Keep randos from rifling through your luggage with this TSA-approved fingerprint lock


This TOKK™ Fingerprint TSA Approved Lock is now only $44.99 for a limited time.
Flights, the gym, the office ... keep your bags safe wherever you take them with a Tokk fingerprint lock.
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Whether you’re traveling, going to work, heading to school or dropping off your gear at the gym, it can be incredibly beneficial to keep a lock on your bag or luggage. Now, you can give the classic lock a digital upgrade with the Tokk TSA-approved fingerprint lock.

It makes accessing your phone, wallet, clothes and other goods easy, while keeping them ultra-secure from potential thefts. Even better, it’s now on sale for only $44.99 (regularly $59).

Learn the cybersecurity skills you need to succeed with these ethical hacking courses


Save $100 on this ethical hacking bundle to strengthen cybersecurity knowledge.
Boost your cybersecurity career with this ethical hacking bundle, which costs less than $30.
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With the cybersecurity sector constantly evolving and expanding, a robust job market sprang up around it. And this ethical hacking course bundle can teach you the skills you need to claim your spot in this increasingly lucrative IT sector.

Gain a greater understanding of the techniques and trends that are changing cybersecurity efforts with discounted lifetime access to The 2023 Complete Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle. Normally sold for $130, this comprehensive 10-course package costs only $29.97 through January 1 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

Keep your kitchen knives razor-sharp with this deal on Angle Pro sharpeners


Save nearly $300 on this two-pack of highly rated Angle Pro kitchen knife sharpeners.
This two-pack of knife sharpeners costs just $109.97 (regularly $398) for a limited time.
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If you’re looking to take your cooking to the next level in 2024, a kitchen knife sharpener can make a major difference. Routinely, so much of meal prep comes down to the quality of kitchen knives, and now there’s an affordable way to upgrade the set you already own.

The days are dwindling to take advantage of an end-of-year offer on a two-pack of highly rated Angle Pro knife sharpeners. Normally sold for $398, this pair is available at only $109.97 through January 1 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

Become an IT security pro in 2024 with this $29.97 training bundle


Boost your resume with this cybersecurity training bundle for only $29.97.
New Year, new kills: Gain CISSP certification training with this $30 cybersecurity bundle.
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Certification is one of the first things that management (and the ATS software they use) looks for when it comes to IT and cybersecurity workers. That’s why CISSP certification is highly sought after.

Now there’s a way to boost your chances at acing those all-important exams — the highly discounted CISSP Security and Risk Management Training Bundle. Ahead of the New Year, you can level up your IT knowledge with this comprehensive bundle for only $29.97 (regularly $424).

Stream unlimited documentaries for one low price with Curiosity Stream


Food for your brain: Curiosity Stream, a documentary streaming channel, is now only $180.
Learn every time you stream with a discount subscription to Curiosity Stream.
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Now that the holidays are drawing to a close, we’re ready to cozy up in those gift blankets and de-stress with some TV. If you resolved to learn more in 2024, you can kill two birds with one stone with a discounted lifetime subscription to Curiosity Stream. Home to some of the best documentaries streaming online, the service offers a fun and educational alternative to the usual Netflix noise.

Through January 1, you can get forever access to Curiosity Stream for only $179.97 (regularly $399). You’ll gain a lifetime of original and entertaining documentaries.

Score a lifetime of cheap travel with exclusive pricing on OneAir


Save on travel costs for life with an end-of-year price drop on OneAir, now under $80.
Pick up a OneAir Elite Plan for only a fraction of the cost and spend less on all your future trips.
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If you plan to go on vacation but don’t want to spend more than necessary, consider upgrading how you find cheap travel. OneAir can help you land reduced rates for flights, hotels, rental cars and more. And you can score major end-of-year savings on this great travel service.

Through New Year’s Day at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, you can enjoy a lifetime OneAir Elite Plan subscription for only $79.97 (regularly $790). This exclusive pricing makes long-distance travel more accessible than ever … forever!

Gain lifetime access to an advanced AI text and speech toolkit for just $30


Don't miss $170 in savings on lifetime access to the Jott Pro AI Text and Speech Toolkit.
Pick up this comprehensive AI text and speech toolkit for only $30 through New Year's Day.
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You’ve likely heard about how AI is producing major changes across massive industries, but it’s also ready to make an individual impact on how we approach daily tasks. You can streamline your to-do list with a boost from AI at a surprisingly low price through New Year’s Day.

Through January 1, Jott Pro’s AI text and speech toolkit is available for only $29.97 (regularly $199). From note collecting and email production to speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities, this package provides a far-ranging resource for a fraction of the usual cost.

Create content 100 times faster with Write Bot


Gift someone Write Bot™ and help them generate content faster than ever for only $20.
Quickly generate blog posts, advertising and more with a lifetime sub to this AI tool for less than $20.
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Artificial intelligence can significantly reduce the time it takes to craft copy, and that’s precisely what Write Bot is designed to do. Perfect for bloggers, marketers and content creators, Write Bot makes the writing process incredibly easy and efficient with the power of AI.

Through December 25, a Lifetime Pro subscription is priced down to only $19.97 (regularly $539). And since this is a digital item, you could give Write Bot as a last-minute gift. (You won’t need to worry about Write Bot arriving on time.)

Learn how to use ChatGPT with this handy prompts guide


Help someone take full advantage of ChatGPT's potential with $100 off this prompts guide.
This discounted prompts guide allows users to discover more through ChatGPT, now only $20.
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ChatGPT can work wonders, both professionally and personally — if you know how to create the perfect prompts. If you want to learn how to use the white-hot AI chatbot to maximum effect, the Ultimate ChatGPT Prompts Guide is the perfect place to start.

Primed to help users maximize ChatGPT’s mighty potential, it’s available for just $19.97 (regularly $119) through December 25. This resource is packed with advice, unlocking thousands of possibilities from the ever-advancing ChatGPT.

Get a lifetime of AI, ChatGPT and Python courses for less than $30


Take advantage of holiday savings for this $30 bundle focused on AI, ChatGPT and Python advancement.
A smart gift idea: Pick up this AI, ChatGPT and Python course pack for only $29.97.
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The technology sector is loaded with lucrative job possibilities, and you can get career-boosting assistance in the form of a comprehensive educational package built around artificial intelligence and coding.

Through December 25, pick up The 2023 Ultimate AI, ChatGPT and Python Programming Bundle for only $29.97 (regularly $154). Use it to advance your career in 2024 — or as a last-minute present that can benefit your giftee for years to come.

This AI assistant can help with virtually any task


Producti is the AI business assistant that every professional deserves, now under $50.
Multitalented AI assistant Producti can write, code, transcribe and more.
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At this point, we all are aware of the power of artificial intelligence. Now, you can apply AI as your own personal assistant with a productivity-boosting program called Producti.

Whether you’re a freelance writer, business owner, marketer or casual user, there are plenty of tasks you can streamline with lifetime access to Producti’s AI. And, through December 25, a lifetime subscription to Producti’s Pro Plan costs just $49.99 (regularly $647).

AnyTrans lets you migrate data between iOS and other devices with a tap


Gift easy management of data and content between iOS devices, iTunes and iCloud with AnyTrans®, now only $20.
Make data management a breeze with AnyTrans.
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AnyTrans is a file-management app every Apple user should own. Users can effortlessly transfer and manage all their digital content between their Apple devices and accounts with this tool, whether they have every Apple device on the market or are simply trying to streamline their lives.

Through December 25, it’s on sale for only $19.97 (regularly $79).

Make downloads safe and anonymous with this cloud-based download manager


Do downloads the safe way with this cloud-based manager for only $39.99.
Get a lifetime of safe downloads and cloud-based backup for just $39.99.
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If you want to do your downloads with all the security of a virtual private network and none of the slowdown, Offcloud might just be the solution. It’s a browser-based download manager that lets you grab files on sites like BitTorrent, back up your own data, and sync everything to your existing drive.

You can tap all those features for less than $40 through December 25 — and that’s just for starters.

Let AI create your voiceovers with this text-to-speech tool


Give a content creator the ability to create unique voiceovers with Speechnow™, now under $20.
Speechnow™ can upgrade a loved one's content with voiceovers, now only $20.
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Content creators, small business owners, authors and others often need voiceovers but simply can’t pay a professional what they’re worth. But very affordable text-to-speech software Speechnow. lets anyone generate reliable voiceovers at minimal cost.

Through December 25, you can get a lifetime subscription to Speechnow for only $19.97 (regularly $299). Plus, since it’s digital, it requires no shipping. And that makes it the perfect last-minute gift for any content creator.

AirPods work even better with Mac, thanks to AirBuddy


Treat an Apple lover to a tool that improves AirPods utility on Mac: AirBuddy is only $8.
Enjoy enhanced AirPods functionality on Mac with AirBuddy, on sale now for only $8.
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Love the way AirPods work with an iPhone but a little meh about how they work with a Mac? AirBuddy will connect AirPods to Mac with enhancements that provide the same advanced features you enjoy when using Apple’s earbuds with an iPhone.

Now through December 25, you can grab AirBuddy for only $7.97. Plus, since it’s a Mac app, it’s a great last-minute gift idea for a Mac and AirPods fan. You won’t need to sweat the shipping to get it there by Christmas!

(If you don’t already own AirPods, don’t miss this hot deal on AirPods Pro with USB-C case.)

Get Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 for Mac, just $29.97


Gift lifelong productivity with a lifetime of MS Office 2019, now just $29.97.
Enjoy all of Microsoft Office 2019 on any Mac for less than $30.
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There comes a time in nearly every adult’s life when you must install Microsoft Office. Yes, you can technically get by without Word, Excel and the other essentials. But if you want to get certain tasks done on your killer Mac setup, you’ll need these tools. And this limited-time deal on Microsoft Office for Mac might be the time to get them.

Right now, you can get yourself or a fellow Mac user lifetime access to Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 for Mac for only $29.97 (regularly $229). This could be the ideal gift for anyone getting a new (or refurbished) MacBook this holiday season.

Score a lifetime of 15-minute book summaries for just $50


Give self growth this holiday season with Headway Premium, now only $50.
Give your brain a daily dose of big ideas with Headway's 15-minute book summaries.
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The Headway app serves up daily 15-minute book summaries that deliver a wealth of insights from nonfiction bestsellers. It’s a fast, easy and fun way to learn from thought leaders.

And now, you can save 83% off a lifetime subscription to the premium version of the Headway app. And since Headway doesn’t require shipping, it makes for a perfect, thoughtful gift!

Get a lifetime sub to this easy-to-use graphic design software for just $40


Get a Plasfy lifetime subscription for $39.99 through Christmas.
Last-minute gift! This Plasfy lifetime subscription is only $39.99.
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You don’t need expensive graphic design software, or pricey monthly subscriptions, to crank out images that look like a million bucks. Plasfy makes creating professional and effective graphics and designs possible with just a few clicks.

And right now, a Plasfy lifetime subscription is on sale for just $39.99.

Lock down your iPhone and Mac for life with this heavily discounted security bundle


Get a lifetime MonoDefense subscription for just $119.97 ($399) through Christmas.
This bundle of respected security apps will keep you and your family safe from online threats.
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The internet is a dangerous place. But you don’t have to take chances with hackers and other bad actors. You can secure your iPhone, Mac and more — up to five devices total — with a lifetime license to KeepSolid’s MonoDefense Security Suite.

This multi-app software suite is on sale for just $119.97 (regularly $399) for a limited time.

Digitize old film and slides with a high-quality Kodak film scanner


Gift a film lover the Kodak Slide N Scan, which can digitize film and slides for only $170 with free shipping!
Protect photos by digitizing them with the Kodak Slide and Scan, now under $170 with free shipping.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The Kodak Slide N Scan film scanner can safely digitize negatives and slides. And ahead of the holidays, it’s on sale for only $169.97 (regularly $224) with code KODAK.

It’s perfect for turning a box of old negatives into a pristine collection of digital images.

The perfect 3-in-1 Apple travel charger is on sale for just $48


Save more than 30% on this Apple-compatible 3-in-1 wireless charging station.
This foldable wireless charging station powers iPhones, AirPods and Apple Watches for only $48.
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Keeping your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods fully charged at all times can prove daunting, especially when you’re on the road. But you can keep all your Apple gear ready for action with this charging station for multiple devices. The MagStack is a great travel charger — and it’s on sale now!

You can streamline your charging experience, whether at home or away, with the MagStack. This Apple-compatible 3-in-1 charging station is foldable and wireless, and for a limited time, you can get one for only $47.99 (regularly $74).

Rest easy with a high-tech sleep mask that shuts out light and sound


Gift idea! Treat someone to more sound sleep with this high-tech, Bluetooth-enabled sleep mask for only $20.
Enjoy more restful sleep with this sleep mask that blocks out light and noises for only $19.97.
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If you want to have a better day, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial. That’s easier said than done for many of us, but there’s a hi-tech solution that’s on sale just in time for the holidays.

With Bluetooth technology and a form-fitting design, the Shut-Eye Wireless 3D Sleep Mask can calm restless sleepers in more than one way. And it’s now available for only $19.97 (regularly $49) through December 17.

HD camera binoculars capture every detail from up to a kilometer away


Your favorite outdoor enthusiast can magnify and take pics at 12X with these $90 HD camera binoculars.
Get the hiker, adventurer or camper in your life these $90 HD camera binoculars.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There’s nothing better than a good pair of binoculars for capturing the perfect outdoor moment. But if you really want to capture it, these HD Digital Camera Binoculars can actually preserve that glimpse of faraway nature.

They’re the perfect tech companion for hikers, hunters or anyone who likes to get the most out of their journey. Just in time for the holidays, they’re now priced down to only $89.97 (regularly $199) through December 17!

Score an Apple Magic Keyboard Folio for just $85


Gift this Apple Magic Keyboard Folio to an iPad 10th Gen user for the holidays, now only $85.
This might be the ultimate keyboard case for the 10th-gen iPad. And you can't beat the price!
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The Apple Magic Keyboard Folio is a great combo keyboard case for the iPad, but its high retail price puts it out of reach for some consumers. Not so with this hot deal on an open-box model that slashes the price by 67%.

For a limited time, you can grab a Magic Keyboard Folio for just $84.97 (regularly $249) with free shipping. However, you need to order today if you want to ensure it arrives on time for Christmas!

This fun golf simulator lets you practice anytime, anywhere


The TruGolf simulator will delight any golfer this holiday season, now only $173.
Give the golfer on your list the ability to hit the green whenever they like.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The golfer on your shopping list likely doesn’t need any more clubs, balls or polos. Why not surprise them with a golf simulator like the TruGolf Mini? It’s a hi-tech gift designed to delight golfers of any age.

You can gift any golfer the ability to hit the green anytime and anywhere with the TruGolf Mini. And it’s price-dropped to only $172.97 (regularly $399) through December 17.