Foodies love this 8-piece Japanese knife set


This Japanese knife set is the perfect gift for the chef in your life, now under $130 with guaranteed Christmas delivery.
Home cooks will love this Japanese chef’s knife set.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Want to indulge the chef in your life with an updated set of tools? This Seido knife set — featuring eight expertly honed, made-in-Japan blades — is now discounted to only $129.97 (regularly $429), with free shipping until December 17.

This isn’t just a regular knife set, either. These blades could unlock a whole new world of culinary possibilities. They will upgrade the kitchen arsenal for home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Electric bike sale: Score a BirdBike e-bike for less than $750


Electric bike sale: Product shots of BirdBike e-bikes
Gift alert: The BirdBike e-bike is a two-wheeled steal ahead of the holidays!
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Whether you work in an urban area or just want to get around your neighborhood in a healthier and more eco-friendly way, electric bikes are a fun way to travel. You can experience the joys of an e-bike yourself — or gift an e-bike to someone special — with this great electric bike sale featuring BirdBike e-bikes.

This innovative brand has been leading the charge to a two-wheeled lifestyle for some time. And now, you can grab a BirdBike for only $749.97 (regularly $2,299) through December 17. If you need it by Christmas, order by December 14 to ensure on-time delivery!

Plug-and-play USB-C mic is perfect for podcasters, costs just $30


Holiday cheer sounds crystal clear with this $30 podcasting mic that's compatible with Mac and PC.
This sleek plug-and-play mic is the perfect gift for podcasters and other content creators.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

For budding vloggers, gamers or podcasters, getting the sound clear and audible is half the battle. And this plug-and-play microphone from Babbl is tailor-made for anyone who wants to sound better right out of the box.

Right on time for the holidays, you can gift yourself or a loved one a major recording upgrade for any creative pursuit. Through December 17, the Babbl mic is only $29.97 (regularly $69). Order by December 14 to ensure on-time holiday delivery!

Solve this jigsaw puzzle for a shot at $1 million prize


Gift a loved the opportunity to win a $1 million prize with this $30 500-piece jigsaw puzzle.
This buzzy puzzle's $1 million top prize makes it a uniquely fun gift.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Feeling lucky? See if that touch applies to your gift list by giving someone a playful way to compete for an enormous payday with the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle. Each jigsaw puzzle offers prizes that range from $1 to $1 million, with two unlocking the ultimate prize.

Through December 17, the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle is on sale for only $30 with no coupon necessary.

2-for-1 bundle: Get the Alpha Z Pro and Flying Fox drones for less than $100


Go 2-for-1 on these top-selling, 4K camera drones and gift them for only $99.97.
Gift somebody special a pair of great 4K drones, all for one low price.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

This limited-time holiday deal gets you two top-selling drones for the price of one. Ideal for your favorite techie, nephew or other loved one, this bundle features the Alpha Z Pro and Flying Fox drones.

The high-flying twofer is now on sale for only $99.97 (regularly $398).

Graphene tactical jacket provides next-level comfort and capabilities


Gift wintertime coziness with this heated jacket and hand warmer combo, now only $180.
This high-tech heated jacket makes the ultimate gift for adventurers.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The Gamma graphene jacket will keep you warm and protect you from the elements. It’s a tough tactical jacket — rugged and resistant to water and wind. Plus, it packs a power bank that heats it to your optimal temperature, with plenty of pockets to stash your essential gear.

This high-tech jacket will take you from mountaintops to city streets in comfort and style. And it’s price-dropped to just $179.97 (regularly $575) through December 17.

Bring the heat with this stylish, compact space heater


Keep your loved ones warm with the stylish FARA space heater, now under $74.
Combine style and comfort with the Fara space heater for only $74. Makes a hot gift!
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Feeling the winter chill? Combine tech and comfort with the Fara electric space heater.

This sleek, Pinterest-worthy space heater makes home heating more flexible. And you can get it for only $73.97 (regularly $99). Just be sure to order on or before December 14 if you want to give one as a Christmas gift.

Tiny translation pen makes understanding almost any text or speech a breeze


Scan and translate text from anywhere with this multifunctional translator pen, now only $160!
Learn to read or say "Happy holidays!" in more than 100 languages with this translating scanner pen.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The Newyes Scan Reader Pen 4 is a translator pen instantly translates written or spoken words, making it quick and easy to understand foreign languages — anytime, anyplace and in practically any situation. The tiny translating gadget also packs special features for people with dyslexia, as well as for language learners you and old.

It can translate text on pages, digital screens, textiles, boxes and much more. And it can allow you to carry on a conversation using a language you don’t know.

Just in time for the holidays, it’s on sale for only $159.99 (regularly $187). It’s the ideal gift for avid readers, language learners and world travelers. Grab one (or several) today to ensure on-time Christmas delivery!

Koda PowerStation will delight any DIYer for just $60


The KODA PowerStation is the ultimate holiday gift for any handy man or woman, now under $60!
Light up any workspace with the Koda PowerStation. (It also charges iPhones!)
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’re shopping for the perfect gift for a DIY enthusiast, crafty carpenter or grease-stained garage guru, take a peek at this versatile power station. Right on time for the holidays, the Koda PowerStation — a powerful work light with multiple outlets (and wireless charging for an iPhone or AirPods) — is on sale for only $59.99 (regularly $85).

It’s more than just a gadget — it’s perfect for anyone who wields power tools, toils on a workbench or tinkers in a garage. Just be sure to order it today if you want it to arrive by December 25!

This 4K dual-camera drone costs less than $80, with guaranteed delivery before Christmas


Ninja Dragon Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone product shot
Grab this high-flying gift before the shipping deadline.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Drones make great gifts, and we’ve got a great deal on a drone that’s perfect for beginners. The Ninja Dragon Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone is sure to delight even first-time drone pilots. And now it’s on sale for just $79.97 (regularly $199) through December 17.

However, you must order by December 7 to ensure on-time holiday delivery!

Impress the artist on your list with this precision iPad pen for less than $35


Gift idea: Turn any Apple lover's iPad into an art or design canvas with this $35 digital pen.
Give the artist, designer or student in your life this $35 pen compatible with iPad and other tablets.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Art is all about the free flow of ideas from the brain onto the canvas. When that canvas is digital, the right tools matter — and we’re not just talking about software. Getting the right iPad stylus makes a big difference.

Now, you can score holiday savings on the Digi Pen, a stylus compatible with iPad and other tablets. Through December 17, it’s on sale for only $34.97 (regularly $99).

With a sleek design and pinpoint sensitivity, the Digi Pen makes the ideal gift for the iPad artist in your life. Be sure to order by December 7 for on-time holiday delivery!

Gift alert: This $46 wireless magnetic battery pack can charge all your Apple gear


Get quick, wireless charging for iPhone, AirPods and more for just $45.99.
An Apple lover's dream: This magnetic wireless power bank can charge Apple devices for only $45.99.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It’s common for Apple fans to get a ton of new tech around the holidays. And after about a month of heavy use, we find out exactly how far those iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods can go on a full charge. That’s when we all wish we’d gotten the same thing: a reliable battery pack for recharging on the go.

The ZeroLemon MagJuice+ wireless battery pack is that, and then some. And just in time for the holidays, it’s on sale for just $45.99 (regularly $59).

Did we mention that it’s small enough to fit into a pocket — or a stocking?!?

These $23 noise-canceling earbuds do something AirPods can’t


Just in time for the holidays, these noise-reducing earbuds are only $23.
Save some cash with Bluetooth earbuds that cost a fraction of what Apple charges.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We love everything about AirPods Pro except their price. If you, too, balk at spending $249 for Apple’s finest, give the incredibly affordable Flux 7 TWS noise-canceling earbuds a shot.

They’re waterproof and sweatproof, so they’re perfect for the gym. And they even boast a feature AirPods don’t: Their high-capacity charging case doubles as a power bank that can give your iPhone a boost.

They make a perfect stocking stuffer for anybody with an iPhone or Android device, and you can pick up a pair for less than $23 until December 17!

Top up your Apple Watch anywhere with a wireless keychain charger, now less than $19


Juice up your Apple Watch wherever you go with this wireless keychain charger, now only $18.99.
With this tiny charger by your side, you don't need to worry about your Apple Watch running out of juice.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’re always on the go and always trying to close your rings, this wireless keychain charger for Apple Watch is a game-changer.

Small yet packed with power, this pocket-size Apple Watch charger is on sale for only $18.99, over half off its regular price of $49.

Stay warm and connected this winter with $12 touchscreen gloves


Use these $12 touchscreen-compatible gloves for cozy holiday connection.
Gift yourself or a loved one these $12 touchscreen-compatible gloves that keep you toasty and connected.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

There’s no shortage of iPhone accessories if you want to fill out a stocking. But before you think about AirPods or Bluetooth speakers, remember that all that tech isn’t worth much if you can’t use it comfortably. And that’s where touchscreen gloves come in.

If you or a loved one need to stay connected without suffering from frostbitten fingers this winter and beyond, these thermal touchscreen gloves are a lifesaver. And now they’re a steal at only $11.99 (regularly $29)!

Come to grips with AI, ChatGPT and Python for less than $30


Score Cyber Week savings on a bundle that covers AI, ChatGPT and Python, now under $30.
This 14-course bundle comes packed with insight on the hottest tech trends, all for only $29.97.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Interested in computer programming and artificial intelligence? We’ve got a big discount on a package of courses that will teach you all about the hottest tech fields: The 2023 Ultimate AI, ChatGPT and Python Programming Bundle

Through December 3, you can get the bundle for only $29.97 (regularly $154). This timely discount makes it an ideal opportunity to make a proactive move and get up to speed on the latest tech innovations.

Make PDF editing easier on Mac with PDF Expert, now just $70


Upgrade your Mac's PDF-handling capabilities this Cyber Week for only $70.
Get PDF Expert, an Apple Editor's Choice winner, for only $70 during Cyber Week!
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

PDFs are arguably one of the most-used document formats by professionals, students and casual users alike. While they might be the best way to transmit documents, they’re not entirely compatible with Mac software.

Fortunately, PDF Expert can make handling, organizing, annotating and merging PDFs on Mac effortless. And during Cyber Week, you can get a lifetime license to this award-winning program for only $69.99 (regularly $139) through December 3!

Create perfect AI voiceovers for your content with Micmonster


Use Micmonster's AI to create unique voiceovers for your projects, now just $50 during Cyber Week.
A lifetime subscription to this suite of AI-powered voiceover tools costs just $49.97 during Cyber Week!
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Professional voiceovers give any project a sheen of polish, but not everyone can afford a professional voiceover artist. Fortunately, there’s an innovative tool that can provide unique, customized voiceovers with help from AI: Micmonster!

And during Cyber Week, you can get a lifetime subscription to this AI-powered voiceover tool kit for only $49.97 (regularly $119).

Get a pair of Linksys mesh Wi-Fi 5 routers for less than $90


Save $210 on this pair of advanced and refurbished Linksys dual-band Wi-Fi routers.
Snap up a two-pack of refurbished Linksys Velop Wi-Fi routers for only $89.97.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Is your home internet up to speed? If not, your Wi-Fi router could be to blame. Ensure you’re not lacking in that department by securing Cyber Week savings on a HomeKit-compatible mesh Wi-Fi setup from Linksys.

Normally sold for $299, a two-pack of refurbished Linksys Velop dual-band Wi-Fi 5 routers is currently available for only $89.97. Score two Linksys Velop Whole Home Series routers for less, and you should notice an immediate improvement in your devices’ performance.

Become an IT expert for less than $20 with this top-rated CompTIA bundle


Become a CompTIA and IT pro with this training bundle, now less than $20 through Cyber Week.
Become an in-demand tech professional with this CompTIA and IT training bundle, now just $19.97.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

IT skills are in high demand, and you will be too — if you learn (or stay on top of) the latest industry developments. So, whether you want to get an exciting new high-paying job in tech, or boost your resume so you can land your first such position, the knowledge in this all-inclusive CompTIA and IT lifetime training bundle might just be the key to making it happen.

Even better, instead of paying for expensive college classes, this lifetime training bundle is heavily discounted during our extended Cyber Monday sale. Through December 3, you can score these training courses for just $19.97 (regularly $120)! 

Get a pair of MFi-certified Lightning cables for less than $35


This two-pack of fast charging MFI-certified lightning cables are less than $35 for Cyber Week.
You know you still need some Lightning cables!
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When it comes to your precious Apple devices, you don’t want to just power them up with random cables. If you’re tired of unreliable connections, consider this MFi-certified Lightning cable two-pack, now available at a discounted price during Cyber Week.

Through December 3, you can grab not one but two of these fast-charging cables for only $34.97 (regularly $49).

Manage your whole family’s passwords with Enpass


A Cyber steal: This one-year subscription for Enpass password management is only $15.
Make sure your whole crew uses strong passwords with the Enpass Family Plan.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Who hasn’t forgotten or misplaced a password and been stuck wasting time looking for it, only to ultimately have to choose a new one? It may not be the end of the world, but it’s definitely a major frustration that could put a dent in your packed day. You can save time and boost your security with a handy little helper to manage your passwords.

With Enpass, you can store and sync your passwords across all your Apple (or non-Apple) devices. And now, you can score Cyber Week savings on a year-long subscription to Enpass’s Family Plan, now only $14.99 (regularly $47) until December 3!

Tap Taskio’s AI brain to create killer content, automate tasks and more, just $25 for life


Cyber Week alert: Lifetime access to Taskio is now under $25.
Taskio can write copy, generate images, solve problems and more, and you can get a lifetime sub for next to nothing!
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you haven’t taken the plunge into artificial intelligence, it’s time to get your feet wet. You might be surprised how much more efficient you can be with some AI-driven prompts when you’re trying to write some text, do research for a project or create a powerful image or graphic.

Taskio is an AI productivity tool that can give you a boost and serve as your new creative partner when it comes to content generation or even complicated problem-solving. During Cyber Week, you can score a lifetime subscription to Taskio for only $24.97.

Make password management easy with a lifetime Sticky Password sub, just $16


Celebrate Cyber Week with $183 savings on Sticky Password's cybersecurity.
Secure the premium version of this highly rated password manager for one low payment.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Remembering and updating passwords and other sensitive info quickly becomes a challenging task once you wise up and stop using the same stupid password for everything. Fortunately, you don’t need to deal with forgotten passwords again with Sticky Password.

Through Cyber Week, you can enjoy a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password’s top-rated password management and form filler for only $15.97 (regularly $199) until December 3!

Get 100GB of cloud storage, just $30 for life


Amaryllo's 100GB of cloud storage is under $30 during Cyber Week.
Cyber Week alert: You can secure 100GB of Amaryllo Cloud storage for less than $30 for life.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It sucks when you see the dreaded message that your iPhone or Mac is running out of storage space. Fortunately, you can solve the problem of low storage for just $30 with Amaryllo Cloud.

Throughout Cyber Week, you can upgrade your storage options with 100GB of Amaryllo Cloud storage for only $29.99 (regularly $59). With this one-time purchase, you’ll gain secure cloud storage from Amaryllo for life.