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Keep your memories safe with 10TB of lifetime cloud storage for $89.97


Keep your memories safe with this 10TB AI-based lifetime cloud storage for $89.97.
This 10TB cloud storage from Degoo costs just $89.97 for life, with no recurring costs.
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Between HD photos and a pile of apps, you can burn through storage space on your iPhone, MacBook or iPad pretty quickly. That low-storage warning might be annoying when it pops up, but that’s no reason to erase important files.

Instead, connect your Apple device to 10TB of cloud storage and keep all your files safe without taking up space. Just in time for Memorial Day, you can get lifetime access to 10TB of storage from Degoo for only $89.97 (regularly $1,080). But act fast — this sale ends May 31 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

Use these $89.99 translation earbuds to understand up to 50 languages


Use these $89.99 earbuds to understand up to 50 languages.
Make new friends in 50 languages with these translating earbuds.
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Yes, the internet has done wonders when it comes to increasing our understanding of the world. But for all that hard data, there’s nothing like actually going out and experiencing other cultures for yourself. It’s certainly more fun, and with a little preparation, it can be easier than you think.

For instance, world travelers can now bridge the language barrier in more than 50 languages, thanks to Peiko’s second-generation translation earbuds. Just in time for your summer vacation or other travels, these wireless earbuds are on sale now only $89.99 (regularly $125).

Pick up Windows 11 Pro for just $39.99


Pick up the latest version of Microsoft's operating system for just $40.
Upgrade your PC with Microsoft Windows 11 Pro for only $39.99.
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The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 11 Pro, continues to make life easier for users across the globe. Also available for any Windows 10 devices that match system requirements, this popular platform can currently be purchased at a surprisingly low price for only $39.99 (regularly $199).

Get a lifetime of AI-generated custom content for less than $40


Get a lifetime of tailor-made AI-powered posts, ads and more for under $40.
Let this AI author create instant custom content for less than $40.
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Just because you’re a marketer doesn’t mean you must also be a writer. The hard part comes in knowing what to say to a prospective audience. As for how to say it? You can leave that up to Write Bot, an AI writing tool with a surprisingly lifelike voice and a no-nonsense interface that can save content creators hours of work daily.

Own the air with this 2-pack of easy-to-fly camera drones


Own the air with this two-pack of easy-flying drones for just $149.99.
Capture amazing aerial footage with these two HD drones for less than $150.
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Why get just one easy-to-fly drone when you can get two for one low price? This dual-drone bundle includes a Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro, which can perform impressive tricks and take vivid 4K, even in the hands of a newbie. That killer drone pairs nicely with the Ninja Dragon Blade X Pro, and you get them both for only $149.99 (regularly $369.99).

It’s a two-for-one drone deal you don’t want to miss.

Use this 3-in-1 Nintendo Switch dock to upgrade your gaming


Use this $19.99 docking port to upgrade your Switch gaming.
Enjoy widescreen Nintendo Switch gaming with this $19.99 accessory.
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Every veteran gamer knows that for all the playability of the Switch library, the most significant feature of Nintendo’s flagship console is its versatility. For instance, you’re not just limited to the tiny screen. You can take your Switch to a friend’s house and put the action on nearly any monitor or TV.

Of course, that functionality isn’t without its challenges. And that’s precisely why hardcore gamers need this three-in-one Nintendo Switch Docking Station.

This resume-building AI might just land you an interview


This resume-building AI might just land you an interview, is now only $39.99.
AI could give you the advantage on your job hunt, and this resume builder is now only $39.99.
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Searching for a job is frustrating. And it’s definitely not made any easier when you need to constantly revise your application materials for every new position, and figure out ways to get around bots that do much of the screening these days.

If you want to save time crafting quality resumes, there’s an AI tool that can help. Resoume is an intuitive resume-writing tool you can use to quickly craft your application materials. Get a lifetime subscription while it’s only $39.99, and future-proof your job search.

Transform your iPhone or iPad into a piano instructor with Skoove


Transform your iPhone or iPad into a piano instructor with Skoove, now $140 for life.
Master the piano at your own pace with Skoove, just $140 for life.
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Learning how to play the piano is challenging, especially if you don’t have the time or cash for traditional lessons. Skoove is an iOS app designed to help you learn piano at home.

You can become a piano pro through Skoove’s virtual lessons thanks to interactive tutorials and feedback from advanced AI. For a limited time, you can get a lifetime subscription to Skoove premium piano lessons for only $139.97 (regularly $300). That’s the best price across the web!

LED floor lamp delivers lighting that matches your mood


Deliver smart lighting with a lamp that matches your mood.
Set the mood in any room with this color-changing LED lamp.
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Light: It takes up no space, yet it does so much for the feel of a room. If only the lamps that produce that light could be so compact, right?

If you’ve got a taste for subtle appliances that make a big impact, this sleek LED corner floor lamp may be the solution to your decor dilemma.

Master practically anything with 80% off this lifetime learning bundle


Expand your ability to learn from home with 80% savings on this lifetime education bundle.
Learn several languages and study hundreds of topics with the Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle.
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If you’re itching to explore new educational avenues, modern advancements make it easier and more affordable than ever to get that underway. Lifetime access to hundreds of courses, including the ability to learn up to two dozen languages, can be accessed now for far less than you might imagine.

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle is available for only $170.99 (regularly $900) when you use coupon code ROSETTA10 at checkout. That’s an incredible price that pairs highly rated courses from StackSkills Unlimited and a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone.