
Don't run out of storage for your videos and photos over the holidays.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The holidays mean gift exchanges, family time and priceless memories, but you’ll need ample storage to film, photograph and store those special moments. One of the best cloud storage solutions around is Koofr, and its 1TB lifetime subscription is on sale for $111.99 when you use code KOOFR at checkout by December 7.

This discount is part of our Last Chance event, where you can find markdowns on last-minute gift ideas. Cloud storage plans prove especially handy for last-minute shopping, as this type of gift involves no shipping time.

Combat sleepless nights with noninvasive tech


Apollo Neuro will help you improve your sleep and lifestyle.
This wearable gadget is ideal for your stress and sleep.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The stress of modern living can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule and thus your overall quality of life. Luckily, modern technology can help.

If you’d like to address your rest levels, and your resulting mental health, take a look at the Apollo wearable. It uses touch therapy and silent vibrations to help users calm down before bedtime, sleep better all night, and maintain focus during the daylight hours. And it’s on sale right now!

Get free delivery by Christmas on a jigsaw puzzle that might make you rich


Take 33% off the puzzle that pays you for playing it.
Love puzzles? This one could earn you a million dollars.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When it comes to ways to bring the family together over the holidays, good puzzles are always a go-to activity. One example is The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, rated 4.5 out of 5 in our store.

This fiendish 500-piece monster will test even seasoned puzzlers, but that’s hardly the main appeal. This puzzle could earn you up to a million dollars, and you can get it for $14.99 with free shipping if you order by December 8.

Looking for a gift people will actually use? This MagSafe-compatible charger is $40 for the next two days.


Deal of the day: Grab this top-rated charging station for less than $40 for 48 hours only!
Grab this portable charging station for less than $40 - for the next 48 hours only.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Looking for a cool gift your loved ones will actually use? Look no further than the MagStack, a wireless portable charging dock. Usually $69, you can purchase it for $39.99 or 42% off — no coupon necessary. But you’ll have to be quick, as this deal is only available through December 6.

The brief price drop is part of our December Deal of the Day promotion. During this event, we’re releasing new, limited-time price drops lasting just one or two days.

The 4 biggest recruiting hurdles your company faces — and how to vault over them


Want to figure out how to streamline your hiring? Here are a few helpful steps.
These four tips could make your next hiring process go a lot more smoothly.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Hiring in 2023 is no joke — but it’s not impossible. While every company faces challenges when it comes to staffing, there are ways to tackle those issues head-on such as using ZipRecruiter. Rated the No. 1 job site in the United States*, ZipRecruiter provides employers with weekly access to more than 10 million job seekers*.

Pair your iPhone with a 4K camera drone, just $80 for the next 24 hours


Shoot amazing 4K footage with our Deal of the Day.
Our December Deal of the Day adds a 4K drone to your iPhone photo kit.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Apple improves its iPhone cameras every year. However, until Cupertino’s geeks figure out how to make the device levitate, there are some things it simply cannot achieve, such as capturing aerial footage. That’s where a dual-camera drone like the Ninja Dragon Alpha Z Pro comes in handy.

During our December Deal of the Day event, you can get a Ninja Dragon Alpha Z Pro for $79.99, but this price drop is only available today.

Get the best price online on this 5-in-1 MagSafe-compatible charging stand


Take over 30% off this multi-device charging station.
Charge up all the tech in the house at this 5-in-1 station.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

As the holidays approach, we’re willing to bet new Apple tech is on your wish list. But for every new gadget you unbox, there’s usually another wire to add to your tangle of charging cables. And even if you use wireless chargers, there’s only so much room on any given desk or countertop.

You can prepare for all that incoming tech with a streamlined charging dock like this 5-in-1 MagSafe-Compatible Charging Station. It’s available for $54.95 (regularly $79) — the best price you’ll find on the web.

Order by December 8 to get this pro golf simulator in time for Christmas


Save nearly 25% off this 4K golf sim and get it in time for Xmas.
Get this 4K home golf sim in time for Xmas - at less than $190.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It may be the season to be jolly, but in too many parts of the world, it’s definitely not the season for golf. We all have that friend who can’t wait for the snow to stop falling so they can hit the links (that “friend” might even be us!). But, thanks to some cutting-edge sports tech, waiting for spring to swing isn’t necessary.

The SwingLogic SLX MicroSim golfing simulator lets anyone sharpen their game, no matter the weather. And if you order by December 8, you can get it for $189.99 (regularly $249) with guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas — free shipping included.

Back up your iPhone videos with 10TB of Degoo Premium cloud storage for $100


Keep your Mac and iPhone backed up with 97% off Degoo Premium.
Get 10TB of storage for your Apple gear with 97% off Degoo Premium.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Apple’s decision to introduce ProRes to Pro iPhones gave average consumers the ability to capture lossless video without investing in proper camera gear. But those large files can eat up your storage quickly, even if you purchased an iPhone with the maxium storage capacity.

Alternatively, you can offload those large video files to a cloud storage service like Degoo, which earned 4.4 out of 5 in our store. Premium 10TB Lifetime Plans are on sale for $99 for a limited time.

Extended Cyber Week sale: Get Microsoft Office for Mac (or PC) for just $30


Get the full Microsoft Office suite at its lowest price ever with this unbeatable Black Friday deal.
Get the full Microsoft Office suite for less than $30 with this early Black Friday deal.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether you like to work offline or simply want to work with the same software as 200 active monthly million users around the world, Microsoft Office is a great choice as opposed to using free online tools. There’s also never been a better time to purchase the full Office suite.

With this Cyber Week sale, you can get Microsoft Office 2021 for just $29.99 for Mac or Windows — its lowest price ever!

Get this designer lamp for $60 (and delivered by Christmas)


Light up the holidays with this designer lamp, on sale with over $80 off and delivered before Christmas.
Change the look of any room instantly with this colorful designer lamp.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether you want to give an awesome gift that will suit anyone’s home or light up your place ahead of entertaining this holiday season, we’ve found the designer light that will do the trick: a Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp by Lamp Depot. Not only is this space-saving lamp loved by users, but right now, you can purchase one for just $59.99 with free shipping. That’s more than half off the regular price — and the best price you’ll find on the web.

Plus, if you order before December 12, this sleek fixture is guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas, thanks to our Last Chance event. It could be wrapped under a tree as the perfect gift for those who appreciate interior design, or set up in your living room to brighten up holiday parties.