Become a cybersecurity expert with this $33 bundle


Learn a new skill in 2024 with this $33 cyber security training bundle.
Gain ethical hacking knowledge with more than 130 hours of content in this certification bundle.
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Cybersecurity is a field with undeniable demand. The reason is obvious: Most businesses and companies rely heavily on digital means to conduct daily operations, facilitate communication and much more. To acquire the expertise needed to work in the cybersecurity field, consider an affordable start with some well-sourced e-learning.

You can gain critical skills with this comprehensive cybersecurity and ethical hacking training bundle. The courses in this bundle will help you prepare for certifications. And the whole thing is on sale now for only $32.97 (regularly $130).

Forgotten iPhone passcodes are no problem with this $39.99 app


Unlock your iOS device with this $39.99 app.
MobiUnlock unlocks iOS devices in a snap.
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Whether it’s an old iPhone you need to get back into or your passcode just slipped your mind, there’s more than one way to get into your iOS devices. MobiUnlock is an iOS unlocking tool that works for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to bypass your passcodes and get you back inside, no hacking needed.

Learn a new language or two with big savings on Rosetta Stone, now less than $150


Enjoy lifetime access to Rosetta Stone for under $150 during Cyber Week.
Master a new language with Cyber Week savings on Rosetta Stone, now only $150.
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Learning a new language is a great way to keep your mind sharp, widen your intellectual horizons and build new career skills. However, it can be tricky without the proper teacher or platform. Luckily, Cult of Mac readers can enjoy big savings on Rosetta Stone, a proven method for language learning.

Through January 21 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, you can snag a lifetime subscription for only $149.97 (regularly $399) with coupon code ROSETTA.

Secure iCloud alternative gives you 20TB for one-time fee of $90


Prism Drive ad: Save on an iCloud alternative.
iCloud fees got you down? Prism Drive gives you 20TB for life, and is currently on sale for less than $90.
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Heads up to Apple users: iCloud isn’t the only cloud storage option out there. Even though the built-in features might be a good fit for those in the Apple ecosystem, the storage caps and monthly fees can cramp your productivity and put a dent in your budget.

If you’re looking for a solid alternative, Prism Drive offers a plan that nets you a whopping 20TB of cloud storage at a one-time cost of $89.97 (regularly $1,494).

Get Windows 11 Pro (and learn to use it) for less than $40


Upgrade your OS to Windows 11 Pro and learn to maximize it with training, now $40.
Enjoy an OS upgrade to Windows 11 Pro and gain basic lessons on using it for only $40.
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Whether you run it on your gaming rig or a Mac partition, Windows 11 Pro is a useful upgrade for work and play. This bundle that combines Microsoft Windows 11 Pro and an essential Windows 11 Pro course gives you the operating system for life, plus tools to get the most from it — all at a price you can only get until January 28.

Snag the Microsoft Windows 11 Pro + The Essential Windows 11 Pro Course bundle for just $39.97 (regularly $298).

Unlock god mode with cheat codes for more than 6,000 games


Access cheats for 6,000+ games for $45.97 through Jan. 21.
Score cheats for thousands of PC games with this unbeatable deal on Cheat Happens.
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Want to get the most out of your favorite games? Sure, you could spring for some new DLC. Or you could take the guardrails off thousands of games with a subscription to Cheat Happens. This haven for hardcore gamers contains cheats, mods and trainers for more than 6,000 PC games and counting.

And right now, you can grab a lifetime subscription for just $45.97.

Learn Python with this low-cost programmer bundle


Learn Python basics and advanced skills for $40.
Become a Python master with this bundle, which includes more than 400 different lessons.
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Python is the most popular coding language in the world. It has endless applications, and once you learn it, you can start applying it to many different fields and hobbies.

Ready to get started learning Python? For a limited time, you can get The Complete 2023 Python Programmer Bundle on sale for just $32.97 (regularly $360).

Turn your TV into a digital gallery stocked with the world’s most famous art


Put the world's most iconic art on your TV for under $33.
Put a gallery of more than 500 famous paintings on your TV.
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TV is fine for when you want to binge and unwind after a hard day at work, but when it comes time for a house party, it can be a distraction or worse. Now there’s an imaginative and classy way to use that wall space with Dreamscreens, a simple USB device that instantly turns your big-screen TV into a frame for some of the world’s most captivating paintings.

And thanks to a special promo to kick off 2024, you can get it for $32.97 through January 21.

$50 bundle gets you Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 and Windows 11 Pro


Last-minute gift alert: Give a PC lover Microsoft Office 2019 and Windows 11 Pro for less than $50.
You can gift someone Microsoft Office 2019 and Windows 11 Pro for less than $50 this holiday.
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We’ve got a great deal on a comprehensive Microsoft productivity bundle for PC users. This all-in-one Microsoft bundle gives users lifetime access to Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 for Windows and Windows 11 Pro for only $49.97 (regularly $408) if you order by January 21.

It’s great for anyone who uses a Windows machine and wants to avoid annoying subscription fees. (We know plenty of you run setups with both Macs and PCs.)

Wake up to a sleek, mirrored LED alarm clock for less than $22


Make the morning stylish with this mirror and alarm combo, now only $21.99.
Get this multifunctional mirror and alarm clock for less than $22.
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The iPhone’s StandBy feature is great and all. But anyone who has fumbled around in the dark to turn off their iPhone alarm knows the importance of a good, solid alarm clock. In terms of design and functionality, this Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock is a keeper. Its LED screen and futuristic design make it look like something from a sci-fi flick. Plus, it doubles as a mirror.

With this large-format clock, you’ll know at a glance what time it is and when to wake up. You can now grab this stylish and functional alarm clock for only $21.99 (regularly $32).

This stacking cable-organization box can wirelessly charge your iPhone


Store your Apple items in one place with the $80 Bento Stack Charge 8000.
Get rid of clutter by charging and storing your Apple goods with this $80 organizer box.
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If you’re not careful, wires and chargers can clutter up your desk and other living areas. And who wants a cluttered, unsightly desk? No one. Fortunately, the Bentostack Charge 8000 from Function101 is an affordable cable organizer that can help you manage your chaotic desktop situation.

With four stackable layers, a built-in wireless charger and ports for wireless charging, it’s a great way to organize all your Apple gear and keep it all ready to roll. And right now, it’s on sale for $79.99 (regularly $99) for a limited time.

Get this full-featured Apple Pencil alternative for less than $65


Make the most of your iPad with this $65 Apple Pencil alternative ideal for writing, sketching and more.
This ultra-light $65 Apple Pencil alternative can help you write, sketch and design.
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The longer you use an iPad, the more uses you find for it. If you’re an artist, designer, student or working professional, you’re likely in need of an iPad stylus. You probably think you need the Apple Pencil. But what if you could get an Apple Pencil alternative that’s a fraction of the cost?

Cue the Pen iPad stylus, a tool that packs many of the features that Apple Pencil fans love in a package that’s significantly lighter, not to mention cheaper. Through January 14, you can get one for only $64.99 (regularly $79).

Protect your Mac with ESET antivirus protection, now just $25 per year


This $25 top-rated anti-virus solution can protect your Apple device.
Guard your Mac against malware and more with ESET, now only $24.99.
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When it comes to antivirus protection, everybody thinks they can get away with cheap or even free plans that rely on outdated software — until that latest virus or malware takes out their device.

The more you rely on your Mac for work, the more you need a reliable and up-to-date solution. ESET NOD32’s one-year antivirus package has been the go-to defense for working professionals for more than 30 years. And now, new users can now get a year’s worth of the latest version for $24.99 (regularly $39).

Elevate your MacBook or iPad with this affordable stand for maximum comfort


This CES-featured MacBook and iPad stand will make working more comfortable, and is on sale for only $42.99.
Get a portable MacBook stand for just $44.99 and make work more comfortable, wherever you find yourself.
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Standing desks are cool, but it might be even more healthy and ergonomically correct if your laptop or tablet got a boost. The Function101 Elevate Laptop Stand can raise your device to a more comfortable viewing position.

And you can get this convenient Mac or iPad accessory for only $44.99 through January 14.

Automatically turn screen recordings into eye-catching videos


Get a lifetime subscription to FocuSee's automated editing power for $40.
Save time editing content with FocuSee, now only $39.99 for life.
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Turning screen recordings into compelling videos proves tricky, even for the most skilled video editor. But FocuSee screen recording software for Mac (and Windows) can capture what you see and do on-screen and automatically turn the video into something that looks like it took hours to produce.

It’s perfect for producing eye-catching product demos, easy-to-follow tutorials and more. And right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to the FocuSee screen recording software for just $39.99 (regularly $79).

Price cut: Master ChatGPT with this $25 course


This ChatGPT course bundle is only $29.99 (reg. $52).
Learn all about ChatGPT with this bundle.
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Even if you haven’t used ChatGPT yet, you will soon find out why OpenAI’s artificial intelligence tool continues to make waves around the world. The AI chatbot can perform various tasks, including writing (everything from news posts to poetry), coding iOS apps from scratch and more.

However, without a little guidance, it can prove overwhelming trying to make the most of this wildly capable tool. Want in on the AI action? The Complete ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence OpenAI Training Bundle offers a range of courses on ChatGPT, and it’s on sale for just $24.97 (regularly $52).

Cut cable clutter with this magnetic desk mat and cord managers


Organize your workspace in 2024 with this clever $55 magnetic desk mat and cable manager duo.
Function101's stylish desk mat also keeps cables in place.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Life is chaotic. But if there’s any place in the house that should reflect order, it’s your workspace. Sadly, that philosophy can be at odds with most home offices, where more connected devices mean more productivity — but more piles of tangled cables.

In the new year, you don’t need to battle with a disorganized work setup, especially when you have Function101’s Desk Mat Pro and Cable Block XL cord managers. This organizational duo is now on sale for $54.99 (regularly $59) through January 14.

Charge all your Apple gear with one 10,000mAh battery pack


For less than $50, one portable battery can charge a houseful of gear.
Let this $45.99 magnetic battery charge your iPhone, AirPods and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’ve still got an entire corner of your countertop devoted to charging your Apple devices, here’s a PSA: You can finally do away with that spaghetti bowl of cords. Wireless charging has always been more convenient, but thanks to the power and design of the ZeroLemon MagJuice+ Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack, it’s portable and affordable, too.

Save big on Setapp and gain access to more than 240 great Mac apps


Get access to 240+ Mac productivity apps for less than $73.
This coupon takes $12 extra off a top-selling app hub, but it won't last.
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We’ve been on the Setapp train for years. And the subscription service, which offers hundreds of great Mac apps for one low price, just keeps getting better. Especially with this Setapp sale.

The more than 240 Mac apps in Setapp run the gamut, and you can find the one(s) you need with a simple search. With this special New Year’s promo from Cult of Mac Deals, you can gain access to them all for nearly $50 off the usual price with promo code WINTER15.

Portable power bank can charge iPhones, AirPods and Apple Watch


Save $80 in a wireless charging solution that can power three devices simultaneously.
For less than $40, you can get a portable wireless charger that works with iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch at the same time.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If an iPhone, some AirPods and an Apple Watch all make it into your everyday carry, you need a three-way power bank that can charge them all at once.

For a limited time, you can score major savings on a multidevice wireless charger that can do it all. Normally sold for $119, this versatile (and very portable) power bank is discounted to just $39.99.

Smart GPS Tracker helps you locate lost valuables


Keep all your devices safe in 2024 with this Smart GPS Tracker, just $21.99 now.
Track everything you care about with this Smart GPS Tracker. It's cheaper than AirTag and also works with Androids.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

How much would it cost you to lose your keys, luggage or bag right now? At a minimum, it’s a huge inconvenience. And at worst, it could set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Using a smart GPS tracker means you can always keep track of your valuables.

Right now, this one is on sale for just $21.99 — $9 off the regular price of $31. But you’ll have to move quickly, as it’s all part of our epic New Year’s savings event, meaning you only have until January 7, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, to get this rate.

Add 128GB of storage to your iPhone (or other device) with 4-way flash drive


Never run out of storage again with this smart flash drive that works with almost any phone, $31 today .
Back up your iPhone photos and videos with this pocket-size flash drive.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Did you know you can expand your iPhone storage by using a flash drive? This 4-in-1 Smart Flash Drive lets you add 128GB of storage to almost any device, thanks to its four connectors: USB-C, Lightning, USB 3.0 and micro-USB. That array of connectivity options makes it one of the most convenient flash drives around.

This pocket-size lifesaver allows you to transfer files between your devices in just a couple of taps, saving you valuable phone storage space and potentially expensive cloud costs.  And right now, you can grab it on sale for just $30.99. That’s $8 off the regular price of $39.

Live streaming app XSplit will make you look and sound better


Streamers: Don't wait til 2024 for $140 off this recording app.
Take $140 off the studio that lets streamers broadcast, record and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’re a streamer, your clips should be all about showing fans the fun you’re having. However, that’s hard to do when you’re fiddling with tools, watching your sound levels, etc. That’s why live streaming software XSplit Broadcaster enjoys a growing following among the streaming community on Twitch and elsewhere.

Now, new users can get a lifetime subscription to XSplit for less than $60. That’s a 70% discount off the normal price of $200. Note: This app works on Windows only.

Kick team productivity into gear with Microsoft Project, now less than $30


Get Microsoft Project for under $30 and do more on the job.
Work smarter with a lifetime of MS Project for less than $30.
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Every project needs a good team, but even the best personnel can get tangled when the job sprawls into different areas. That’s when the right software isn’t just a help — it’s a necessity. Microsoft has been helping workers boost productivity for decades with critical software (including early Mac apps). But there’s one tool you won’t find bundled with Microsoft 365, the company’s subscription software suite: Microsoft Project.

Thanks to this timely New Year’s deal, new users can now get a lifetime license to Microsoft Project Professional 2021 for PC for less than $30. The deal only lasts until January 7, though, so you’ll need to act quickly if you want in on this Microsoft Project sale.